SeaSucker Bike Rack Tested On Tesla Model 3


The SeaSucker Mini Bomber bike rack seems like a solid choice for the Tesla Model 3.

As reviewed, this bike rack retails for $440 and discount flat-rate ground shipping is only $7. It uses suction cups to attach to the Model 3’s glass roof and includes a spare suction cup in case you have any issues. The reviewer begins with an unboxing, pointing out that the rack is light, packaged well (without any styrofoam), and comes with an easy checklist inside the box top. For those that need more detailed instructions, there’s also the usual manual.

The rack only took about two minutes to put together. All that is required is a wrench. After that, you simply set it on the vehicle’s roof, pump up the suction cups, and you’re ready to roll. The rack fits two bikes and the weight capacity will be just fine for road bikes or mountain bikes. However, if you plan to use it for two larger bikes, you just have to assure that they are offset in such a way that the handlebars allow them both to fit properly.

Video Description via The Beet Sweets on YouTube:

SeaSucker Tesla Model 3 Bike Rack Review…

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Would have liked to see her actually lifting the bikes up there and taking them down. They just magically appear on the roof.

That’s nothing in comparison to putting a tandem on the roof. While most bikes weigh less than 20 to 25 lbs., a lightweight tandem weighs more like 50 to 60 lbs.

Still, I doubt if this suction cup rack would take a tandem. The sad part is that I bought a lightweight specially designed bike trailer to handle the tandem. Unfortunately, the Model 3 has no provision for even a class 3 hitch.

A tandem (sans wheels) fits well inside of a Model S…

The good expensive road bikes are quite light…still, i think eventually the pain will be scratched.

I wouldn’t drive behind one of these contraptions. That’s for sure.

Suction cups scare me.

Especially since I’ve had pretty industrial-grade suction cups pop off, especially in the heat.

I’d want to see what kind of lever-locking mechanism is used to evacuate the air from the cups– and I’d like to see a fully-laden rack at freeway speeds between two semis.

My rack that clips around the edges of the trunk lid works fine, thankyouverymuch.

My wife did this funny thing with glass suction cups and fire on me once, it felt pretty good. Of course, she’s a massage therapist and acupuncturist, so I think it was just clinical. 😉

Hadn’t thought about roof racks and how that might be a problem for the all glass roof.

Any info on how much weight the roof is rated for?

Could you put a kayak up there?

Do you really want to load something that big on the glass of your car using suction cups? If it comes off at highway speeds and injures someone, it is considered an unsafe load and you’re solely responsible.

Not with suction cups. Wondering about the glass roof. How would mount a traditional rack? And would the glass be strong enough?

“The SeaSucker Mini Bomber bike rack seems like a solid choice for the Tesla Model 3.”

No, it’s a bad choice. Putting the rack on the roof means a lot of drag, especially at highway speed, which means reduced range and energy wasted for the car.

A good choice would be a rack mounted on the rear of the car. Unfortunately Tesla doesn’t provide a tow hitch for the Model 3.

Fortunately, third party suppliers have made a light tow hitch suitable for mounting a bike rack. If I read the comments in the discussion linked below correctly, installation is non-destructive, so no cutting or welding is required!

At least with the glass roof, you’ll know when the thing blows off!

This is a NO-GO for the Tesla model 3. I received the seasucker talon last week and used it once. This cracked my rear roof panel directly underneath the suction cup. My bike weights 16 lbs. but note, the rack did not blow off and was very secure up there. It just breaks the glass… I’m returning to seasucker