Scotland Electric Vehicle Clubs To Get £1 Million In Government Funding


Behold The Beauty Of Scotland

Behold The Beauty Of Scotland

Scottish Transport charity group Carplusis thrilled to announce to its received £1 million in government funding for car clubs that support electric vehicles.

Matthew Eastwood, car club development manager for Carplus, remarked:

“We welcome the Scottish Government’s continued support of the development of car clubs in Scotland.”

“This new resource will enable an increasing number of people to access electric vehicles – from Dumfries and Dunbar to Aberdeen and Forres, as well as in the two major cities.”

“Car clubs contribute to reducing the number of cars on Scotland’s roads. By increasing the number of zero emission vehicles, car club members are also helping to tackle air pollution.”

Carplus chief executive Chas Ball stated:

“Car clubs have the potential to deliver significant environmental benefits.”

“We feel this announcement opens the way for residents and employers to try out electric vehicles through car club membership.”

“We hope this will encourage more people to use car clubs when they need a car for a particular trip. Employers should consider the shared electric car as an alternative solution for business travel. It will often be cheaper – and probably cleaner – than paying staff mileage claims.”

When do you think other federal governments offer up this level of support for electric car clubs?  We reckon most governments will never follow Scotland’s lead on this one.

Source: Fleet News

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It sounds like this is just another name for car-sharing. If so, why would the government NEED to fund it?

I’ve just joined the Midland Rover Owners Club. I’ve read about an electric Land Rover, so I know there is at least ONE electric Rover. Can WE have some money please? If you can’t stretch to ‘we’, how about just ‘me’? 🙂