UPDATE: On The Scene: Attempting To Overturn Direct Sales Ban On Tesla Motors In New Jersey – Bill Being Heard Now


Today, in Trenton, New Jersey, InsideEVs contributor and Plug In America director Tom Moloughney is expecting to speak on behalf of a bill that proposes to change state laws that currently ban automakers such as Tesla Motors from conducting direct sales in the state of New Jersey.

*UPDATE: The bill passed unanimously.  It now heads to the state senate.  Minor win for Tesla.  Let’s hope the senate approves the Tesla direct sales model too.

Getting Ready For The Hearing

Getting Ready For The Hearing

If the bill passes, Tesla will once again be able to conduct business as usual in New Jersey, meaning that direct sales will be allowed within the state for Tesla Motors.

Complete background on the Tesla situation in New Jersey at these links:

Effective Today, Tesla Motors Can No Longer Sell In New Jersey

Tesla Gets 15 Day Extension As Legislators Work On Direct Sales Solution

New Jersey Legislator Starts Process To Allow Tesla To Sell Direct

Elon Musk: To The People Of New Jersey “Tesla Is Still Here For You”

Anti Tesla Legislation Gets Passed In New Jersey Without Allowing Public Comment – Tom Moloughney was in attendance for this one too.  See images below:

Site Of First Tesla Battle In New Jersey

Site Of First Tesla Battle In New Jersey

On The Scene At First Tesla Battle In New Jersey

On The Scene At First Tesla Battle In New Jersey

Tesla Motors Needs Your Help: Today State Will Attempt To Ban Tesla Sales

Earlier this week, our friends over at Plug In America put out a call to action, which is posted in its entirety below:

Action Alert: New Jersey is listening. Now is the time for us to speak up!

In March, behind closed doors and without public consultation, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s Department of Motor Vehicles voted to enforce decades old draconian laws to prevent Tesla Motors from selling directly to consumers in New Jersey.

Your call to the Legislature to have your say was heard, loud and clear! A bill to change those laws has been prepared and on June 5th, that co-sponsored bill to allow new EV car companies like Tesla Motors sell cars directly to the public, will be heard by the Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee. See the full text of NJ A3096 here.

Please take a moment to re-iterate your call to pass the bill. We’re on the home stretch, democracy is working, victory is in sight.

If you’re still in any doubt over supporting this bill, consider our world if Apple had been forced to sell the iPhone through retailers only – with retailer set pricing, retailer product specification and their unwanted added software, would the US still be the leaders in smartphone design and technology or would China and Europe have stolen the show? Tesla Motors and Apple are both US companies that disrupt the status quo.

Please fill out the form below to join us in calling for the New Jersey Consumer Affairs Committee to support this bill supporting New Jersey and American innovation.

Thank you,

Richard Kelly
President, Plug In America

Additionally, Kelly put together this sample letter:

Dear Assemblymember,

As an electric vehicle supporter, I urge you to support A3096.

Tesla is a member of a nascent industry, one that supports American innovation and creates jobs here in America. They need your support to allow them to continue to serve New Jersey residents directly, using a new model that places the consumer first.

Please support this bill and a free market in New Jersey.

Thank You

The bill being referenced throughout this post can be found in its entirety here: A3096

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Tom, I’m crossing both fingers for you!

On a different note: Maybe you should have invited some of the legislators to drive your i3 (and/or your Active E) *before* the meeting. The hands-on EV experience would have certainly been more convincing than any elaborate talk… 😉

Thanks, but this wasn’t about my i3 today. Now if we could have gotten a bunch of Model S cars for test drives that would be different! 😉

Does the bill only allow domestically manufactured to sell directly?

Just read the bill. It allows manufacturers and importers of ZEV (as defined by CARB) to sell directly to consumers, exempting them from the franchised sales requirement. After such sales reach 4% of the gross automotive sales in the state, the exemption from franchising will expire for that manufacturer/distributor/importer.

It’s not perfect. However it will let Tesla back in NJ and give them some time to create a long term plan to sell their cars in the state. It is critical to get back to allowing test drives in NJ and allow the boutique shops to once again assist in selling their products.

So GM could sell a Spark EV direct?

Thanks Tom!!!

Electric Car Guest Drive

Maybe it’s time for an Electric Car Guest Drive in NJ.

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