Scotland Gets Its First Tesla Supercharger


Supercharger Listings For UK

Supercharger Listings For UK

Here is a hot from Tesla’s first Supercharger in Scotland!

This latest Superchargers brings the tally in the UK to 6 (though the map below doesn’t accurately reflect that number).

Tesla’s install pace for Superchargers shows no signs of slowing.

Honestly, it seems not a day goes by without another Supercharger somewhere in the world coming online.

Keep up the pace Tesla!!!

Tesla Supercharger Map Shows New Site In Scotland

Tesla Supercharger Map Shows New Site In Scotland

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Just one more supercharger between Birmingham and Edinburgh to reach that region of the country.

Sometimes it feel a bit strange in what order they add superchargers. But the end result is great at least. .)

The order in which Tesla installs superchargers is not completely in Tesla’s hands.

How quickly governments process permits, electric companies provide service, and how long negotiations last with landowners also influence the order of Supercharger installations.

C’mon! Dublin already!

It always upsets me to see the proliferation of different charging standards. It’s not that either manufacturer is right or wrong but it would have been so much better if we had one standard plug and one standard communication protocol. Imagine if the Tesla’s could use ecotricity electric highway and if other ev’s could use the supercharger network? Yes the electric highway is lower power and yes other electric cars can’t charge at the same rate as the Tesla but to my simple mind it is absolutely insanely stupid that 2 cars bought in the same country that run on identical fuels can’t have the same plug.

It would be better, but it’s just the way it often is.

Remember the early days of personal computers? Different types of hardware. Numerous incompatible operating systems. Programs and peripherals could not be shared. Each system was unique.

In the early days of the rail (at least in the US), different railroads ran on tracks of different gauges, and even kept their own time (before Standard Time was created and time zones defined). Trains were often physically unable to travel across different systems of tracks.

Well, Tesla has said that they are happy to let other manufacturers in on the supercharger network if they also agree to take their share of costs and maintenance of it, in addition to be able to handle the power of it of course.

Tesla also said it wants to take over Ecotricity’s motorway charging station locations and kick out Ecotricity and its customers.

And this illustrates my point beautifully. 2 “free” charging networks battling it out for supremacy. 2 different business models and 2 different car types all in the same nation what a waste of energy (no pun intended).

I assume that Tesla will only offer “free” charging to people who buy Tesla cars and in the end “ecotricity” will only offer “free” charging to their electricity customers. This will be irritating for customers that are not with either but I assume that one or both companies will start a scheme where you can charge for a price or subscription. Although because they have different hardware you won’t be able to use both.

My biggest fear is not the irritation of having a Dell docking station and an ipad. My biggest fear is that companies will go bust as they wait for the numbers of EV’s to build up so they can start to earn money from their capital investment. The thought of loosing Ecotricity or Tesla is reasonably upsetting.

I am very pro choice when it comes to technology but really is a different communications protocol and plug a different technology? or are we just over complicating things?

Ecotricity’s charging points are free to use for anyone, not just their customers.

In the first pic it looks like the Supercharger parking space behind the Tesla is already ICED!

I know that in the UK that you drive on the left side of the road. But can anyone tell me why the TeslaSupercharger pedestals are at the back of the parking spot and not the front of the parking spot? I’m guessing Edinburgh doesn’t get much snow, so plowing isn’t a concern. But in daily use, these pedestals are more suseptable to damage from Tesla and other drivers accidentally bumping in to them. I’m assuming you’re allowed to back into a parking space, since there are a couple of cars behind the Tesla parked that way. Also, the pedestal in back of the parking space is taking up an entire parking space, when a pedestal in front wouldn’t take up a parking space.

I wonder what kind of food places it has nearby?

It’s at the airport, so I guess you can buy a toy Haggis in the shop but for food you are probably more likely to find McDonald’s and pizza hut.