See The Byton M-Byte Electric SUV Up Close

SEP 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

Byton M-Byte concept impresses.

Byton was present at the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and its all-electric concept SUV called M-Byte stands out and impresses in this CarVision review.

Both the exterior and interior is futuristic with all the electronics that you could imagine – from cameras instead of mirrors, through a wide infotainment display and additional driver display in the steering wheel.

One of the most unbelievable things is that this car will start at around $40,000 in its base version. Production and sales in China should begin in 2019.

“CarVisionLA checks out the Byton M-Byte Concept at Pebble Beach during Monterey Car Week 2018. This car was designed to compete with the Tesla Model X with significantly more tech at a fraction of the price. With options the Byton M-Byte should cost just about $60,000. We will explore all the Byton M-Byte’s crazy features including its gigantic three-foot screen, driver tablet, and Stage 3 Autonomous driving. This car is the wave of the future and should be on US roads in about two years.”

Interesting is this interior walkthrough from Bjørn Nyland too:

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The 3-ft screen looks like a horrible idea. The video clip clearly shows that it’s obstructing some of the windshield, and that it generates a _lot_ of glare and reflections; even if it’s tilt/swivel adjustable (doesn’t look like it), that glare isn’t going away on such a large piece of glass. Over here where we have 320+ sunny days a year, that would make the car completely unusable.
Oh, and such a large single screen is obviously a single point of failure, so really bad serviceability-wise, not to mention the probably cost of repair for a rare (unique?) component. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s in the low $1000s.

Only 85% of this design is definitive. It’s not good enough. I have seen “90%” prototypes that turned into much less good looking cars (google laguna coupé for example). I hope this will not be the case with this one.

I also think there too much blockage from the very wide screen.

The production version will be revealed in 2019.

Somehow I think that I do like the idea of that the 49″ inch display.

There are actually three screens in one wide display.

If it works well, and if it’s practical in use, this might become a popular innovative idea for other EV models as well.

Absolutely not. Have you seen how many little old drivers sit and look THROUGH the steering wheel? Great if you are in to watching soaps. 200 miles? No where near the 310 miles of a Tesla. Service? Charging? Sales outlets? Motor power? This guy is all excited about lit up scratches in the trunk! Fail.

Ohh man…. Another Tezla Killer?
Great screen. It will be enjoyable to see how much it cost if you have a “little” accident with it.

There’s no such Tezla Killer anywhere.

I really like it but we all know 2019 will bring plenty of competition for Tesla’s 2015 vehicles.

Ughh!! This is horrible. So many screens. I’d never find myself looking at the road. Designers need to understand that more is not always better especially when it comes to display devices in cars. In fact more is a genuine hazzard for the easily distracted. They managed to eliminate the rear view mirror but then stuck a face-viewing camare in its place, blocking part of the view for tall drivers.

This vehicle’s vast array of distractions and obstructions is going to kill people.

They are planning for self driving when you can sit back and just watch the screen and let the car drive for you.

not a pretty face, inside or out
I know some like the “Shogun Warrior Helmet” look, so I’m guessing it’s more for show than production build design
As for the cabin, seriously? what’s the point … the worst cinema IMAX screen design … what purpose is there is so much screen real estate in a car?
As cars become more autonomous, the driver and occupants need/want _less_ displays and less froufrou …
I think just the single static display with the steering wheel moving around it would be good
And head-up display of course … that’s the single missing piece of the Tesla dash … crazy they refuse to use HUD.

A big screen that doesn’t show much of anything. About 3/4 of it is white space. 2/3 of it is just for media which doesn’t show more than album art and the play/ff/rwd buttons. It’s like they thought to tack on a huge screen then found out that there really isn’t much you need to display.

So, if I want to play one of the songs, I need to reach way over or ask the passenger to touch the screen?

Weirdos and their designs.

Where is the driver side airbag? If it’s behind the steering wheel screen, I sure wouldn’t want to be hit in the face by the resulting shards of glass if the airbag goes off.

Good question. The video says (5:10 in) that it’s in the steering wheel, just under the touch display. Personally, I would not want an explosive device so close to a sheet of glass. I suspect this may not be a final location — I wonder if they considered Citroën’s solution in the C4 Cactus, where the airbag is in the roof (to make for a more transparent steering wheel).

200 miles of rang is not on par with Tesla lol and in 2 years with the new batters 2170? Tesla have in the works I can see the S and X starting at 100kw pack going upto 200kw with over at least 600 miles of rang (new roadster) so yes it looks lovely as do all of the new cars but none of them are on par not even close.