September 2018 Bring New Sales Record For Plug-In Electric Cars In China

OCT 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 17

China enters six-digits with a sales run in September.

In September, some 104,900 plug-in electric cars were sold in China, which is 66% more than a year ago. It never was better (the previous record was 102,635 in December 2017), and as sales usually increase in the fall of each year, it’s just the foundation for more six-digit results in the following months.

Because overall car sales decreased by 12%, plug-in share went through the roof to 5.2% (a new high).

During the first nine months of 2018, some 649,356 plug-in electric cars were sold in China at an average 3.3% market share.

The biggest brand in the New Energy Car segment is BYD with 19%, while foreign brands all together take just 6% (including 2% Tesla and 2% BMW).

The best-selling model in September was BYD Tang, which set its own new record (6,019) and was the top choice also in August. The Tang plug-in hybrid is available with 20 kWh or 24 kWh battery, which is quite decent for a PHEV.

The next four places for the month were BEVs: Chery eQ (5,310), BYD Yuan (5,008), Hawtai EV160 (4,780) and JAC iEV S/E (4,621).

YTD ranking leader BAIC EC-Series noted 3,943 sales – which means it keeps improving although still far from its best of times.

Tesla apparently sold less than 200 Model X, while the NIO 1,766 ES8. BMW managed to sell 2,216 530e.

Plug-in electric car sales in China – September 2018

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As from January 2019 there will be at least 5 other EV models that are not included in the current top 20.

Which 5 other EV models could that be?

NIO ES8 for one?

Nissan Sylphy EV

Is also one of the possible successful new EV models in 2019.

The Trumpchie!

One interesting observation in September sales in China:
While the overall PV sales declined in September (and Q3), one company’s sales increased 38% YoY in September. That is BYD. BYD sales increased 38% YoY in September and that too plug-in sales of BYD increased 121% YoY in September. 52% of their total sales are plug-ins (25,019 out of 47,913).

BYD has a target to move completely plugins by 2025. But I think it will happen much earlier than 2025. They will most likely reach 85-90% of plug-in share. They already have 2-3 full-electric models to be released by end of 2018.

By the way, previous plug-in record in China was in Dec 2017 (not 2018 as mentioned in the article).

BYD second Gen Tang is one impressive SUV, and full electric version is also on the way.

What full-electric models beside Tang BEV are to be release by end of 2018?…

“It never was better (the previous record was 102,635 in December 2018”

We’re not there yet, you should play powerball if you see the futur

I can guarantee you a new record in December. It doesn’t require being able to see the future. :p

Thanks. 2017.

Go, China, GO! Don’t forget to build lots more onshore wind, nuclear, solar PV, offshore wind, hydropower, geothermal, and other clean electricity sources to power them all.

Right now, they are building more coal than all the rest COMBINED.
In fact, over the next 2 years, China will add more coal than all of North America (i.e. more than Canada, America, and Mexico COMBINED) runs.
Before 2030, China is gearing up to add ( not including the sites that are replacing) more coal plants than all of the west COMBINED.

Here is a chinese author claiming that China is walking away from adding coal plants.

DOne this year.

However, in the same year, we find out that CHina has pulled way back on solar (and not just a simple brake tap):

And here it is announced what the rest of us have been saying ALL ALONG:

Chinese gov was lying and was continuing to build out massive amounts of coal plants.
These are ADDITIONS, not replacements. By 2030, China’s gov plans to have 1.7 TW of coal plants in operation.
They are also adding methane burning plants as they convert their coal into methane, which is even more costly than simply burning it, unless you bury the CO2 stream.

Worldwide sales in September so far stands at 192,105 and this has exceeded December-2017 by a big margin.
Notable players are China, USA, Norway, Korea, Canada. This tally excludes 17,000 heavy duty plugin vehicles sold in China.
If we include it, the tally blows past 200,000.

China 104,904
Slovenia 54
Austria 683
Colombia 59
New Zealand 167
Korea 5,960
Germany 4,626
Canada 4,426
France 3,799
USA 44,589
Belgium 719
Netherlands 2,796
Norway 6,387
Spain 856
Sweden 2,308
UK 6,961
Japan 2,811 (Only Nissan Leaf)
Total so far 192,105

Thanaks for that. Is this all the countries in the world with any significant ev sales? Or just the ones you have data for? Since there are approx 200 countries I the world the number may be much bigger.

Looks like the data collected by thus far, along with the Leaf sales data published on InsideEVs today.

It’s probably pretty close to worldwide data though, since most of the larger EV markets are already covered. (Missing just a few medium-sized European markets such as Finland.) will likely publish totals for Europe and then World in a couple of days.

This is why Tesla should focus on Europe and Oceana, instead of CHina.

Changan Eado EV460