Seat el-Born: A Stylin’ Stand Out Hatchback EV In Geneva (Photos/Videos)

MAR 8 2019 BY MARK KANE 50

Electric Seat has been (el) born

Seat unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show its new all-electric concept, the el-Born, which not only looks surprisingly stylish, but previews a production model based on the Volkswagen MEB platform.

The final version in 2020 will probably be quite similar to the concept, which could make it a pretty hot car on the market. Seat really took advantage of its possibility to use the MEB platform to offer an appealing long-range EV with decent performance.

Looking at the concept (see live photos and videos below) we can catch a preview of the modern, minimalistic interior. We guess that it will be quite similar in the case of the Volkswagen I.D. hatchback, which is positive news too.

Seat el-Born

Seat el-Born specs:

  • 62 kWh battery
  • up to 420 km (261 miles) of range in WLTP test cycle
  • up to 150 kW (204 PS)
  • 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 7.5 seconds
  • 0-80% fast charging in 47 minutes (up to 100 kW DC)
  • based on MEB platform
Seat el-Born
14 photos
Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born
Seat el-Born
14 photos
Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born Seat el-Born

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I like it. Let’s get this MEB show finally on the road, VW!

I like it too. I looks pretty sweet. Kind of like a Ford Focus with a touch of Tesla thrown in.

Shows just how little effort GM put in the Bolt’s styling.

Could you imagine the ripple effects if this was GM’s car to beat Tesla in the race under $40k?

Or actually advertise it

This is actually the race under $30,000 — which Tesla doesn’t participate in yet…

I can’t believe the show pics look even better than the original press release! They really need to leave the design alone and proceed to production as is.

It is 95% production ready.

A spanish channel mentioned this, and the production car is almost the same as presented.

One of SEAT’s defining hallmarks is a clean, stylish design, without being stupid-trendy or adopting useless tropes. Have a look at all their models on any European SEAT site — they all look good.
Since there are no obvious concept-y details here (LCD mirror replacements etc.), there’s a very good chance this is what the final car will look like.

I like the design of the big triangle window at A pillar, the blind area is very small.

I like it and I have never even heard of Seat.

The Geneva show is a big contrast to the US shows. Out of all those shows we basically got Rivian and not much else.

You didnt miss something. SEAT is just a cheap VW with a lot of plastic inside

The rest of brands don’t use “a lot of plastic” inside. Then, What material do the rest of brands use inside the car?

“a lot of plastic” – this is a common criticism, but I don’t get the whole luxury interior that is so desirable.

Wood, leather, soft materials. Who cares! Am I going to be fondling the material all the time. Almost every car I have ever been in (many cars I have rented), it’s plastic fantastic! Fine by me.

I think people are weak, in desiring more and more luxury.

Not more plastic than any other VW/SEAT/Škoda, or appreciably more than Audis or Porsches.
Not that much cheaper than the equivalent VW either — usually 5%-10% less at most.

Go to Mexico, you will see a lot of Seats running around in there.

It is possible that Seat el-born will sell in there because Seat selling many hatchbacks in Mexico.

Looks like a Bolt EV from the exterior with slightly different exterior styling (read more creases).

Unlike the Bolt Ev, this actually has the right proportions, belt line and stance. The Bolt Ev looks taller than it is wide. The transition from the hood to windshield doesn’t flow as well as this Seat. Side profile on the Seat is much better and more sporty. VW I.D will look similar, just different front and rear.

Impressive specs.
Please get rid of the terms: hatchback, sportback, fastback and just call it a crossover.
Nice looks, probably this is what is posted as Tesla Model-Y in another page.
Will VW approve the production of this car?

Of those terms I’d rather keep hatchback! (Has the longest history and actual meaning)

I’d name it a minivan. And I think it is very intelligent to put a minivan like car in the market when all the others (but Bolt) tries to play in the SUV playground.

ROFL. Minivans are 3 size classes larger… For 7 people + luggage. This a classic 5-door hatchback, just like the original 1977 Golf (and this is the SEAT equivalent to the VW ID Neo, the next-gen BEV version of the Golf).

You do realise that hatchbacks existed before there was anything to “cross” with?…

Note that this is an ID. Neo (ID. 3?) derivative, not an ID. CROZZ derivative.

One criticism, that ‘el Born’ logo has got to go.

Looks like an ugly China copy of a tesla

This car looks gorgeous. I wanted to buy the ID3 but I think I have just changed my mind.

The ID.3 will look very similar, maybe just a bit more bland on the outside.

Yes, this is why I like the Seat more. Even with the ICEs, the Leon looked always better than the golf.
Anyway, I will wait until I can see both of them in person and do a test drive. I never buy something expensive without testing it first.

Hopefully it will also be cheaper as it is the case between Seat and Volkswagen ICE cousins.

Seat sells cars almost identical as VW but cheaper. I think maybe this car will be more interesting than ID3. Same tech, similar main characteristics, but less price. Many people buy VWs for the brand, but if you are interesting only in the product and the money, Seat often is better option.

You know it’s a rebadged VW ID right

Yep, and it’s builded in the same factory.

That’s for the down vote just to downvote

I think its nice, I hope they do start reservations asap 🙂

Simply perfect. Any mention about sizes? (length, trunk volume, etc.)
Will this car have a longer range version?

433 cm in length, wheelbase is 277 cm, height is 154 cm. Boot space for the ID.3 was confirmed to be similar to the e-Golf (341 liter), given that this is basically the same car it will probably be similar too.

Long range version hasn’t been confirmed, but I think it’s likely given they all use the same platform and it can fit the 83 kWh battery pack. But most likely not at launch.

I’m not so sure about that. They might be reserving the biggest battery for the more premium VW-branded variant… Don’t they do the same with combustion cars?

Not always. Leon Cupra or new Cupra range, has the same 2.0 turbocharged engine and same power than VW or Audi ones. But what you say is reasonable too, specially when the batteries production is not as massive as makers would like. It has sense to favour the most profitable cars, and those are VW branded and versions with bigger batteries.

Where did you find those figures? I’ve seen this car on a few sites and I can only find estimates.

this is the ID3… 😉

Looks to me like a Leaf with better styling.

They are both compact hatchbacks. What would you expect?

The best proof yet that VW is VERY serious about EVS: There is nothing at all weird about this car. Plunk this thing down in traffic in the US, the EU, Japan, etc., and no one would notice, except for car fanatics who might wonder what new model it is.

This is what the rEVolution looks like, and I, for one, welcome our boring overlords with open arms.

Well the ID looks awesome

We haven’t seen the production version of the ID yet.

Seat el-Born is very close to production so it gives us a pretty good idea of the final design of the VW ID.

The proportions will of course be the same; but styling elements are likely to be significantly different between the brands?

As others have already pointed out, this is essentially the ID.3 with a different styling.

Id like to comment on this statement from the article:
“Looking at the concept (see live photos and videos below) we can catch a preview of the modern, minimalistic interior.”
The interior seems like a standard automotive interior to me, far far away from the minimalism of the Model 3. “Minimalistic” is not the correct word to use here.

Well said Bojan.

It is a fairly standard interior and I wonder if VAG will license Apple CarPlay/Android Auto since with the exception of Tesla, virtually every legacy auto OEM’s in-house infotainment system sucks.

Stunning! Love that minimalist interior and the large wheels. This seems a winner.