Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Adds 36 Charging Stations

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport


At Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, there are now 48 charging stations for plug-in vehicles.

seattle tacoma internation airport charging stations

Sea-Tac Main Terminal Map

12 existing plus 36 new chargers brings the tally to 48, which is the highest count at any airport in all of North America.

The 36 new charging stations were recently opened in the airport’s main terminal.  The chargers are free to use, but parking there carries the usual fee.

Elizabeth Leavitt, director of aviation planning and environmental management at Sea-Tac Airport, stated:

“Our electric charging stations have been consistently full and we anticipate the future demand to continue to grow.  Living in a region where residents clearly value the environment, we strive to provide services that help our customers meet their goals to reduce their carbon footprints.”

All of the chargers at Sea-Tac are of the proper Level 1 variety.

Here, according to the Kent Reporter, is where you’ll find Sea-Tac’s chargers:

“Twelve stations are located on the fourth floor (in Terminal Direct) and 36 stations are on the fifth floor (in General Parking). Signage in the garage directs customers to individual parking stalls marked “Electric Car Charging.” Twelve parking spaces are located on the fourth floor in Row I. On the fifth floor, 12 spots are located in each row at D, G, and I.”

Source: Kent Reporter

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Great! I used it once so far (took a while to learn they exist).

Frankly, I think many EV drivers just take advantage of the guaranteed parking spot, rather than care about the juice. Certainly, if it’s just a quick pick-up pit stop of a half-hour or so, the charging is inconsequential. You do need to be plugged in, of course 😉

Ironically, I could have made good use of the charging iteslf last Wednesday, when I brought my wife and son and spent a good hour till they were thru security. But we used the 4th floor parking and thought there are spots only on the 5th floor.

So 48 charging spots in a 13,000-car garage or 0.37%.


“All of the chargers at Sea-Tac are of the proper Level 1 variety.” For those leaving their car during a trip, level 1 is sufficient (BTW are these just AC outlets or EVSEs?). But for those like myself that live 50+ miles from the airport, L2 is required to use the EV to make the round trip dropping off or picking up passengers. Mostly free L1, with some paid L2 would be ideal.

Short term, or hourly parking at the airports costs an arm and a leg. There is no reason why plugging and EV there should cost extra.

I am a big opponent of L1 charging, particularly of the random household outlet variety exposed in the elements that requires the use of a portable charging cord. It has too little power and poses too much hassle and risk. Yes, it is better than having no charging, but we should be aiming higher, especially when a rather substantial fee for parking is collected.

@vdiv: All these spots are indoors.

@KeiJidosha: there’s sufficient QC infrastructure (ChaDeMO, I mean) on major highways leading to SeaTac.

Also, I think it’s neither allowed nor prudent, to leave the car there more than 24 hours plugged in. Or at all (these are <24 hour spaces AFAIK).

Finally, SeaTac's hourly parking rates are actually reasonable, at $3 regular and $4 premium. It's a bit much to also expect free L2 charging on top.

L1s are quick and cheap to install, and do help out at least a little bit. Ironically, they are more substantial for PHEVs. For example, we live some 22 miles from SeaTac parking garage. If we had a Plug-in Prius, then without L1 charging only about 1/3 of a SeaTac round trip is electric. With an hour of L1 charging, this can go up to about 1/2.

The ones that are there now are in the Terminal Direct area (why cant they just say “short term parking”??) which doesn’t preclude more than 24 hr but it adds up fast. Still, L1 is kind of a joke for just a couple of hours.

The new ones are on the 5th floor which, while expensive, is the “overnight” parking level. So I would expect the new ones to have >24 usage. Is there explicit signage there?

And while we’re at it, what does “proper L1” mean? What makes an L1 improper?

Yes, 48 L2 chargers make more sense, along with 150+ ‘outlets’ for L1 long term parking charging.

If you are going to pick up someone in a current EV with about 70 miles range, you will need L2 charging to get enough juice in the 2 hours you are at the airport, to get back home.

“which is the highest count at any airport in all of North America.”

Is this the most chargers at one location, period? If not, then where?

At L1 can they really be considered ‘charging stations’?

Wouldn’t they just be ‘outlets’? And should they be talking about 148 outlets, instead of just 48?

That’s crap. Level 1 EVSE’s in the short term parking. What’s the point? LAX has 30 level 2 chargers in the short term parking which makes more sense. Of course even those are usually full.

Are they really in the short term parking area? Where does it say that? I only see “General Parking” shown, which I assume is not short term.

The current chargers are in the “Terminal Direct” area which is SeaTac’s way of obscuring the fact that it’s short term parking. I’m sure their marketing guy couldn’t abide a name that actually meant something.

Nice! Level 1 charging is a perfect match for airports. Glad to see it.