See New Video Of Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction In China

DEC 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 28

First steps were made so soon we should see construction of the plant

Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai, China at the moment is just the fence around muddy terrain, but the groundwork already started and the facility, at least in its initial form, should be ready for the second half of 2019.

Tesla intends to produce on-site cars (Tesla Model 3) and battery packs, using battery cells from various suppliers, including Panasonic.

Here we have a video from the construction site.

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It is a mud whole. Hope they can keep it dry and prevent a heavy building factory from sinking down in this mud.

That’d be a Hole, Mud Hole, and yes, If Tesla doesn’t help curb global warming the river next to this mud hole will flood the factory…Choice property I say. They’re on a mission…

They will then start making electric boats 🙂

Grammer police why are leftist so obsessed about spelling?

Exactly, taking Rice Paddy Land will quite likely need many (Thiusand) Deep Set Pilings, just to hang the Footings and foundation on. It may also require a surface Drainage preparation with Train Loads of Crushed Rock, to Stabilize this Mud Paddy!

Yes. and its not like this process has never been executed. I helped design the new Pearl Harbor Visitor center. There were hundreds of piles deep into the depths of Pearl Harbor. Grade beams connected these and then a structural slab spanned those grade beams. I am not sure what all of the hysteria and doubt is about in these comments for something we do all of the time. As ideal sites become few and far between we are forced to find different approaches to hold up our buildings. So it isn’t Nevada or California with a huge slab on grade – and your point is? Come on people!

Everything related to Tesla and its activities must be portrayed as if it’s odd, unusual, and simply wrong, even when it’s perfectly normal procedure for whatever industry is involved.

Hadn’t you heard? 🙄

But seriously, there may indeed be some problems with Tesla producing cars in China. But if so, they will be political obstacles and possibly cultural clashes, not any supposed inability of construction companies to properly sink pilings necessary for a proper foundation.

First steps along with footprints in the mud.

Hmmm… it doesn’t seem like an ideal location for a tent. LOL!

In other news from China, the father of China’s EV industry, Wan Gang, touted the benefits of hydrogen and said that “after spending billions of dollars in subsidies for lithium-battery electric cars, China should now shift its focus toward developing vehicles using the competing hydrogen fuel-cell technology.” Wan said the “benefits of fuel-cell vehicles include long driving range, short refueling time and zero emissions.”

“Battery electric vehicles, which are currently more popular, can’t meet the needs of long-distance buses, taxis, or urban logistics and long-haul transport due to their short driving range and long charging time, he said. Wan is the former minister of science and technology and known as the father of China’s electric-car industry, having successfully helped to steer the country toward EVs starting about two decades ago.”

Just “who is Wan Gang?” you might be asking. He’s the dude who pushed China to leapfrog the West in electric vehicles.

Wan Gang is the father of of the Chinese EV industry. Two decades ago, he fomented China’s EV revolution by persuading “China’s State Council to throw its vast power behind the risky, unproven technology of electric cars. He advocated using government money, including subsidies, to help create a world champion industry that would surpass Western automakers.”

Propaganda, and not particularly good propaganda.

So you’re saying China is spreading pro-HFCV/anti-EV propaganda to harm its own NEV program? Really? What is China trying to achieve with this propaganda? Do you have any other nutty conspiracy theories that you’d like to share with us? Perhaps you agree with NBA star Stephen Curry and believe that NASA faked the moon landings?

China is putting their eggs in different baskets. It’s not one or the other, there may still be niche industries where gaining experience in FCV tech will prove valuable. Maybe tankers, who knows.

One thing’s for sure, China will have a big piece of the pie, whatever flavor that may be, in this century.

Here’s a “nutty conspiracy theory”: I knew, because of your previous serial Tesla bashing, that you’d be supporting this attempt to promote the “hydrogen economy” hoax; pretending fool cell cars are not merely as practical as BEVs, but actually better. (Do let us know when you invent a “better” hydrogen molecule!)

You didn’t disappoint, not-exactly-Impartial Observer.

The idea that NASA faked the Lunar landings actually makes more sense than fool cell cars.

Hopefully, not-Impartial observer moves to China to advance the cause of fool cells!

Did he get hired by Big Oil to be a mouthpiece, or what? If he didn’t, then I can’t imagine why he’d promote the “hydrogen economy” hoax.

Maybe because he truly believes that hydrogen fueled vehicles will be part of the transportation mix in the future, will clean up the air in China, and will help reduce or reverse global warming.

Hyundai agrees with Wan Gang and has placed a massive $6.5 Billion bet on hydrogen and expects to produce 700,000 fuel cell systems annually by 2030 with 500,000 going into fuel-cell passenger and commercial vehicles, and 200,000 going into industrial machines like forklifts and generators, as well as ships and even drones. You on the other hand haven’t spent a single cent of your money buying an EV, installing solar panels on your roof, or buying a PowerWall. Actions speak louder than words Pu-Pu.

3 minute recharging in coming and that will be faster than hydrogen refuelling.

Its not always necessary to charge to 100 %.
If you are taking a 400 mile trip and cover 300 miles with your EV, then just charge to 33% level in a few minutes and it will help you cover the remaining 100 miles.

First, this looked to be a lot more about the Chinese flag, than having a single thing to do with a factory.
Secondly, the pollution there is incredible.
Third, is that marsh land or did it rain there? Because off hand, it looks like a lot of marsh was taken out to simply fly the Chinese flag.

I’m not a construction expert, but I’m guessing that Tesla’s gonna need more than 6 people and 1 track hoe to get that thing built.

Are you nuts Elon, you are building your plant in what is obviously a Flood Plain, bet you got the land very very cheap, hope you build it on pontoons, you’ll be needing it or are you going to start growing rice……very bad move Elon.

Most of civilization is built on flood plains because it’s flat and near rivers for example: London, Paris, New York. There are costs and benefits.

It’s bad enough we have armchair engineers telling Elon how Tesla ought to design and build its cars; now we have amateur civil engineers telling Elon he chose the wrong location for the Shanghai Gigafactory. 🙄

There’s a concept called “drainage”. Apparently you’ve never heard of it.

Very big.
VERY wet.

Yes water is very wet.

The size of the surface of this land area in square meters is not really very big (compared to the Gigafactory in Nevada). I’m not saying that it’s small either.

To serve the Chinese market (and the markets of other Asian countries as well), a Gigafactory that will have an annual production capacity of 1 million EV’s would have been much more appropriate, I think.

Probably it’s a financial limitation.

Eventually Tesla will be building a few more Gigafactories in China before 2030.

Come on people, this is converted farmland. It’s really flat, and easily irrigated, so it’s low to the water table, with manmade canals, not rivers, all around. At this time of year, it’s pretty much mud season, as it rains every day. It’s about the same latitude as Austin, TX.

Just type in 30.88N 121.77E on a map, and you’ll be right at the entrance of the Gig3. These outlying areas are where they put the airport, Disney Shanghai, and factories, to get them out of the city.

They graded the field, though it doesn’t take much. Put up the perimeter fence, and put in the work office. Next they’ll put in worker housing, and then things will really take off. The workers live on-site while construction takes place. This factory will be up in no time, that’s the Shanghai way. Yes, my family is from there. My mom used to cross the Huangpu River with her rabbit to let him feed on the grass on the Pudong side. Now, it’s all skyscrapers, some of the tallest in the World.

As for the pollution, that’s why they need EVs!!! And, that’s why new factories are put so far away from city center.