Seaward Introduces EV100 EVSE Test & Diagnostic Tool




British company Seaward Electronic announced the introduction of its test & diagnostic tool for charging stations, the EV100.

It could be an interesting device for those whose job it is to keep public EVSEs running and to find problems when something goes wrong or just to test new installations.

“The hand held EV100 tester carries out all of the tests to ensure that EVSE operates correctly and safely at the time of installation and for any ongoing periodic maintenance schedules, in accordance with IEC 61851.

The tester simulates all of the commonly used charging cable ratings to quickly and easily verify the correct response from the EVSE.

An extensive set of tests and measurements are automatically carried out and displayed at the press of a button, including output voltage, maximum available charging current, earth loop impedance and RCD trip time. Insulation tests are also carried out on the EV charging cable to verify safety for users.

Importantly the new tester can confirm the presence of correct mains supply and earthing connections on single or three phase systems without the need for additional equipment or the dismantling the charging point to access internal conductors.

For diagnostic testing, the dedicated EV100 tester also simulates a number of vehicle faults and measures the EVSE response, including disconnection time and the amplitude, frequency and duty cycle of the PWM signal.”

The EV100 is designed for European Type 2 standard, but there is also the EV110, which can handle SAE J1772.

Cool thing is that there is also capability to connect a smartphone to get more detailed diagnostic data from the charging point (Android app using NFC wireless communications).

“This enables more advanced performance data to be viewed, test certificates to be produced and test data to be emailed back to the office.

This comprehensive technical data can then be quickly sent to an offsite specialist engineer for full remote fault diagnosis and test records systems.”

As the charging industry become more advanced and mature we should see more such stuff from different vendors coming.

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Whats the price?

Thanks for link. Little too steep for enthusiasts unfortunately.

And it probably isn’t good enough for technicians… At that price point you can’t have a big enough load to maintain current draw to check for overheating chargers.

Any testing for DC Quick Chargers?

Since DCQC serve more customers per day and deliver more kWh per day, and issue in the field has a much greater impact than a Level2 station failing. Beside today most Level2 locations usually have more than one charging connection, while DCQC only have a single connection (have more critical failure path, with little, or no local redundancy)