Seat Reveals First Teaser Of All Electric Crossover

FEB 28 2019 BY MARK KANE 12

Electric Seat to futureproof the brand

Seat released the first teaser of its all-new all-electric concept model, scheduled for unveiling at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. This was rumored unofficially just a few days ago.

This new EV appears to be a kind of crossover, but its main task is to imagine the future and, according to Spanish brand, to combine Seat’s core values with game-changing technologies.

“SEAT’s concept car answers the many questions of what future mobility will look like with a vehicle that still expresses the brand’s core values of performance, design and technology.

This vehicle brings together the market trends of electrification and greater levels of connectivity into a vehicle that is a gamechanger for the market.”

On the technical side, all we know so far is the use of the Volkswagen MEB platform. Taking into consideration Seat’s position and sporty ambitions, it should be one of the strongest configurations of the MEB with all-wheel drive and long-range.

Luca de Meo, President of SEAT said:

“This concept car is a project of passion for SEAT, it shows what can be achieved through the synergy of design, technology and pushing the boundaries to meet the demands of future mobility,”.

Technically, the concept will debut at the Volkswagen Group Night, on March 4, 2019, before it will be presented to the general public at the Geneva Motor Show.

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12 Comments on "Seat Reveals First Teaser Of All Electric Crossover"

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Descriptions of concept cars are like people describing the achievements of their children.
They are overblown and one quickly gets tired of hearing about them.

Seat usually presents concepts more realistic than others. And has the interest to know what technology from VAG will apply.

This concept looks like a Leon 2, or like an Altea. I like it.

What the Leon is to the Golf this car will be to the VW ID.3 (Neo).

It’s the SOL, sold on China.
Just search for their pictures and de backlights.

When will the media get fed up with these black on black teaser photos and refuse to publish them?
These are just so passe these days. Time to say “No deal. Give us a proper photo or we will wait for the show”

When people stop clicking on them.

Never! Clicks = money.

The name of the company is “Seat”? Horrible name.

Funny – this isn’t for you to judge actually. They have made great looking cars in Spain since 1984 based on VW platforms. Try not to be an ugly american – lol

Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo

It’s not pronounced like you assumed.
It’s written all-capitalized and always has been because it’s simply an actual acronym — unlike car brands that play marketing games — (InsideEVs, you should fix this. The article gets it wrong although it’s correct in the quotes you give from SEAT).