See Why Tesla Model 3 Is Preferred Over Model S 100D


See why this owner believes the Tesla Model 3 tops the Model S 100D.

This first-time Tesla owner – more specifically, first-time Model 3 owner – has had his new ride for a few weeks. He was interested in how the Model S compares since he’s never spent any time with one. He gets ahold of a Model S 100D to form some opinions and share his findings.

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Josh found the Model S very complex after driving the Model 3. He’s already grown used to the 3’s sparse, simple cabin, and especially loves its air venting system. He feels that the Model 3’s interior is nicer overall and more well-laid out, due to the S’ lacks of door pockets, vanity mirror lights, and garment hangers, as well as the weird cupholder placement.

The Model 3’s seats felt more comfortable to him as well, and there’s more headroom. The car has a more ergonomic feel overall. Josh explains that the outward visibility is better in the 3, and it’s even easier to see out the back. Lastly, in regards to the interior, Josh was much more impressed with Model 3’s sound system.

Driving dynamics are pretty similar overall. Of course, the smaller 3 feels more sporty and can even “feel” faster due to the car’s size, driver’s seating position, and stiffer suspension. However, the Model S packs more punch, as it should … but, there’s that naggy motor whine.

Despite all of this being said, he appreciates the door handles on the Model S. The power hatch and the bioweapons defense mode is pretty cool, and he was impressed with the air suspension. He definitely enjoyed his time in the Model S and considers it a great car.

In the end, when considering the fact that this Model S costs about double what he paid for his Model 3, he can’t justify its worth in comparison. The Model 3 offers about 90 percent of what the S offers at half the cost. Josh says perhaps when the Model S is redesigned, the decision will be more difficult.

Video Description via 6 Months Later on YouTube:

A video that compares the features between the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model 3 from a perspective of a first-time Tesla Model 3 owner and why the Model 3 ultimately wins out over the Model S 100D.

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Nah really.

Kinda seems like he’s trying to reassure himself for having a lesser car..

Oddly he doesn’t mention that the Model S has TWICE the storage space and AWD for inclement weather. And Dragtimes tested the 100D on the VBox and got 3.8 seconds to 60 mph. Not sure how a Model 3 could feel quicker at a full second slower, but seems like this guy wants to give every win to the Model 3.

It’s ok, guy, the Model 3 is a good car, you made a good purchase.

John, Model 3 will get its AWD and Ludicrous updates later this year.

AWD and Ludicrous weren’t the options on the Model 3 in this comparison with the Model S. Hence the disparity in my observation.

Will this be via OTA? Because otherwise, the “reviewer’s” lack of perception of these differences is certainly naive.

“Kinda seems like he’s trying to reassure himself for having a lesser car..”

That sure would be the expectation. I still don’t get how anyone claims Tesla interiors are ergonomic? Owning them, for other reasons, I already know Model S climate control and excessive menu operated features, like sunroof, audio, having to tap/wait for the controls to dropdown, or “+” or “-” to show up for nav, are (a growing) joke. Loading things like the cruise stalk and wiper control to a screen that may be more in reach, but to the left, wasn’t a solution.

Go ahead, vote me down, but please be consistent and add a post about how “ergonomics” are not about keeping your eyes on the road. AI failures, delays and growing liabilities are to the point that Model Y had better hedge its cockpit back in the direction of drivers. Serve both types. Sell more cars.

You’re stuck in the past. Auto wipers and Autopilot remove your concerns

Perhaps “ergonomics” is the wrong word. What Tesla has done, far better than any other auto maker, is make everything in the car, including all the controls, car work together in an intuitive manner. I think this is what most people mean by describing Tesla’s ergonomics as superior. It’s the gestalt; it’s a case of the whole being greater — in this case, a lot greater — than the sum of its parts.

If you don’t agree… well, you’re entitled to your opinion (and I didn’t vote down your comment), but I think it’s pretty clear that it would be a minority opinion. Tesla doesn’t top Consumer Reports‘ survey of car owner customer satisfaction every year just because of the 0-60 time!

I credit the following video review of the Model X with helping me understand that the reason Tesla cars are so beloved by their owners is because everything works so well together, and so intuitively:

The M3 has essentially the same range as the 100D and that’s the only metric that matters. The 0-60 times of the M3 are more than good enough, about the same as a Hemi. Unless you are drag racing you will never use the maximum acceleration of an M3 let alone a 100D, if you were to floor a 100D on a public road you should go to prison, it’s dangerous to everyone else on the road and it serves no purpose except to waste energy.

If storage space is your concern then get a Suburban or an F150. I don’t get this obsession with excess storage space, if you can’t fit in the trunk of a small sedan then have it delivered.

One more thing in the M3s favor, it’s 30% more energy efficient,

My ‘obsession’ with storage space is I travel in a family of 4. Having road-tripped in a Volt for the past 5 years, I have to say that it’s amazing now having the space that the Model S gives us. No excess space, simply adequate space, and it’s a beautiful thing. You obviously don’t travel with multiple family members. If you did, you’d realize that excess space is a full-size SUV, not a Model S.

A Civic will get you from A to B at 1/3 the cost and even if that only gives him say 60% of what his Model S gives him it seems like applying that logic everyone should go out and buy a Civic.

A Civic is a kids car.

Those fast and firious kids

And houndredS of thousands people do that every year.

Civic gives only less 5 % of that what Model S gives. You just cannot compare electric car to ice car.

Say that to a BWM,Lexus Audi,or Merc driver

No question the M3 would have been the better car if it were a hatchback. Preferably with third row of seats like the MS.

It’s TM3 by the way, not M3…

Come on George, a little nit-picky, yes?

An M3 to me, I don’t think anyone has a copy right on the letters M3

MS, MX and M3 are perfectly valid ways of abbreviating their names. Especially when commenting on an article about the MS and M3 😉

If you want to abbreviate them TMS, TMX and TM3 then go ahead, we will probably understand that too.

Come on now, we all know M3 is an iconic BMW. Why would we steal that abbreviation from them?

u wot M8?

I agree with you Art and I own a Model 3. Ps how is the latex industry

I’m now using the abbreviation “TM3” for the Tesla Model 3, in response to complaints (from BMW fans?) that the designation “M3” is the actual model name of a BMW car. But seriously, in the context of commenting about an article on the Tesla Model 3, is “M3” really confusing?

That is picking a nit that’s too small for even a Grammar Nazi like me to notice!

With a third row of seats it would be a crossover, and the base trim level would certainly have cost much more than $35,000!

Tesla wasn’t aiming for a cheaper Model X, it was aiming for a smaller and significantly lower cost car than the Model S. And Tesla succeeded wonderfully at that goal! But to claim the TM3 is “better” than the MS… well, I think what’s in the video above is pretty clearly a case of confirmation bias, the polar opposite of buyer’s remorse.

In other words, he went looking for evidence that he made the right buying decision, and he selectively took note of those things which he interpreted as evidence to support the choice he had already made.

Maybe the TM3 was the right car for him. Only he can make that determination. But to say the TM3 is “better than” the Model S is, at best, a very subjective opinion. Objectively, there’s no contest, as the comparison chart below clearly shows:

There is no $35k model 3. If/when it comes it will be $37k+ with delivery and non black paint. And at most there will be 50% tax credit.

Of course model 3 is too small for a third row which is a very expensive option in the S and only for little kids.

You mean, there is not yet a $35k Model 3. Yeah, we got that the first million times people said it; y’all don’t need to keep reminding us of that every single day.

And the tax credit isn’t included in the $35,000 MSRP price, so why bring that up if you’re not gonna subtract it from the expected final price?

It gets rather tiresome seeing people nit-pick over the delivery charge. The MSRP quoted by other auto makers does not include dealer prep, and Tesla doesn’t charge for that, so let’s not pretend that Tesla tacks on more surcharges above the MSRP than other auto makers. Tesla tacks on less than other auto makers, so complaints about that show either a lack of knowledge about the subject, or intentional FUD.

I have a Model 3 and my son has an S and an X. In my opinion I agree with the article. The 3 has much better ergonomic and ventilation system. It’s value surpasses the S. Better sound system also and better ingress.

I love to have a Model S over Model 3. Yes, it is larger and harder to park and with less head room. But Model S is way better looking and has more storage. It also rides better which is a plus in my opinion. Not to mention that you can get a D version today and on Model3, you would have to wait much longer.

Of course, the cost and efficiency difference is huge.

I bought my gently used Model S 70D for right at $50K. From a private party, I pay no sales tax. I have all the advantages of the Model S without the steepest depreciation cost, and it still puts me ahead vs. the cost of the Model 3. There’s TONS of awesome deals on Model S’s popping up all over now, the time to score a super deal is at hand.

lol you realize you probably owe your state a significant tax burden. There’s no such thing as tax-free on 50K. Unless you’re in the elite ruling class, then carry on my son. The tax man always finds a way. You would know this if you actually paid taxes. Go wash up for super dear and put down the Xbox controller.

Or he can simply live in a state like New Hampshire, Oregon, Delaware, Montana, or Alaska that doesn’t charge sales tax on cars. Or maybe a state that waives sales tax on EV’s as an incentive to buy an EV.

I live in a private party sales tax free state. I’ve worked hard for 30+ years, 60-70 hours per week. I attempt to have respectful discourse on threads like these, you evidently don’t follow the same decorum. No need for the tax-dodger comments, I pay taxes that are due, and avoid those that I can. And I also like to share suggestions and information to others not in the ‘elite ruling class.’ There’s no need to make random snarky comments at me, have a nice day.

Are you in a state with no sales tax? Otherwise you do pay sales and use tax on a used car when you register it.

Used car sales tax in Virginia is 4.15%. Didn’t know that until I just looked it up.

Not only do the seats feel more comfortable , The extra $65 Plus Grand in the Bank feels more comfortable too..Gotta admit it though ,The “S” is the Car to Have..

I think the M3 is a better car for people who like to drive (as opposed to going places). It’s less comfy, has less utility, and is slower, but I absolutely believe it can feel faster because it’s really nimble. Model S is fairly impressive in this regard when considering its weight, but it’s also really heavy..! For me, and most Europeans, both the S and X are simply too big, too wide in particular.

But I do wish Tesla had put a little bit more controls on the wheel, and made more use of what’s there. For instance, when starting the wipers via the stalk, the wheel button on the same side could have been used to select speed/interval for a couple of seconds with a pop-up overlay with big icons. Something similar could be done to adjust cruise control set point and perhaps distance. Fiddling with tiny icons is a bad solution, and unnecessary.

Well, I’d probably agree except for the fact that a 100D is overkill as are so many cars now cruising the highway…

So having two BEV i3s I finally got a TSLA…Mod S 85 CPO…$55k. Vs mod 3 $50k…I have no regrets…comfort, free charging, more room, and just more car…yes I’m old fashioned I love the S’s cockpit feel…cause I still love driving a car. So with one S and now one i3…my big question is what to do with my Mod 3 reservation.

Oh, I liked the suggestion that hold it for a Mod Y…

Like you, I’m a recent Model S owner. Went from a Leaf to a 70D, my what a difference! Like you, no regrets, room for days, WAY more car. Love it, glad to hear that you love yours!

Have to agree with all the points. I was just given a Model S 80P as a loaner while my 3 was getting serviced. Other than the faster acceleration, for a car that costs that much more I was expecting to be wowed – I was not and was left wanting my 3 back asap.