See How Porsche’s New Charging Service Program Works

JUL 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 30

Porsche is readying itself to offer convenient charging services for all its customers of plug-in hybrid and all-electric models.

The German manufacturer is introducing the Porsche Charging Service (initially in several countries in Europe) that through Porsche ID card or smartphone app Mobility by Porsche will enable access to various charging stations (owned by Porsche or other networks). The Porsche Charging Service will be available for non-Porsche cars too

There will be just a single deal with Porsche and a single invoice in a month for all of the charging events. Porsche stressed that we should expect reliable network with reliable prices – we already heard that there will be no free charging from Porsche stations.

Porsche intends to install hundreds of DC fast chargers (up to 350 kW) in the U.S.

Porsche Charging Service

“With the Porsche Charging Service you can easily find the nearest charging stations, charge your Hybrid oder Electric car and pay just via our Smartphone app Mobility by Porsche or via the Porsche ID card.With the Porsche Charging service you can charge your car at many charging stations across Europe with one contract and one invoice per month from Porsche. The Porsche Charging Service is available for all Hybrid or Electric vehicles – even for cars of other brands.

The Porsche Charging Service is currently available in Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Belgium and Netherlands. More information can be found in the Porsche Connect Store:”

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Yes no free DCFC. No more waiting for freebies


When you have a car like the Porsche or Tesla, people will buy in spite of pay charging. When you have a car like Leaf or Bolt EV you need to entice people to the car offering discounts and freebies. The difference between a car people want and one they don’t.

SparkEV BoltEV

You mean car like Leaf (poorly engineered) or i3 (expensive for what you get). BoltEV do not come with free charging for regular consumers, only for Maven car sharing. That means all “normal” BoltEV sales do not come with free charging, yet people still buy them.

As for people wants, Tesla S and X comes with free charging, so your argument for enticing people with freebie applies more to Tesla than Bolt. I get that people don’t care about free charging at Tesla price point, which is why it’s puzzling why they offer it. Glad they’re not for Tesla 3 and won’t for S/X in the future.

Free charging SUCKS!!!


From article: “…There will be just a single deal with Porsche and a single invoice in a month for all of the charging events. Porsche stressed that we should expect reliable network with reliable prices…”

Hopefully what Porsche is doing here results in their EV customers having access to a convenient and reliable fast charge network for those occasional long distance trips…. seems that’s the intent here.

Bill Howland

Reliably HIGH prices they should have said. Oh Boy another access card in my wallet.

SparkEV BoltEV

High prices means people won’t use them, so I doubt the prices will be unreasonably high. I’m actually glad if they’ll be bit higher than typical since that means they will be available. That’s welcome if one’s facing almost 2 hour wait for free chargers at eVgo.


150 kw or 200 kw on porche network I’ll ta
Is it


Why wouldn’t they charge a high price for their chargers. Their ones putting up the cost for ultra speed charging


Wasn’t there a fine due to diesel-gate? VW decided to pay the fine through the establishment of a charging network.


We can pay with the same cards (and phones) in almost every store. Why is it so hard to have the same system for every charging station? I don’t want different cards or services for every charging network.


Exactly. Why has everyone in the charging game lost their damn minds and forgotten that standard Point Of Sale systems are thing? They are in literally every store! Heck, there’s no reason it needs to be different that pay at the pump systems at just about every single gas station (well except obviously they should allow NFC payments instead of purposefully disabling them, to their customers’ detriment).


It says right in the story you can pay with the phone. Not sure I am reading your post as intended, were you complaining in general about all charging stations or specifically about Porsche’s service?


The idiocy is that we need charging cards at all. Just have the car identify itself over the charging cable. Like your cell phone does.

Fastned is already offering that service. But only for ccs:


For the most part I would agree with you. However, I can also see situations in which you don’t want the to just “bill to the car” – for example when the car’s owner (paying the charging bill) and the person actually charging/using the car are different people. It is no problem as long as the charging is basically “for free”. Maybe this could be solved by different “billing profiles” or by being able to turn off charge cable identification.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

You should be able to pay at the charge location. No need for the dumb complexity of needing to “ID” the car plugging in.

Even city parking spots have the ability to pay at the pole. This required ~membership~ to be able to charge is the effen dumbest thing I have ever heard of!!!!


Cars can get robbed

William L

You need to carry a new card, or download an app, need to signup and pay. This is as complicated as any service that’s available today.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

A person can pay for gas with VISA/MC/ATM/Debit, no membership needed.
Why the he11 have another “Membership”?

earl colby pottinger

Heck, I can even pay with cash – no plastic needed.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I know RIGHT?!?!?!?!?


It’s seems they want your Data and information since that will cost more and profit from then your charging


Tesla got this right. No card or app required to charge on Tesla Superchargers. It’s the most frictionless process imaginable (just plug in and done). It charges your credit card that you’ve set up with Tesla (unless you have free supercharging on an S/X). On a road trip, this is very nice so you can get charging immediately and not waste time with point-of-sale terminals. If you aren’t going to use the Tesla model for payment, at least support normal payment options like credit card.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I wouldn’t go that far. Technically you still have to have an account with them. They just linked the car to your account which is linked to your plastic and you can’t use that account anywhere else, AKA other DCFC’s or L2. It’s just another “Membership” you have to belong to.
It works for them because it’s very specific, the infrastructure is theirs and the DCFC is much faster than the wide spread Chad and CCS distribution..


Why would you not have an account with Tesla for your Tesla car? And why would your Tesla account be linked to another anything? It is for the super-convenient purpose of charging at Tesla Superchargers (free or not), period. Not any L2 or any other L3 charging. Even a normal credit card requires you to have a bank account with user fees attached, unlike with Tesla.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

You’re totally missing my point……


At the moment Teslas have “free charging” built into the car. How will the system work in the future if they begin charging money to charge ? Do Teslas support different “billing profiles” so that charging can be billed to the person that does the actual charging instead of the owner ? I’m thinking of situations in which several people use a single car, but pay for their own gas.


Still a membership


So, Porsche is going to allow other EV’s to charge? Good, so by the end of next year, there will be two nation-wide CCS networks(Porsche and Electrify America), hopefully EVgo and ChargePoint follow suit and build a decent network of inter-city charging stations, right now a low to medium-range EV will have a hard time traveling across the US because charging stations(other than Tesla) are clustered in and around cities.


By now ChargePoint should built an electric transcontinental highway between New Yorkand Washington DC and San Francisco and LA. I 80 and I 95. I 64 I 40 East Coast express . I 95 DC Miami


Chargepoint’s model is awful. They don’t take any responsibility for the stations after they sell them. So, when they break, they’re often down for long periods or never fixed. There is a station near me that was part of their DCFC northeast corridor. It’s been broken for months and will likely never be fixed because the owner doesn’t care.

Charging operators need to own & maintain their stations, especially DCFC stations. Otherwise they cannot be relied upon by drivers.