See Tesla’s New Navigate On Autopilot Feature In Action

SEP 29 2018 BY MARK KANE 30

Tesla Autopilot will change lanes on its own.

The latest v9 over-the-air software update upgrades Tesla’s Autopilot system, by adding a new feature Navigate on Autopilot (Beta). It enables the car to change lines, as well as enter and exit highways automatically, if needed to reach a destination more quickly without any action from the driver. It should be able to overtake other cars by itself,too.

Of course the driver first needs to set navigation, engage Autopilot and allow Autopilot to do so, which requires reading a disclaimer. Settings enables to change lines without confirmation (yes/no) and separately speed based lane changes (disabled, mild, average, mad max).

Here are first few videos of the system in action – not the best, but that’s what we’ve found for now (we will be scanning for more) as it is the first such feature of this type in the world, we believe.

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When will regular owners start getting this? Is it reasonable to think I could have it within a week? A month? A quarter? How long in advance do these people normally get the updates?

It depends on the update. Usually a few weeks or a month,but this particular one is already out.
Once it starts being pushed out usually a week or so before everyone gets it.,

it enables the car to change lines Settings enables to change lines (enables the car) no subject.
(lanes) This mistake was made twice.

My English, she’s no so good.

I not sign, because I don’t believe in Santy Claus.

English been beddy beddy good to me. 😉


It would be helpful for the autopilot feature in general if all cars (including ICEs) were obliged to constantly share their speed, acceleration, and position data with the cars nearby. Would at least be a useful second line to the cameras, lidars, radars and so forth. Could be extended to bikes, pedestrians etc. Does anybody happen to know whether something like this is in the making? Or else, who should take the lead and develop the standard?



This sort of data exchange is sometimes vaguely stipulated as part of the “connected car” vision. Not sure whether anyone is actively working on it…

Don’t want my car to be hacked

Informing other cars is not hacking that car.

It is, if you regard your car as your property, along with its information. C’mon, this is where the conservative IEV movement could start 😉

I think his point is that any communication channel potentially presents an attack vector…

I don’t obey speed limits, and don’t want to share any of this info. I also don’t understand why people want AI dragging them around much slower than the speed of traffic. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I don’t think the third (TeslaExPo) video above demonstrates the new version 9 software, does it?

News just broke that Musk is out as CEO of Tesla. That is some tough sledding.

Except he is NOT out as CEO, in fact he doesn’t even admit to guilt.
He is off the BOD for only 3 years, pays a 20 million fine and has to follow procedures when communicating.

Bottom line is he is still running Tesla.

The article I just read has changed its headline to “out as Chairman” instead of the earlier “removed as CEO”. I repeated garbage. My apologies.
I have to admit that I am disappointed. I think Tesla would be better off without Musk at this point. Of late he is more of a problem than a problem solver.

I think he needs to improve his behaviors as well as continuing to solve problems at Tesla.
His value is more of a pitchman and the soul of the organization, but also as an idealist.
Hopefully his escapades with harangues against the shorts will diminish, and he will learn his lesson.
After all thinking beings should learn from their mistakes, repent and reform, for the end is near..

No repenting, these shorts are criminals the law needs to catch up to instead of filing frivolous suits to aid and abet their vandalism. They aren’t just providing an insurance they pay for media lies to drive down the price defrauding the very people they are supposed to be insuring- the actual legitimate investors. Should be felonies and huge fines.

He is still a lot more of a problem solver — it just doesn’t make the news all the time, like his occasional media blunders…

He’s not not out of CEO only chairmanship

Hopefully they’ll find a chairman that will effectively take over some of Musk’s corporate responsibilities and brings no agenda other than assisting to produce the best EVs in all classes as quickly as feasible.

He isn’t even off the board — he just has to resign as chairman of the board.

The company is on autopilot now…

…”adding a new feature Navigate on Autopilot (Beta). It enables the car to change lines, as well as enter and exit highways automatically…”

Well, this has been some time in coming! It’s been awhile since we saw anything more than tiny incremental improvements in Tesla’s suite of driver assist features. I thought Tesla’s semi-self-driving development had stalled, so this is a very welcome announcement.

Finally “AutoSteer” does what I thought the name suggested from the first.

> it is the first such feature of this type in the world, we believe.
On privately owned cars, probably. And in that context, it’s great news – hope it works as advertised!

But keep in mind that Waymos have been doing this in Chandler, on a closed beta basis, for most of the year.

Yes, but in a fully mapped geofenced situation with very expensive sensors and computers in taxis. Will interesting to see the intersection of the two approaches.