See The World’s First Non-Tesla “Supercharger” In Action


It doesn’t quite put out the juice of a real Tesla Supercharger, but it does exceed 100 kW, which is fast (almost super) charging in our books for sure.

This all-in-one charging station is located in Switzerland and it’s presented by a whole slew of organizations, including EVite, EVTEC, energie360, Gotthard Fast Charge and so on.

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What you’re actually seeing in the video isn’t a Supercharger at all, but rather a CHAdeMO unit with its connector replaced by one that’s suitable for use on Teslas.

Video description:

It’s the world first Non-Tesla DC Type 2 charger, like all Tesla Superchargers in Europe.

It’s located in Gunzgen Süd, Switzerland.

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So the Chademo adapter would support 100kW if given by the charger?

Apr. 1?

Wasn’t the 100 kW in real Tesla super charger? Did you miss that part?

yes i believe you are correct, this article is misrepresented.

You guys are re-hashing the same story. The EVtec charger in Switzerland is just a hack with the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter inside the machine and it is still limited to 125 amps DC, same as normal CHAdeMO. The 100+ kW was at a real Tesla Supercharger down the road. The only benefit to this machine is that Tesla owners don’t have to bring their own CHAdeMO adapter.

At 44/kw charging rate and the 45 cents (euro cents?) per minute thats about thats $.60 or $.75 depending on whether it’s US$ or euro cents. Expensive even for Europe and it would be STUPID expensive for USA.

Not much numeracy in the EV crowd.

Reminds me of when I saw someone (attempting to?) charge their S at Ikea at $.59/kwh. DUMB!

April Fools. The first Swiss charger was just charging at 44 kW. Then he went to a Tesla Supercharger to hit 103 kW charging.

They hacked a CHAdeMO adapter so it looks like a Tesla Supercharger.

The video was posted months ago.

Well, just over a couple months ago, for sure:
“Published on Jan 19, 2018
It’s the world first Non-Tesla DC Typ 2 charger, like all Tesla Supercharger in Europe.
It’s located in Gunzgen Süd, Switzerland.”

Haha the interesting thing here is that to me, I had no idea tire pressure was measured in ‘BARS’. Must be easier than saying 313.1 kilopascals.

My father was a big fan of the metric system, even going to a Canadian Chrysler dealer to get a metric speedometer.

I always preferred the ENGLISH system of measurement (USA is the only major country still using it), since it deals with common everyday items… Most everyone can visualize what a ‘FOOT’ is since they have 2 of them.

of very different sizes, and when you ask them how meny feet are in a statute mile or in a nauticxal mile, or in a yard the answer is???? three guesses, and the first two dont count. hahaha. This way miscalculating helps you to miss the moon, or if Elon did that.. also the Mars 🙂 🙂

It does not exceed 100kw……..
It charges about 40kw, the supercharger exceeds 100kw.

I suggest that peopl should WATCH videos before they post an article.
This charger never went over 44kW, the 100+ were at a realTesla SC!

And the pricing is insane, 45 Vent per minute translates into 60+ Cent/kWh.
Thanks, but no rhanks.

Cent, not Vent.

Would be nice if they’d go back and at least correct the info in the title/article.

I certainly wouldn’t consider 45 KW to be supercharging, and publishing an article stating that it was getting over 100 KW when that was noted in the video that it was at an actual Tesla SuperCharger.

To me as a Type 1 female inlet Tesla owner, US model, it is the only option to charge DC in Europe. Nobody dares to offer a connector T1 to T2 because some smarties could use them for three phase AC- charging, which would wreck the onbord AC- to DC converterf , and that would fall back on Tesla. The 2017 models and later can charge with 3- phase AC, but they still get equipped with the type 1 female inlet. Grrr. They would have to re- equip/ upgrade all the Tesla Superchargers in North America. Quite an investment. So there will probably never a typ1 to type 2 adapter available. In contrast to Trumps Ideas an American automaker makes certain that American cars stay in N- America. hahaha

How can I supercharge my 2013 Tesla S 60 US- model with a type 1 female inlet at a Tesla Supercharger Station, that connects only to type 2 inlets in Europe?