See A Blue Tesla Model 3 From Every Angle Imaginable – Video


We find the art of wrapping a car to be actually entertaining to watch, but it’s the up close looks of the Tesla Model 3 that excites us most in this video.

Tesla Model 3

OCDetailing’s latest acquisition is this blue Tesla Model 3.  The owner wanted it to get the full paint correction treatment first before getting wrapped and finished off with a protective sealant.

Video description:

Tesla Model 3 – Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film and CQuartz Finest Reserve – OCDetailing®

Full Paint Correction
Suntek Ultra Paint Protection Film (PPF) Clear Bra
CQuartz Finest Reserve Coating

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Nice color on the Model 3. If I end up getting my Model 3, this will be the color I choose.

I can’t even get the bubbles out of the screen-saver on my phone, let alone an entire car.

This is the color I want, if I keep my reservation.

I like the blue on the aero wheels (better than the dull black), but now they look a bit too much like a concept car or boy racer style. How about just spraying the stock under-wheel with a brighter silver?

I think there was a video on insideeevs where a guy fitted lug caps to these wheels, and the Tesla center cap, and they looked pretty good.

In any case, the optional alloys are much nicer and don’t require any justification or excuses.

The lug nut caps come with the car, and the center cap pops out of the wheel covers and goes into the center hole in the aluminum wheels.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Blue is much better looking and faster than Black.

Looks great. I hope it will also look great in black as that’s the color I’ll get. Anyone has a cost estimate for this job ?

From what I heard, it is almost a $4K job to do the wrap on Model 3.

That’s an Insane Option! I understood the Insane Option was only on the Model “S” .$4000.00 to wrap a model 3 ?…Insane!…lol

I do like a lot of the lines of the M3. This car stills looks like the leading contender to replace my Volt in 2023 or so and by then I am hoping there will be plenty of nice used RWD long range models available for me to choose from.

I especially liked all of the fluorescent lights reflecting off of the car. They also showed off the color nicely when there was no direct reflection.