Second Tesla Supercharger Now Operational in the Netherlands


"...Aiming To Have Essentially All Of North America Covered In Detail By The End Of Next Year."

Tesla Model S at Supercharger

Sometimes, it’s impossible to be on time with every bit of news.  Even when its InsideEVs, the website that seemingly never sleeps.

We just released info on the first Tesla Supercharging station in Netherlands on Thursday and now the second one is already online.

The second location is in Zevenaar.  Of course, it’s 120 kW of power, just like all Tesla Superchargers.

In a year’s time, Tesla should install enough Superchargers to cover (radius of 320 km from a supercharger) 90-100% of the population in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark.

Per Tesla:

1) The new Supercharger in Oosterhout is located along the A27 at Autogrill:

Beneluxweg 1, 4904 SJ Oosterhout

2) The Supercharger Zevenaar stands along the A12 at AC Restaurant:

Doesburgseweg 43, 6903 PL Zevenaar

Hat tip to reader Wolfgang!

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Why 120KW ? It should be 135Kw in Europe.

22:25 at this video



To be in time!!!
More supercharger on this website :



Amazing: now I’m only 20 miles away (as the crow flies) from a Supercharger!
The other one is 60 miles away from where I live, as a “guest”, in Germany.
So, now I only miss…a Model S!

Great Tesla!