Second Generation* Nissan LEAF Featured In Fully Charged


2013 leaf logoIn the latest episode of Fully Charged, Robert Llewellyn presented the “2nd generation” Nissan LEAF, which is slowly becoming close to a year old now.

The video was likely recorded some time ago in Oslo, Norway.

But still, this is an interesting comparison between the 2nd generation (heavily modified to better suit European buyers) and the previous generation LEAF used by Llewellyn in the UK on a daily basis.

According to Fully Charged, the newest iteration of the LEAF is a massive improvement.

“It’s taken too long, but finally here is my review of the 2nd generation Nissan Leaf. Built in Sunderland UK.

“Since recording, Nissan have passed the 100,000 global sales milestone.”

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17 responses to "Second Generation* Nissan LEAF Featured In Fully Charged"
  1. David Murray says:

    We’ve recently upgraded from a 2011 to a 2013 Leaf as well. I can confirm that it does seem to go much further than the original one ever did. Some things he neglected to mention was that it charges twice as fast from 240V and also has a heated steering wheel.

    1. DaveMart says:

      In the UK the original Leaf would also be 240V, as that is what we normally use, not 110v.

      1. arne-nl says:

        He probably means it charges at twice the amperage.

    2. scottf200 says:

      Perhaps because your previous LEAF battery capacity was dropping.
      “Conclusion: There is no more nor any less range with a 2013 LEAF under these conditions that a 2011 or 2012 (when those cars were new with fresh batteries).”

  2. GeorgeS says:

    I really like Llewellyn .
    He does great videos of the Leaf!
    Go Nissan!

  3. MrEnergyCzar says:

    Why are they calling it the 2nd generation? Seems odd.


    1. David Murray says:

      yeah.. More like version 1.5

      1. Ziv says:

        I guess since my 2013 Volt has an 8% increase in AER over the 2012MY Volt, it is a Gen II Volt! Whoopee!
        All kidding aside, steady incremental growth is a good thing. I am hoping the 2015MY Volt has a few improvements over the 2014.

  4. Bill Howland says:

    Still a very nice product. Not too much money, and seems to work ok in most areas. People in Arizona are still mad at how theyve been treated by Nissan however, as some of the responses on Green Car Reports indicate.

  5. Driverguy01 says:

    Second generation is supposed to have plugless charging.

  6. Michael says:

    Design everybody looks other :-)… i like the smooth front and the futuristic back. In darkness the LED strip looks great.
    Why have the 2014 Leaf only LED front in Tekna? Is LED so expensive??

    1. arne-nl says:

      Yes, LED headlights still are expensive.

  7. shawn marshall says:

    enjoyed the video – makes the Leaf look like a real option for a daily banger – a good niche for Nissan to emphasize.

  8. muchski says:

    It’s sexy!

  9. Scott Franco says:

    In all the hype over the Tesla (pronounced by Elon as Tezzzzzzzla), the Leaf gets overlooked. Its a first class design that gets better all the time.

    A small point about the video, he says the heat pump is 3 times more efficient than the old resistive element heater “as used on gas cars”, then says “it even has heated seats”. Ok, first, gas cars don’t use resistive heaters, they use engine heat through a engine cooling water exchange. Second, those nifty heated seats are NOT heat pump driven, but in fact based on the old, bad resistive element heaters.

    So what is next? I really think that with a short list of improvements the Leaf can become a general purpose replacement for a gas car, a world class player:

    1. Do the 150 mile range improvement. Go ahead and offer it as a extra cost option, but of course, the sales of the 75 mile one will fall to zero, so it is hardly worth it.

    2. Stop fooling around and make QC standard on all leaves.

    3. (related to 2), fix the thermal management to take the “curse” off DCFC. The Leaf needs to charge anywhere, anytime, as fast as the available charger, and as many times as necessary in a day to compete with gas cars.

    4. Fix that oversteer problem (the tendency of the car to jump in a different direction when accelerating out of a turn). This is dangerous and needs fixing.

    Now lets head to the chalkboard. Elon said that they want to take battery cost down to the “magic $200 per KWH” level from the current $400/KWH. Sooooo:

    Current $400 at 24kwh leaf: $9600
    Current $200 at 24kwh leaf: $4800
    New Leaf $200 at 48kwh: $9600

    Assuming that Nissan has similar battery costs. At 150 miles of range at 65 MPH, we get 2.3 hours, which is about BMR or “Bladder Maximum range”. If you “derate” to %80 or 120, you get 1.8 hours, still reasonable (when was the last time you drove for 2 hours straight without stopping).

    This means that at 150 miles of range, and a reasonable fast charge network, which is every reasonable size town or city and major highway at 100 mile intervals containing a DCFC, you can replace gas cars.

    1. sven says:

      “At 150 miles of range at 65 MPH, we get 2.3 hours, which is about BMR or “Bladder Maximum range”.”

      If you’re younger than 70 and can hold out for only 2.3 hours before having to pull over to take a leak, then I recommend that you go see a urologist. 😉

  10. Ryan says:

    If Nissan wants to rule the world; how about an Electric Titan to beat Ford from doing an F150 or Tesla’s eventual truck? Offer the Titan with a 100, 200, 300 mile pack and an optional ultimate, 500 mile pack.

    How about a 370 or GTR that can outperform a Lamborghini or anything else in the world?

    Or offer their whole line up in an electric option? Packs that bolt in place of the gas tank or even put it under the hood. The motor/trans swap is easy and a non issue.

    They could put the Leaf drivetrain in any existing model. One of their existing SUV’s with the electric option would sell if it was low priced. If they pull a 50k RAV4; forget about it.

    The current automotive success story is the KIA Soul. Just this year I’m seeing tremendous amounts of those on the road now. The base model is cheap! EV version on the way! If it’s priced right; look out!