In September, Tesla Opened 25 Superchargers In 11 Countries


“In September, we opened 25 Superchargers in 11 countries, from Italy to China.”

That’s darn close to that one-per-day rate we touched upon when Tesla mentioned that it had opened 7 Supercharger in 7 days.

This proves that Tesla is actually increasing its Supercharger install rate on the worldwide level (though the rate is dropping if you look at only the U.S.)

If Tesla maintain this near-one-per-day rate until the end of 2014, then worldwide we could see approximately 275 Superchargers operational, up from 201 today.

We’re actually surprised by Tesla’s install rate and it takes a lot to shock us.  We had figured Tesla would slow down a few months ago, but that clearly didn’t happen.  Upwards the number of Superchargers continues to go.

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They better get cracking on the US if they expect to have what their map shows for the end of 2014. Without counting, it looks like another 60 charging stations.

And 96 if you count them… 😉

Meh . . . no biggie if they are a little behind schedule.

I’m amazed that they have installed as many as they have. They have really shown commitment to the supercharger network. Personally, I think the supercharger network is one of the best ideas they came up with. And that is from someone that initially called them stupid for creating their own DC fast-charging standard.

+80 in Europe (but for winter 2014/15 so that means until sometime in march 2015.

+7 in Asia which probably will be even more in reality.

I know it’s all about the all-might dollar, but as stated, it looks virtually impossible for Tesla to install the remaining U.S. super chargers, according to their 2014 map, by the end of this year. They’ve sold so much oversees that Tesla has to take away time and money from here, to install there. Model X is delayed and Lord only knows when the Model 3 will come out. Total bummer!!

In Canada they are going so slowly…while Canada was already the Country where the Model S had been sold for the most time without supercharger…(is that true?)…

Well, don’t 90% of all Canadians live within 100 miles of the US border? If they are going to take a long driving trip, there is a good chance it will be down in the USA.

But sure . . . they could add a few more up there.

The other car companies would be stupid not to license the right to access the supercharger network if they start building long-range pure EVs.

But NIH syndrome (Not-invented-here) and pride will probably prevent them from making such a wise pragmatic decision.