EPA Combatant, Scott Pruitt, Confirmed To Head The Organization


EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt has initiated over a dozen lawsuits against the EPA (Image Credit: KGOU)

Yet another Trump candidate confirmation passed by a small margin: Scott Pruitt will now lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

President Trump believes that the EPA has taken its efforts too far.

President Trump believes that the EPA has taken its efforts too far.

Pruitt is a known critic of the EPA, and has gone so far as to file lawsuits against the agency in the past. He has made it publicly clear through his actions that he doesn’t support protecting the environment when money is at stake, and he is on the record saying there is still a “debate” about climate change science.

His nomination doesn’t come as much of a surprise, since the Trump administration has actually toyed with the concept of eliminating the EPA entirely – an agency the President didn’t even know the name of while on the campaign trail. Trump said during a Fox News town hall in April he vowed to do away with the “Department of Environmental”, and even gave the made-up agency its own acronym (“the DEP”…why the P?) before confidently assessing its impact on the US economy.

Pruitt is already geared up to eliminate the water pollution rule, as well as to do away with the Clean Power Plan, and Trump is set to sign the necessary directives.

Democrats fought hard to assure that Pruitt wouldn’t get the confirmation. A recent court case allowed for the release of a myriad of emails and documents from Pruitt’s time as attorney general. However, Democrats couldn’t get the information in front of Senate voters in time for the final vote. They made an attempt to delay the vote, which also failed. A letter drafted by EPA employees, and signed by about 800 former EPA staffers as part of the “Save the EPA” effort stated:

“Pruitt’s record and public statements strongly suggest that he does not share the vision or agree with the underlying principles of our environmental laws.”

Democratic Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, pleaded:

“For years, all we heard from Republicans — including Trump — was e-mails, e-mails, e-mail. It’s not the worst thing in the world to take a few extra days to properly vet someone who will have immense power over our nation’s streams, skies — even the lead levels in our homes, our schools and our water supply.”

Democrats were sure to let Republicans know that they will be responsible for the future implications of this vote. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse added:

“Those who vote for this man will own this vote. This isn’t the end of the story. This is the beginning of the story.”

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Too many political overtones for me.

Why is clean air and water so political? Seriously? It’s not like we’re “saving jobs” by polluting more.

because profit

These minions work for the fossil fuel industry who depend on the politicians to protect their businesses from pollution laws. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Trump and the Republicans are owned by this industry. An industry that perpetrates lies designed to allow them to continue to pollute land, water and air and to bring thousands to early graves.

More folks with cancer… asthma… black lung… lead poisoning from their tap water… and speaking of tap water… flammable tap water from the horrible toxic soup used in fracking crappy oil out of shale… so sure put a Koch Bros shill and big oil creep in charge of our citizens safety… making America Gross again… air you can taste…

Sure, welcome aboard !
We’ll worry about your resume and your e-mails later !

Yeah, the GOPers took a gamble by pushing this confirmation through before those emails come out. Now what happens if a smoking gun comes out?

At the very least, he will be exposed as a little fossil-fuel puppet that just does his master’s bidding.

But it shifts the judgment of what is a smoking gun from people who are supposed to know about these things to the general public. The general public proved itself clueless about the Emoluments Clause, which should have disqualified Trump with voters all by itself since he clearly had no sincere intention of obeying it, and now it’s effectively dead. The public is not in the streets to bring down what is practically a takeover of the Federal government by a single private business, which absolutely violates the intent of the Founding Fathers and even the most corrupt of the officials who followed them over the centuries.

Basically, the public has no standards, only allegiances. And those who want a monopoly of power for their tribe are actively hostile to standards of behavior interfering with that. If, say, someone believes that unfettered capitalism = White Power, then there’s no amount of collusion with Big Oil that can disqualify Scott Pruitt; quite the opposite.

Well, the good news is that The Press has been given a shot in the arm. CNN ratings up, NYT Subscriptions up, WaPo Subscriptions up, ProPublica, etc.

So people are going to comb through those emails and see what is in there.

Personally, I signed up for a WaPo subscription last month and I think I’ll get the NY Times next. Or maybe I should support my local San Jose Mercury News.

Our addiction to free stuff on the internet has been killing journalism. We need to support it for the good of the country and the world.

“Basically, the public has no standards, only allegiances.”

It turns out that they do appear to have *some* standards . . . they are just EXTREMELY LOW. For example, White Nationalist Richard Spencer seems to be a bit too far for most of the GOP. And David Duke. Incredibly creepy Internet troll Milo Yiannopoulos was within their standards until yesterday when video of Milo defending pedophilia surfaced.

But a president that grabs kitties is apparently fine. :-/

THe best news on the current violations of our constitution by fearless leader… is that the State Attorneys General have standing in stopping his reign of terror so that we might not need to wait for the bought Congress to deal with him.

just need to pass it to know what is in it, right?

Truly dangerous confirmation. The stripping away of EPA rules/laws will have a dangerous impact on our country and the world. Oil companies will prevail.


This is definitely, the “Oil Empire Strikes Back”

Big Oil is on the defensive: Tesla has convinced the major automakers to shift to electric vehicles. They’re not all here yet but the Model 3 is coming soon. That is like the SBD dive bombers showing up at Midway. Very ominous for guys like Pruitt.

Yeah, this really will be the coolest thing ever if EVs, solar PV, wind, and other clean tech beat oil, gas, and coal in the marketplace.

It will be the ultimate turn-around to have the invisible hand of the free market slap the polluters out of existence.

Sure why not. I hear Charlie Sheen is available for to head the DEA position. I think the hearing may go something like this:
(archived footage starts at 1:09)

I tend to take a moderate, less reactionary opinion about such things as political appointments or party affiliations.

But I have seen no reason to believe anything Scott Pruitt will “accomplish” at the EPA will have any positive impact on the environment or anyone who cares about clean air, clean water, this country and its history, or its natural beauty.

It is especially depressing considering the EPAs history being birthed with bi-partisan support from a Republican administration. I feel conservative lawmakers should care more about conservation and the environment. They used to. And I know most republican voters still do, yet so many view the EPA as some kind of enemy.


I would love for someone who knows this mans intentions better to be able to tell me otherwise. I am always open to a counter argument.

But I see only a negative outlook on the future for the EPA, the environment and our National Parks under Trump and Pruitt.

Remember what the Greeks did to the Trojan’s after they finally got into Troy after a 10 year siege? It wasn’t pretty and neither will be the Trump administration treatment of it’s opponents. There will be, figuratively, blood in the streets.

Various agencies will be alternatively, gutted, weakened, drawn and quartered, or have buffoons put in charge of them.

It’s a 3 ring circus with Trump as the ringmaster. Or head carnival barker if you prefer. One thing is for sure he won’t shut the hell up for at least 4 years. So get some earmuffs, is my advice.

Good suggestion, although earmuffs may not be enough to fully ignore Trump… his face and words are everywhere.

4 years buried in a Virtual Reality headset or sensory deprivation tank might make things more tolerable.

Unfortunately yes.

But why stop at 4 years.
Why not 12. Generalisimo President-for-life has a certain ring to it.

It can’t happen here.
It just did.

“But I have seen no reason to believe anything Scott Pruitt will ‘accomplish’ at the EPA will have any positive impact…”

I think we have a very clear indication of what Pruitt wants to “accomplish” at the EPA, from Pruitt’s own history. After he was elected Oklahoma Attorney General, Pruitt dissolved the Environmental Protection Unit in the Attorney General’s office.

At best, Pruitt is going to do all he can to neuter the EPA, to render it toothless and impotent. At worst, he’s going to work with the GOP-majority U.S. Congress and the Trumpster administration “oil-igarchs” to simply get rid of the EPA altogether.

“At best, Pruitt is going to do all he can to neuter the EPA, to render it toothless and impotent. ”

It’s sad, but that probably is the best case scenario…

At this point I am hoping that #Kremlingate eventually hits critical mass and forces the GOP to turn on the orange Birther. :-/

hey.. stop calling him orange 😀


Maybe I’m just deluding myself but I really do think there is a good chance that #Kremlingate takes him down. Carter Page, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, Cohen, Felix Sater, Russians mysteriously dying all the time, Trump’s endless ball-washing of Putin, etc. There is so much smoke that there has to be fire in there somewhere.

Between a quiet FBI investigation and a big pack of reporters digging furiously, something is bound to happen.

Not for at least the next two years keep in mind the Republicans currently have control of all three branches of government there’s no way they’re going to investigate it not until after the midterms if Democrats can flip the house and maybe the Senate will they be able to get stuff to the floor

The whole dynamic with Pence being lied to could just as well be the end game. A Mike Pence presidency. Imagine that.

I remember Pence during Fin Reg and Waxman Markey (~2009), and what an anti-free market guy he really is. Socialize the losses and the pollution. How hardly things change.

I can’t write about Pruitt. It just puts me in a funk. It looks like we’re going to manage getting even with the environment.

Yes, they are quite craven and corrupt. But if the press digs up enough (or leaks come out) they won’t have a choice.

I’m following a lot of conservative journalists that are disgusted byou Kremlingate. (Max boot, David frum, David Brooks, John Schindler, etc.) Heck, even Peggy Noonan came out for an investigation.

Okay, not orange… just cyan-challenged. 😉

And impeachment proceedings may come a lot sooner than they did for Nixon. At least I hope so!

Sadly, I have no hope that El Trumpo will resign rather than face impeachment, as Nixon did. Our would-be dictator will likely hang on until the bitter end, forcing not only impeachment but conviction, formally throwing him out of office.

His Veep, Mike Pence, may be a hard-right reactionary, but at least he appears to be a responsible leader, one who will honor our NATO treaty, respect our allies, and isn’t likely to blunder into a nuclear war.

“His Veep, Mike Pence, may be a hard-right reactionary, but at least he appears to be a responsible leader, one who will honor our NATO treaty, respect our allies, and isn’t likely to blunder into a nuclear war.”

Yeah, I formerly thought Trump would be the lesser of those two evils since he was a New York guy with some former tolerant views. But now I think that is wrong. Pence is a creepy social conservative theocrat. But Trump is a chaotic corrupt and possibly Russian compromised nutcase. I think he is trying to push a heavy GOP party line while being corrupt in the background. By sticking to the GOP party line, he can try to avoid having the GOP investigate.

An interesting article by Reuters, and it’s not day-fresh: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-autoshow-electrics-analysis-idUSKBN14Z0KW

It’s like hiring a pedophile to run a daycare.

I hear Milo Yiannopoulos has some free time now.

Haha! Brilliant analogy my friend! 🙂

hahahah.. Excellent analogy! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Let’s just hope that there is enough outside pressure and oversight on the pedophile.. ahem.. I mean, politician, to at least do what is right, to some extent.

Without the EPA, we may wind up like some of those 3rd world countries where anyone pollutes anywhere, however they want. Need to get rid of some oil? Just dump it in the pond down the street. Need to get rid of some lead? Just dump it on the playground by the school.

Reminds me of Simpsons’ Lake Springfield, where everything gets dumped, including nuclear waste. It gets so bad, the EPA builds a giant glass dome and lowers over the whole town.


A giant glass dome is rather expensive, so in real life, the president probably will just build a wall. The last wall (the one that was built in Berlin back in 1961) was also (officially) to keep the enemy out. But in reality, it was to keep everybody in, and people wanting to leave got shot…

Must admit; life in Mexico is sounding more attractive these days,

Ojalá I get moving before that wall goes up!

Not to sound like a creeper fan but am I the only one who reads your replies with your voice in my head? I really enjoy your Youtube videos!

I do the same thing when I’m reading something written by somebody who I know what their voice sounds like.

Or as Milo calls it, Alternative-Daycare.

Bless his little heart ♻️

Perhaps Silicon Valley can develop a cheap household drinking water quality tester, if such a thing doen’t already exist. It might be the most important new piece of tech around, considering where water quality is heading. Or at least get some charcoal filters.

It’s interesting how electric vehicle centric websites assume that all EV enthusiasts are environmentalists. Racers in particular are generally type A personalities. Which tend to be Republican. I personally have to deal with this as a long-term member of NEDRA.

I wish common ground could be found.

Science scmience, It amazes me how folks who count on science for their livelihood can deny science in the larger picture. Go figure.

Scott Pruitt’s confirmation goes beyond partisan politics. It’s sad the Senate vote split, but I’m confident America wouldn’t split anywhere near even with open eyes.

No…it is a combo of environmentalits, tech fans, solar PV owners, silicon Valley, etc.

But you gotta admit, conservatives make up a very small slice of EV fans. And if you want to see EVs bashed just go to any right-wing news outlet and search for tesla, LEAF, Chevy Volt, etc.

Next up, Lead Paint is actually good for you.

…and industries dumping their unfiltered toxic waste directly into local rivers actually improves the quality of groundwater!

And leaded gasoline is good for brain development in children.

I hope Americans get out and vote in 2018 primaries and general election.

Pruitt the worst possible pick. In Oklahoma they went from 3-6 earthquakes to over 800 a year. As attorney general he denied the cause was fracking another case where a lawyer thinks he knows more than scientists.
I feel like this is the middle ages. When DeVinci explained that the earth rotates around the sun and the Pope thought about having him executed. Anyone who doesn’t believe in Climate Change shouldn’t be in any elected office.

How has there not been a class action lawsuit on this yet?

File a class action lawsuit I will chip in some cash.

I’m not based in OK nor am I a litigator.

But it really seems like an obvious case for a lawsuit . . . get some people who have had earthquake damage to their homes to be plaintiffs.

Agreed – this is very bad thing for the earth and all of us living on it.

I know what you mean, but it was Copernic and Galileo before him.

Alternative fact?
No, they just agree on that.

Just saying