Schaeffler To Debut 4ePerformance Concept & PHEV Truck Modules


Schaeffler has an offer to electrify pickup trucks in North America

Schaeffler confirmed its presence at the 2019 CES (Central Plaza, Booth 25) with an interesting 4ePerformance all-electric concept vehicle, equipped with a 880 kW (1,200 hp) powertrain.

The German manufacturer, which supplies transmissions for the Audi e-tron, predicts that by 2030 some 30% of new passenger cars will be fully electric, while another 40% are to be hybrids. This is why Schaeffler focuses more on electrification (total investment by 2020 to exceed €500 million) and will present at CES new hybrid modules, E-axle and the all-electric concept.

Fascinating e-mobility: the Schaeffler 4ePerformance concept vehicle

In the form of the Schaeffler 4ePerformance concept vehicle, Schaeffler has put a particularly fascinating ambassador of electric mobility on wheels that will be another highlight at Schaeffler’s CES booth. The 4ePerformance provides a good example of the technology transfer from racing into a near-production drive concept. The fully electric vehicle uses four Formula E motors with total power output of 880 kW (1,200 hp). They were adopted from the ABT Schaeffler FE01 Formula E race cars and, like the car’s power electronics, developed by Schaeffler’s subsidiary Compact Dynamics. All four motors were used for the full second Formula E season. For Schaeffler, the electric racing series is an ideal test laboratory for the development of electric mobility technologies and ideally fits the company’s “Mobility for tomorrow” strategy with which the globally active technology group helps shape the future of mobility.”

Interestingly, Schaeffler brings to CES also hybrid modules for pick-up truck electrification. Maybe U.S. manufacturers will finally be tempted to try to make a pickup PHEV?

“The compact P2 hybrid module fits between the IC engine and the transmission which makes it suitable for integration into existing vehicle concepts as well. It enables both a boost function and “coasting” with the IC engine shut off as well as all-electric driving. Consequently, the hybrid module shown at CES enhances both fuel economy and driving pleasure.”

Schaeffler: From micro-hybrid components to fully electric axle drives

More from the press release

E-mobility products from Schaeffler have long made their way into production cars

Alongside digital transformation and IIoT, Schaeffler views electric mobility as an integral component of its forward-thinking “Agenda 4 plus One” program – as one of the key innovation drivers going forward – and has consolidated all of its activities in this field in its new “E-Mobility” business unit. By 2020, Schaeffler will have invested more than 500 million euros in research, development and production of electric drive units. Schaeffler has long begun to mass-produce components and system solutions such as e-axles and hybrid modules. A transmission specifically for electric vehicles of which one each at the front and rear axles of the new Audi e-tron enables a particularly efficient all-wheel drive system with smart control technology is another example. In normal drive mode, only the electric motor on the rear axle is active. If the driver requires higher output via the accelerator pedal or the system detects slip on the rear wheels, the front axle drive is additionally activated.

E-axle for agile handling

The e-axle developed by Schaeffler offers even greater versatility. It can be used either as a stand-alone unit or extend an existing front- or rear-wheel drive into a full-fledged all-wheel drive system. The power output with wheel-selective control is another benefit. Due to torque vectoring, a distribution of torque between the right and left wheels, safety, driving dynamics and ride comfort are noticeably enhanced. Consequently, the e-axle presented at CES offers efficient driving dynamics interventions for hybrid and battery-electric vehicles as well.

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I wonder if this is for conversion of existing trucks or for OEM use.


If they can get better mileage in a pickup, I am all for it.

There are in the forefront, but once again if one examines the potential for evs, clearly what’s often understated is the speed at which it may occur. 10 years (2028) with evs and phevs seems unlikely to 50% of all new vehicles sold but 12 (2030) to get to 30% for bevs and 40% phev seems equally unlikely. Hybrids are falling out of flavor as I type, death of the Volt, for instance, predicted here 1year ago by me, though hybrids will still be around for years, but still, in 2030? Not 40% of new car sales, and gas and diesel, still at 30% of all new cars sold seems to underestimate evs overstate phevs and overestimate gas and diesels. The mix will be more like 60% evs. 20% phevs the rest gas, for passenger vehicles. it will probably take a few decades and progress will come in the more developed world much more quickly, though solutions for the less developed world will take more time even they will progress. Things like ev trikes, busses and bikes will help, as will national efforts to improve grids and supply them with renewable energy, looking at half a century before the whole… Read more »

I’m sure they need another foot to stand on, after the dual mass flywheel business will be gone soon.

Yeah, I don’t get this obsession with horsepower. Few trucks have 1200 horsepower, and if they’re trying to keep the cost down to be competitive with ICE vehicles one would think they’d come up with something more affordable.

This is the “JOKE” that Diamler and VW have been playing for years: Come out with $200,000 ‘future concept’ evs and roadsters with everything but the kitchen sink in them.. Now Tesla is even doing the same thing with a Roadster that few will be able to afford.

Then indirectly place in the customer’s mind that EV’s are ridiculously expensive, not at all practical, and are years away from availability under any scenario.