Seattle Purchases 28 Nissan LEAFs For Parking Enforcement Duties


Nissan LEAFs Ready For Enforcement

Nissan LEAFs Ready For Enforcement

A perfect application for electric cars.

The city of Seattle has purchased 28 Nissan LEAFs for the sole purpose of roaming the streets for parking enforcement duties.  We do wonder if these LEAFs will be more likely to ticket those pesky ICE drivers who all to often block charging spots.

For the state of Washington, these 28 LEAFs add to hundreds already in service in the public sector.  It seems the LEAF is the go-to electric car for both public (government) and private fleets.

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Well, to be perfectly honest, there aren’t all that many cars that could compete with the Nissan for the role of go-to car at the moment …

“A perfect application for electric cars.”

Maybe, but I see no good reason to use a full-sized, highway capable car (EV or otherwise”) for parking enforcement. A low-speed NEV would be perfectly adequate. Heck, I’d even say an electric scooter would do, except that doesn’t keep the rain off.

They have been using 3-wheel electric NEVs for a long time. I wonder why they are switching? or is this to compliment them?

You don’t LEAF for this purpose…

I-MiEV or iQ EV or Smart EV would have been cheaper and more than sufficient.

There was no 2015 i-MiEV offered and there have been availability issues with the previous model years in the US. Surely a smaller EV would have worked and the i-MiEV is easier to access with higher seats than the LEAF but the latter does have more comfortable standard seats.