SEAT Mii Electric Car Sharing Launches In Spain

MAY 25 2018 BY MARK KANE 8

SEAT is launching a car sharing pilot project with a fleet of electric Mii for the more than 1,000 employees of the SEAT Metropolis:Lab Barcelona and the Pier 01 Barcelona Tech City.

SEAT Mii Electric Car Sharing Launches In Spain

The new initiative is part of preparations for electrification of the first plug-in hybrid and all-electric models.

The Mii is a derivative of the Volkswagen up! and the eMii, unveiled in 2017, is a derivative of the Volkswagen e-up!

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SEAT didn’t reveal how many eMii will be offered, but the company believes in car sharing, encouraging that by 2025 there will be more than 36 million users of car sharing services in the world.

The eMii is equipped with the 18.7 kWh battery for up to 160 km of range.

“We ride along in one to discover the benefits of carsharing and how SEAT’s eMii fleet works:

Sustainable mobility: “It’s practical and ideal for the city. I usually take one to attend meetings in Barcelona. When I return it, another colleague can reserve it and take it out”, says Sergi Vila, who is responsible for Operations and Finance at the SEAT Metropolis: Lab Barcelona and a regular user of the fleet of eMiis.

– An entire fleet at a single click: Users can reserve a car from the fleet via a mobile app. “You choose the day, the car and the time you need the vehicle…and you’re done!”, adds Vila. After making the reservation, the system sends a digital key that enables the user “to access the car with a single click, without the need for a physical key”, he explains as he unlocks the door. In the end, “the system is very simple and intuitive”, he assures.

– 160 kilometres to go the distance: When he returns the car to the carpark, Sergi plugs it in to the mains. “Recharging is a simple procedure” and the batteries, located where the petrol tank would normally be found, take 8 hours to charge at the slow recharging points, and only 35 minutes at the fast charge points. Once the process is complete, the eMii has a total range of 160 kilometres.

– From having to sharing: Estimations point to over 36 million users of carsharing services by 2025. “People have gone from wanting to own goods to simply wanting to use them, like a service”, says Vila while driving around Barcelona. For this reason it is important “to commit to projects that promote the use of shared cars”.

With this pioneering project in Barcelona, SEAT takes another step forward towards the goal of analysing and finding solutions to the challenges facing future mobility. In addition, the data provided by the fleet of eMiis will be added to the research and development of technologies spearheaded by SEAT’s digital lab.”

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This is off-topic. But as I cannot find a contact-address on insideEVs I post it here as I think it’s of interest re: Tesla. This was communicated in an Austrian news portal about an hour ago and is in German:
It basically says that Tesla this week transported a new battery production line from Europe to California, transported in 6 planes.

It will probably be posted here soon as it hit the main news networks already. I guess the break in the schedule was not for polishing the existing robots.


You would think car rentals around airports and hotels would go EV, but not so much.


I was thinking the endless airport shuttles that ferry people to/from hotels.

earl colby pottinger

Is those numbers real? 160 miles from a 18.7 kWh battery? That is about 117 WH per mile!

Have cars gotten that good already? Could they get 600 miles from a Tesla 100 kWh battery?


Probably the range is under NEDC specifications, very unrealistic. In september all european cars will be homologated under new WLTP regulations, more accurate with the real driving ranges.
Anyway the Seat Mii is a little and light car, the electricity comsumption is lower than a car like the Model S.


kilometres – not miles!