Series Of Musk Tweets Hint At Possibility Of Even Quicker Model S P85D


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Is an even quicker Tesla Model S P85D coming before Tesla’s big mystery announcement on April 30?

Well, there have been rumors in the past that 2.8 seconds to 60 MPH was the target of the last firmware update that officially dropped the P85D’s 0 to 60 MPH time to 3.1 seconds, so maybe there’s more in store yet for Tesla’s quickest car.

In a back-and-forth on Twitter, it seems Tesla CEO Elon Musk is fond of the idea of pushing the P85D even more, saying that “maybe” Tesla can get the P85D down to 2.8 seconds and suggesting that such a modification would be a “good warm up act for April 30 event.”

We say, “just do it.”

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3.2….3.1…..2.8…..does it really matter much when it gets down that far? Maybe a drag ever would be able to feel the difference.

of course it matters. The difference is totally noticeable.

How do you think they sell Porsche, BMW, and Ferrari?
Did you just land on the planet yesterday?

Found the alien.

Of course this pursuit is totally futile except for one thing: image.

…and image is what it takes to sell high end cars.

hi Elon ! take a break with the 0-60 MPH . Life is not a dragster race .

It does not matter much. But the good thing with electric cars is that if you think that 2.8 second acceleration is too quick, then it is always possible to software limit the acceleration to 5.2 second or something similar, less insane.

If you’ve been on any of the roller coasters that launch you at similar speeds (and faster) that ‘small’ difference does make a big difference indeed.
As for cars it’s just a testosterone thing, no one on the planet needs a car that can do that. But it sure is fun!

Yeah, I agree this is getting seriously boring. The major downside is that all this time fiddling with how to cut a meaningless tenth of a second off the 0-60 MPH time, and pretending that it matters, means there is less time devoted to figuring out how to actually produce an affordable electric car.

Not really. Tesla isn’t a one-man band, you know. Heaven forbid the actual possibility they can assign a handful of employees to improving their existing line-up of vehicles without detracting from the workforce assigned to the Model S.

Those engineers are learning a ton while trying to accomplish a challenge like this. The knowledge they gain may help eek mpc out on the model 3 somehow. Not only that but there needs to be a tiebreaker with the hellcat!

Oops! Forgot about the Hellcat series! πŸ™‚

I also agree that the engineers are learning as they tune up the performance. It’s just that this learning won’t have anything to do with taking costs out of the car. πŸ™

It’s about making the Model S (and Tesla) the best car at everything. It’s (relatively) easy to make an electric car, and with a big enough price tag it’s easy to make a long range car. Do all that while beating out other parameters that “normal” cars are the best at is a game changer.

Really? You actually think Tesla is taking people off the Model X and Model 3 teams to work on tweaking the high-end Model S? Really?

So you think not 1 person in Tesla is focused on Model III and everyone is only concerned about increasing the acceleration time for the Model S?

The hell kind of logic is that? ROFL

Im shocked by the invasion of Aliens.
Did Fox “News” do some kind of story on this?
Is that where this bull comes from.

Sure, I myself, will be happen with 70D acceleration.
But, we’re talking about the top of the line, for the people who do buy the best, the highest performance vehicle.

They care. And Tesla gives them what they want, wrapped in actual eco friendliness.

I think Elon has a roadmap for the more affordable cars, they are waiting for the giga factory to be ready, to be able to produce a cheaper car, they need to control all the cost.

I do not think that they have a bunch of engineers working full time to get the Tesla down to 2.8 seconds, but if they succeed with only software modification, it means that this modification can be apply to all the present and future cars.

I have a smart ED and if I could accelerate faster with only a software modification, I would like to do it, not that I want to race with my car, but there are situations, like somebody you did not saw because he was in your dead spot, in that case you can brake or accelerate to prevent an accident.

I don’t agree with you guys. Having an electric sedan that can be one of the fastests in the world, better than most of the sports cars around, and on the same time, being also a “family car”, is a punch on the face on all those lamborguinis,ferraris,etc. The electric audi about to be released, noone of those cars can beat this Tesla. Elon Musk is just showing the limits (are there limits..?) of this amazing car and saying: can you beat this? Small details matters and im sure he wont loose his focus on the other priorities of tesla (model X, factory, model 3, etc)



It is about making a point… unarguably, unmistakably.

It’s certainly not remotely in the class of a sports car. A Model S is a one trick pony. It can go very fast in a straight line. After that it gets dusted by any number of cars, including cars like the Cadillac CTS.

If you look at the Laguna Seca lap times, the best you can say about the Model S is that it can beat a Ford Focus. Only by less than half a second, but at least it beat it.

It may be a one trick pony but it’s one hell of a trick. If I had to choose one trick for my daily driver that would be the one.

Anyway how many people are buying a car for the track? I would rather have a daily driver that is luxurious, comfortable, and has great acceleration from the light or getting on the freeway.

Note that this wasn’t one of the new 4WD models and apples for apples the car should have been driven by Randy Pobst, the guy who appears to be the expert on this track. For all we know the guy who drove it may have no track expertise at all.


I agree a lot of folks here complain that Tesla is not the fastest car in the German Autobhan and they live in America, if fact I bet most of them have never been in Germany at all. So been the fastest sedan of couse matters. Go Tesla

I think the benefit is how it absolutely destroys the competition and continually moves the goalpost. Imagine you are an engineer at BMW and the CEO tells you he wants the new M5 to match the 0-60 time of the P85D. So if you start designing a motor to reach the unbelievable 3.2 seconds, then halfway through the design Musk makes it over 10% faster, you’re screwed, especially with increasingly stringent CAFE standards.

Also, every time he bumps up the speed he gets $50M of free advertising, so there’s little incentive for him to stop.

He’s not just making the car faster because he’s crazy, he’s literally driving a stake into the heart of the internal combustion engine, and then he’s kicking the corpse. It’s a beautiful thing.


And not only does he get lots of free press for Tesla, he gets lots of additional high-margin sales as ultra rich people turn in their old obsolete P85s in order to the get the P85D.

We all know electric cars are great for being green and driving on cheap fuel. But the big performance advantage of the electric motor is the 100% torque at 0 RPM. The ability to be a monster off the line. So he is pushing that advantage for all its worth to get both media attention and high-end high-margin sales. Keep it up.

I won’t ever own one of the super-fast Tesla models. But I’m thrilled that those super-fast Tesla models are helping finance the development of the more pedestrian Tesla that I will own.

One of the car magazines a month or two ago tested the P85D. At the end of the piece, they said Tesla engineers were busy putting TWO of the 400+ horsepower electric motors in a car. I’m sure it’s possible.

A Model S with over 800 hp, stock.

*Raises eyebrows* They may do this if the 85 kWh battery also gets bumped up to help Model X’s range numbers. Hmmm.

That should continue pumping up demand for S, until Model X actually surfaces for retail sale…

The good thing about all this software tweaking, is all other Tesla cars will benefit from the R&D spent on it. This is not a bad thing for sales or future sales growth.

Another interesting thing about all this tweaking is that Tesla has introduced a new concept to the car market . . . the rolling upgrade.

Traditionally, cars are sold the model year. The 2010 Mustang, the 2011 Mustang, the 2012 Mustang, etc.

Tesla does not have annual models. They have an ever rolling upgrade system wherein new models are introduced and old models are dropped at any time. This gives them a lot of flexibility as to when they will or will not add something new. This allows them to keep their cars from getting stale. This also means they are not force to introduce a fully new model every year. They add when they feel it is best for them to do so.

Why let your introduction of new versions be ruled by the planet’s orbit around the sun?


I guess that’s nice. But I’d certainly rather be hearing news about a cheaper Tesla.

Don’t forget that meaningful findings in R&D come from checking the limits. And those findings are typically not limited to just one product.


As silly as this may be getting, at least there’ll be little chance for a 4 door saloon to trump the Model S’s 0-60 time. That would help to keep in the interest and orders for Tesla’s flagship
P85D. Hopefully Elon won’t rest at this little space until he gets the numbers that would worry a Veyron. 2.5 seconds and that should be enough to call it a day.

“Meanwhile the Model X and 3 are delayed, a mountain of work remains for them, and competitors are catching up”.

It’s nice from Elon to let competitors catch up. But alas! They won’t.

Has model X been delayed again or this is just late reaction on last year’s announcement?

It’s mid april and the Model X should start deliveries in Q3 which is just over 2 months away. But we haven’t seen a production vehicle yet and there haven’t been the proper testing of the finished vehicle or any pre-production to start the tooling and production learning process for the new vehicle.
It could be that they are keeping things very well wrapped under covers but with the interest there is for Tesla and the Model X it’s highly unlikely that they are that far in the schedule.

So it’s very safe to assume it is and will be even more delayed.

Before 2016? Well just have to wait and see.

What do you think is paying for the development of the Model X and Model 3? The sales of these high-end Model S cars.

At some point the blowback from displays of speed on public roads will make the 0-60 contest moot.

Every time another doctor or another significant public figure crashes thee will be more scrutiny and calls for regulation.

The people who care about their safety and the safety of their kids outnumber those who can afford a sub 3 second 0-60 time.

Follow the trend line.

– a Model S driver

I agree. Hey, it’s great that the Tesla Model S can out-accelerate very nearly every production car in existence, even very high-end “supercar” sports cars. But this obsession with shaving another tenth-of-a-second off the 0-60 time seems very questionable in a sedan which has an option of two seats in the back specifically for children.

If Tesla wants to show off an extremely high-performance sports car, it should start making the Roadster again. Enough already with the continual bragging about tweaking the Model S acceleration to get a tiny bit more. I think they’ve gone to that well a few times too often by now.

Yes, Tesla can walk and chew gum at the same time. I’m sure they’re working on developing the Model ≑, and gearing up for production of the Model X. But it would be nice to actually -read- about the progress Tesla is making with those projects, rather than yet another story about making the “Insane” mode even, um, insaner.

Agreed 100%

Companies do not usually disclose the details of their projects. A new model suddenly appear from thin air and we live with this way of doing business all the time. Tesla teased us but we have to be patient. I see the EVs enthousiasts community a little like childrens who can’t wait to unwrap their present πŸ˜‰

LuStuccc said:

“Companies do not usually disclose the details of their projects. A new model suddenly appear from thin air and we live with this way of doing business all the time.”

I dunno what company you’re talking about, but it certainly ain’t Tesla! I certainly appreciate Tesla being more open about what they’re doing than most companies, but their openness about future plans has lead to a reputation for chronic delays in getting every new model to market.


Agree with Lensman, the Model S acceleration game has runs its course.

And if it did go further it risks over exposing other weaknesses at the track (which is where super cars like to live), like pack overheating and the difficulty of stopping such a heavy car.

I too would like to see the Model X show up and the Model 3 plans break cover.

Guys look at the sales, Tesla cars are expensives and they are the the top, so Elon is doing the right thing

In a quarter mile race, a tenth of a second difference in elapsed time works out to about one car lengths separation as you cross the finish line. A tenth is major in drag racing.


Think of all those broken gear boxes. They may be simple but they sure fail a lot πŸ™‚

The Tesla does not have a gearbox, only a final drive.

All Tesla cars have a gearbox, containing a reduction gear to allow the motor to spin faster than the wheels. What they do -not- have is a transmission*.

Perhaps you live in a British Commonwealth nation? What you call a “gearbox” is what we Americans call a “transmission”.

“England and America are two countries separated by a common language.” –variously attributed to George Bernard Shaw, Winston Churchill or Oscar Wilde

*Actually the Roadster 1.0 was delivered with a two-speed transmission, but it was locked into second gear. As I recall, those early deliveries had the transmission later replaced with a gearbox during a scheduled upgrade.

β€œEngland and America are two countries separated by a common language“.

technically England is part of UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are not themselves listed in the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) list of countries) and America refers to continents (north central and south).

Love the Twitter handle image from Elon with the white cat.. πŸ™‚

Yes. I keep hearing Dr. Evil’s voice in my head, when I look at it. It’s very much a parody of an evil Bond Villain.

In twitter, he also said he’d get a “Volcano Lair”, if this Spacecraft landing thing worked out. πŸ˜€ Hilarious.

This is great. I love it. Should every EV or even many of them be such torque monsters? No, absolutely not.

But these low 0 to 60 times and drag races beating muscle cars get attention. And in addition to the attention they get money. Nice high-margin sales of high-end P85, P85+, P85D, and P85D+(?) Teslas to help fund the development of the gigafactory, supercharger network, and Model 3 that are all MUCH more important.

You forgot the “several times delayed” Model X. Which was supposed to be here already! I’d much rather be hearing some news of it’s progress as opposed to silly 0 to 60 tweets. Model 3 is vapor ware at this point.

Now, now. Some were saying the same about the Roadster back in 2008, when it was delayed for the third time within six months.

But let us please wait until at least 3rd quarter 2017 to start calling the Model ≑ “vaporware”, because Tesla has never said it will debut before 2017. It will more likely be 2018 or even 2019, but let’s please not start calling it vaporware until it’s -actually- overdue.

P100D with 2.8s 0-60.

Take. My. Money. Now.




If I was Tesla’s CEO I would do exactly this as well.

Because of course it is much easier to put a mightier electric engine in the MS to win a grotesque 0.2 sec on the 0-60mph than to seriously get on with the job of bringging to market the electric car for the masses.

So my 2 cents of advice to Tesla: please next time hype us with news about model 3. That would be a refreshing change.

And by the way, except perhaps in NA where people seem to drive in straight lines in between a flock of other cars, a performance car is judged by its abilities to accelerate, maintain speed for some time, cornering well, braking, steering sharpness etc…etc…I do not think supercars makers does even think Tesla need a response. Because Model S adresses only about 10% of what a supercar is. So please do not get your fanboys more overexited than they already are with silly announcements and keep on the good work (because Tesla IS doing a good work despite all I write, no doubt about that).

“Your EV is too fast!”

“Your house is too big!”

“Your wife is too hot!”

Not since the Revolutionary War have we seen such oppression. Give me 2.8 sec or give me death! πŸ˜‰

You should check your source on before mentioning ‘Tweets’ – Elon Musk did not write the tweets above – There is no date listed next to his name and the spelling ‘Msuk Tweet’ is spelled wrong under the second image!

Hey ekw0357,

Yes, Mr. Musk did make these tweets, and it was March 31st with Zedd. As the Tesla CEO is often want to do, he has removed them from his feed…although you can still see the remnants from the conversation on Zedd’s twitter here. We took those tweets directly/screencapped from his twitter account.

0-60 matters a lot.

Think about Consumer Reports for a minute. Many people base their purchasing decisions on Consumer Reports rankings. Most of those rankings show minuscule differences in reliability between cars, but many people make their purchasing decisions based on what is on top of the list, even if that car is in a statistical dead heat with the next few on the list.

Being the fastest, the most reliable, or the roomiest matters a lot for sales. If you’re second, you may as well be last. Note, I am not a high school football coach.