Seattle Municipal Tower Gets Massive EV Charging Installation

MAR 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

2018 Nissan LEAF – charging inlets

Seattle becomes even more EV-friendly with 156 new charging stations opened at the Seattle Municipal Tower.

Seattle Municipal Tower

The new investment, on top of the previously available 32 charging stations, makes it one of country’s largest indoor electric vehicle charging installations – 188.

The city’s municipal fleet currently consists of over 200 plug-in vehicles and 300 hybrids.

The site is powered from mostly from hydroelectricity, which makes EVs even cleaner.

“The completion of this fleet charging project is a key deliverable of the Drive Clean Seattle initiative. The 156 new charging stations were supported through a $1.5 million investment in charging infrastructure to support the continuing electrification of the City’s municipal fleet, which now includes over 200 plug-in vehicles and 300 hybrid vehicles.

According to the City’s Department of Finance and Administrative Services (FAS), for every internal combustion engine replaced with an EV within the fleet, operating costs drop by 30 percent and greenhouse gas emissions fall 100 percent. EV charging stations also have lower maintenance costs than fossil fuel stations, and the stations’ supporting infrastructure will last 50 years or longer, allowing cost and emissions savings to accrue for decades to come.”

“Seattle is one of the only cities in the country with climate goals that are specific to municipal fleet operations, mandating wide-scale electrification and using lifecycle emissions to track progress on carbon reduction. Since the launch of the Green Fleet Action Plan in 2014, Seattle has reduced fleet lifecycle greenhouse gases by 11.5 percent and total fuel use by 5 percent over three years (2013-2016), while adding 150 new vehicles.  The City of Seattle is now one of the most experienced EV charging installers in the region, having installed hundreds of charging stations for fleet use not only in the Seattle Municipal Tower but at City facilities throughout Seattle.”

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Roughly the cost of a single H2 fueling station, with SO much more impact.

This is the sort of thing we should have been doing.

Better late than never

Yes, another reason that PEVs are the future to get us to sustainable transportation and prolific charging like this at work sites dispensing RE is where it will go.

H2 might have some utility in the future as grid/microgrid seasonal/night energy storage but it has no chance to compete with BEV-based light-medium duty transportation due to its large inefficiencies.

But are they all open to the public?

For city use only or for general public?

The use of Seattle and fleet in the article imply only for City of Seattle fleet vehicles; and not the general region of Seattle; open to all EVs drivers.

Some clarification context would be appreciated. Thanks.

Sounds good, but it looks like PlugShare needs updated. Can someone local run by there and put some info and photos on PlugShare?

It must be fun to spend others peoples money?

Setting a positive snd constructive example at the governance level. And you have an issue with it why?!

‘Cos he’s a natural born whiner?

These are L2 chargers and I assume some wall plugs for the Seattle municipal fleet of electric cars that will save millions for the taxpayers over ICE cars.

There is also quite a push for L3 chargers around the city, some downtown, but most spread through the neighborhoods allowing people without overnight charging to have electric cars.

CCS or ChaDeMo ?