See How Tesla Powerpacks Help Balance Grid In Belgium

MAY 31 2018 BY MARK KANE 7

Tesla installed another major battery energy storage system – this time in Europe (Terhills, Belgium) – that consists of 140 Powerpack units.

Tesla Powerpacks Balancing the Grid in Terhills, Belgium

The ESS is rated for 18.2 MW of power, but Tesla didn’t stated the number of MWh of energy (we could assume up to 28 MWh, if 200 kWh per Powerpack).

The main purpose of that system is balancing the grid to maintain the nominal frequency of 50 Hz (the U.S. frequency is 60 Hz).

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According to Tesla, reaction time for battery energy storage is 100 times faster than the power plants.

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Mark, the previous article titled “Musk Tweets – Tesla Model 3 Cost Could Drop Below $28,000 At 10,000/Week” seems to be broken.
No place to post comments.

They are currently running an experiment to see if trolls heads will explode if they can’t comment on Musk predictions. I wonder how many just sit there hitting refresh for the past hour.


Did the staff intentionally turn off comments for the previous article?

I believe so. I wasn’t actually an article, but simply a shared Tweet FYI to get it out there as we were working all the sales stuff.

This may also make smaller Hydro systems in Ontario and Quebec practical.