On The Scene – Tesla Supercharger in Aurora, Illinois – Video


Here I set out on a search to check out the nearest supercharger from where I live.

Tesla Supercharger Aurora, Illinois

The 4 Superchargers at Two Brothers Brewing Company in Aurora IL.

Two Brothers Brewing Company in Aurora, Illinois was my destination.

This quest was done in part because I’m enthusiastic about Tesla Motors, but I wanted to show others what at least one of the Superchargers looked like and what to expect, for those who may not know.

Editor’s note: Unofficially this is the 81st Tesla Supercharger for the United States.

At the point in time when I visited this area, the Supercharger was just installed and was announced quickly, out of nowhere.  This explains the concrete not 100% filled in from where it was dug up for installation of Superchargers, but this will be taken care of quickly.

The rest of the details on the Aurora, Illinois Supercharger are in the video and video description:

Visited a Tesla Supercharger in Aurora IL. Two Brothers Brewing Company. This one was BARLEY installed so pardon the mess and the concrete being a little chewed up.

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These are very interesting, because these superchargers were those much cheaper mobile superchargers that are very cheap and quick to install. It takes matter of hours to install one supercharging station.

Especially, when Tesla will equip these mobile superchargers with storage battery, Tesla can install millions of superchargers globally, because with storage battery, Tesla does not need 300 kW grid connection in order to supercharge two Teslas simultaneusly. But much weaker and very much cheaper grid connection is adequate for providing supercharger services. Superchargers can even be self-supporting with solar panels if there are storage batteries installed.

Any idea how big a battery, and how quickly the station is drained / back up?

No idea what Tesla is planning. Tesla has just said that their superchargers will be Zombie-apocalypse proof, which means that they do not rely on grid connection, but can operate only with solar panels and storage batteries.

My guess is that about 500 kWh storage battery has good cost performance for this kind of mobile supercharger that has two charging cables.

All I see is an ugly, barely legal installation. I wonder if the local inspector and utility allowed the individual disconects as the four service disconnects for the 480 volt service from the pad transformer. The imaged panned quite quickly, but I didn’t see an extra main switch, that would have added to the cost, and a single panelboard with 4 breakers in it would have been cheaper than the individual disconnects at the superchargers, which explains why the way these things are normally installed are without the square-d disconnect at the supercharger themselves. I’m quite surprized this upscale club would allow such as ugly installation at the front of their establishment.

On the Plus side, 8 cars available to charge 30 miles from chicagoland is probably going to increase this guy’s beer sales. The spots will probably get alot of use.

I see 4 spots….not 8.

oh ok, the video and the caption stated ‘4’ superchargers. I took that too literally.

I guess that means 2 superchargers and 4 cars.

Good thing it was “BARLEY installed” at a brewing company… 🙂

That’s Barely Legal, not Barley legal.