Seattle Auto Show Is an EV Lovers Paradise


Seattle Auto Show Header

Seattle Auto Show Header

A full seven plug-in vehicles made their Seattle Auto Show debut this year, which is more than in any single year in the Show’s 90-year history.

A Few of the Electrics Listed to be at the Show

A Few of the Electrics Listed to be at the Show

Though the vehicles aren’t necessarily new to us, they did appear for their first time at the Seattle Auto Show at the Century Link Field Event Center, which started last Wednesday and ends today.

The list of 7 plug ins to make their Seattle Auto Show debut are:

  • Tesla Model S
  • Ford Focus Electric
  • Ford C-Max Energi
  • Cadillac ELR
  • Gem e2 Electric
  • Firefly ESV
  • BMW i3

Seattle Auto Show spokesman, Craig Chastain, told Komo News this:

“Technology is really the buzz word this year, and most of it is not real visible when your walking around. It’s stuff that’s under the hood and under the dash board.”

Of course, the Seattle Auto Show doesn’t carry with it the hoopla of the NAIAS or even the Los Angeles Auto Show, but still seeing more plug ins hit the stage at any auto show is a positive sign.

Source: Komo News

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Seven models making their debut, the Model S ?, Ford Focus ? Energi ? Are you kidding. These are already available and for sale. All pluggins. Let’s see no mention here of the Chevy Volt. What is this the Rodney Dangerfield of pluggins? Some how it seems unfair to me. Anyone who has driven a Volt will tell you what a nice ride it truly is!

Yes…7 models that have never before hit the stage at the Seattle Auto Show, so this becomes their debut at that location.

Too bad the Spark EV isn’t available in Washington, however it is available just next door in Oregon, so you think GM would have showed it.

I didn’t know what the Gem e2 was, so I Googled it. Made by Polaris?

Were these cars just to look at, or were they giving test drives?

I’m confused. The seattle auto show website lists the Spark but the news doesn’t mention it being there. Who is right? Did they just not notice the difference from the regular to the electric version?

Seattle have a problem with chevy?

In New York, there were like 20 plug-ins and that was 2 year ago….


The Tesla display was just big enough for one car, but had more people crawling all over it than any other manufacturer’s booth, when I was there, including BMW’s which featured the i3. It was funny to watch.