See Tesla Model 3 Shake Its Stuff On Road Simulator


It shakes, wobbles and rolls.

Watch as the road simulator tries to rattle the Tesla Model 3 for testing purposes.

This Model 3 is undergoing an industry-standard durability shakedown test in which the vehicle is subjected to simulated poor road conditions. The test is often utilized to attempt to see either how long the various suspension components will last or, more often, to induce rattles within the car so that long-term fixes can be deployed.

Perhaps we should call this the electric shakedown jive.

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I think calling it the “Detroit/New Jersey” road test would be more appropriate. 😛

Someone called Domino’s to come smooth out this test.

Shouldn’t they have done this before delivering cars ?????

There is nothing here to suggest that the test has not been done before delivering the first TM3. It’s just a display of what the test looks like.

And in a climate chamber. hot, cold, wet. I’m sure they have done at least some of it after the thing with the falcon wing doors opening in the cold on bumpy roads.

Shouldn’t BMW have checked for fire problems before having to recall 1.4 cars? Or Ford 1.4 million because the steering wheels disconnect? Or……on and on.

Shake Rattle and Roll !

Thats a great way to find the rattles and squeaks if any exist.

They do, trust me, though the X has it worse.

Sorry, Eleventy Pretend Electrics, but I prefer to get my first-hand reports from those who own actual cars, not imaginary ones.

Ah yes..the old age question: If there is rattle inside during the test, and no one is inside the vehicle to hear it – Does it make a sound?

Its just a typical drive through Philadelphia, where the potholes can swallow small elephants.