Seat Confirms 2020 Arrival Of Long Range EV Based On Volkswagen Platform

JUL 13 2017 BY MARK KANE 15

Seat (which is part of the expansive Volkswagen Group) is preparing itself for a new product offensive with three replacement models, and three all-new models in 2018 through 2020.

Seat Altea XL Electric Ecomotive

And one of those six new cars is to be an all-electric one.

But because the Spanish brand first looks to add a long-range (500 km / 310 miles NEDC) EV, Seat needs to wait in line for Volkswagen’s MEB platform, which means an arrival date in 2020.

At some point, there will be also a plug-in hybrid offered in the lineup, as the next-generation Leon is expected to have PHEV version.

In the future, Seat should offer sport plug-ins inside the Cupra badge.

“Seat R&D Matthias Rabe said he didn’t see Cupra and EVs as separate entities and he said a Cupra version of future electric Seats was highly likely.”

source: Autocar

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still mantra about 2020, Seat doesn’t preparing itself anything…


The MEB platform is in an advanced stage of testing and development with the VW group and it’s supplier base. That is the very definition of “preparing”.


2 VW press releases before 8. How will the others keep up?

Stephen Hodges

How do you say “vapourware” in Spanish?

Spain citizen

We say that a company “está vendiendo humo”, which is like selling vapour. Both expressions seems to have a same origin, came from the latin “venditio fumi” as I read.


“Seat EV”

Spanish citizen

In fact Seat are testing the Seat Mii in Spain during this year, so they are really investing in electric vehicles.

What really is a vapourware here in Spain is the graphene battery of the company Graphenano, called by some newspaper as the “great threat os Tesla”.



“Vaporware” is a vastly misused term, as you just demonstrated.

The Faraday Future FF91 can accurately be described as Vaporware because they are taking deposits on a product that has no production base.

EVs from the VW group planned for the near future are not being advertised, nor are paid reservations being accepted. But currently VW produces EVs on established production lines, is testing and validating future products, and has placed orders from suppliers to build those products. These factors alone make the Vaporware moniker inapt. Add the fact that VW is legally required to invest heavily in electrification due to corporate malfeasance, and “Vaporware” goes from accurate descriptor to lazy buzzword.

I feel about the VW group much like I do about GM, Toyota, or any other global auto mega manufacturer, and the feeling is less than “warm fuzzies”. But they are well established, and with will and investment they are capable of engineering and producing truly amazing vehicles on a massive scale, or even subsidizing smaller runs at a loss. The Faraday Futures of the world can not.


Or, you could lease an i3 or a Leaf today.


Why couldn’t they? VW group already has I8, I3, Golf and etron. They just need bigger packs, which everyone is doing.



Mr. M

BMW is not part of VW


So wrong on so many levels…


All I want for Christmas (2022) is a 5-seater SUV with decent cargo space, AWD, fast charging, <$30K, 250 mi range, with two+ manufacturers to chose from. Is that too much to ask?


Nothing is too much when it comes to asking, is it??

I see two flies in the ointment. The first is “<$30k", the price point of small ICE utility vehicles today. The second is your personal definition of "SUV". If it doesn't necessitate the bona fide off-road capability traditionally associated with it, your chances of seeing at least two choices are far greater.