SF Motors To Open New R&D Facility In California

MAY 25 2018 BY MARK KANE 3

 SF Motors announced expansion of its Silicon Valley footprint with a new R&D facility at the McCarthy Creekside Industrial Center in Milpitas, California.

SF Motors SF7

The company already has R&D facilities in Santa Clara, California, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Stuttgart, Germany.

The new center – dedicated to prototyping and manufacturing of advanced batteries and electric powertrains – will be led by CTO Yifan Tang.

Besides development, the site in Milpitas is to be ready for low-volume manufacturing as SF Motors is readying for market introduction of its  first electric cars.

In March ,SF Motors unveiled SF5 – a medium size crossover SUV, and SF7 – a full-size one with goal to sell 200,000 units per year.

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=Series production is envisioned in Chongqing, China and in Indiana in a facility acquired in late 2017 that previously was making Hummers.

“SF Motors, a global intelligent electric vehicle company that aims to accelerate the growth of the EV industry at large, announced today that it will open a new R&D facility at the McCarthy Creekside Industrial Center in Milpitas, California. SF Motors has chosen this latest facility location to push forward its innovative electric powertrain technology, tapping into Silicon Valley’s proximity to top-tier vendors and Silicon Valley talent. It currently has R&D facilities in Santa Clara, California, Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Stuttgart, Germany.

SF Motors SF5

R&D and low-volume manufacturing efforts at the 130,000 square foot facility will be led by Chief Technology Officer Yifan Tang, and will center on SF Motors’ proprietary battery, e-powertrain, and autonomous driving technologies. Anticipated activities include testing verification of its technologies, development of manufacturing processes, trial production and low-volume manufacturing. This Silicon Valley facility will additionally focus on intelligent connectivity and user experience feature development.”

“SF Motors will be the first tenant at McCarthy Creekside, McCarthy Ranch’s new Silicon Valley industrial manufacturing development. Engineering and manufacturing jobs will be added for this new facility when it becomes operational in Q4 of 2018.”

SF Motors CTO Yifan Tang said:

“Adding to our existing R&D labs, this new facility will conduct extensive design validation testing and low-volume manufacturing necessary to ensure smooth transition to mass production of our batteries and electric powertrains, which are key components of our vehicles. Drawing on our global business model and decades of manufacturing experience, locating this facility near our Silicon Valley headquarters will strategically ensure quality and efficiency as we prepare to bring our intelligent EVs to market.”

McCarthy Ranch Principal, Joey McCarthy said:

“We have high standards for the companies we recruit to McCarthy Creekside, and we know that leading-edge companies like SF Motors have high standards in where they choose to locate. As SF Motors continues to attract top talent across the EV and tech sectors, the company is clearly putting its people first. This site will not only satisfy its local R&D needs, but also offer employees adjacent retail and outdoor amenities.”

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3 Comments on "SF Motors To Open New R&D Facility In California"

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Good to see them making progress.

I’m on the fence, but it certainly looks like the playbook of FF, Lucid Motors, whatever happened to them btb?
So far I have right on with my curmudgeonly disbelief.
What could be more American than SF motors, maybe Detroit Electric, which is another misnomer.
The lack of comments, indicates to me a realization that this is just another company using promotional gimmicks to acquire funding. Not buying it, but not calling it a fraud either, just highly suspect.

“it certainly looks like the playbook of FF, Lucid Motors”

Big difference in that they were going to build factories, staff them, optimize them and in their spare time complete their designs for their super cars. Oh and they were going to do all that in two years. In
SF’s case they are in essence being given a factory with a trained work force available. They aren’t planning on building super cars. They are building what Americans want; electric CUVs and legit full sized electric SUVs. They have an excellent opportunity but they have to execute. If the aren’t in production by 2020 then they will likely end up like the others.