Scared Of Breaking The Internet, Tesla Will Open Online Model 3 Orders An Hour Early – From 7:30 PM (PT)

MAR 31 2016 BY JAY COLE 58

Fear The Demand

Fear The Demand (@elonmusk)

Endless Lineup For The Model 3 At Tesla's Sunnyvale, CA Store (InsideEVs/Scott F)

Endless Lineup For The Model 3 At Tesla’s Sunnyvale, CA Store (InsideEVs/Scott F)

Tesla opened its doors for in-store orders at 10 AM local time all across the world on March 31st – and the response was much greater than anyone anticipated.

Now, fearing that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to open online orders AND start the live streaming video debut of the Model 3 both at 8:30 PM (Pacific Time)/11:30 (Eastern), Tesla CEO Elon Musk (@elonmusk) has tweeted that online orders will now be accepted an hour earlier than expected.

Tesla’s order system will now open from 7:30 PM (PT)/10:30 PM (ET) to ease up on any potential stresses to the company’s web servers.  Watch the live broadcast here from 8:30 PM (PT)/11:30 PM (ET) – that is provided Tesla manages to start this one on time…otherwise its empty stage and techno music for everyone!

The CEO also clarified some online order details, specifically that orders are limited to 2 per person:

*Some Conditions May Apply

*Some Conditions May Apply

Now you have some time to get your online deposit out of the way, allowing you to relax at watch the broadcast an hour later.  Provided the Internet doesn’t collapse (and Tesla actually gets underway on time for once), InsideEVs will live stream the event promptly from 8:30 PM (PT).

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Seems like it would have made more sense to delay orders under AFTER the online streaming was over. At least those people will know what they are reserving.

Yikes! With regards to the dude in the white tights, not only does his cup runneth over, it casts its own shadow! It reminds me of this scene from Spinal Tap.

…that’s what you choose to focus on?


It’s kind of hard to miss in the screen cap for that video. It’s rather obvious that Spock’s ears aren’t the only pointy thing in that YouTube video. Just sayin’.

Just saw that.

Also, Elon had to spell out that they will only let you order TWO MODEL III’s per customer!

He had to actually set purchasing limits for a car that does not yet exist… Simply amazing.

Happy Model III Day!!! 😀

Fing Ebay.

So much for those who wanted to buy a fleet of Model 3’s today!

Tesla be like

Nice one!!!

Excellent reference!

Pure win

Elon is good at breaking things (as well as blowing up things). First he broke the NHTSA test equipment during crash tests on the Model S. Then he broke Consumer Reports rating scale because the Model S was so good. Now, he’s worried about burning the Internet to the ground. Good that he is proactive.

A valid point.


And the Model S’s reliability is speaking volumes of another tune at Consumer Reports, where it no longer breaks scales – but it appears to break a lot of parts.

If, in the middle of Silicon Valley, Tesla can not set up enough Internet and server bandwidth to support a live video feed + order support for up to 100,000 orders over a few hours, who and where can anyone? Come on, yet another Muskesque sensationalized manipulation to garner media attention. Gotta hand it to him – he is a MASTER at this game:)



The video of the production Bolt reveal had so many hits I gave up trying to watch the live stream. I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to watch the Model 3 reveal. After all I’m one those that can’t wait to see what they put a &1,000 down on.

Censorship at work? I simply pointed out that Elon’s tweet is about generating (more) hype.

Why limit orders and why not delay online orders until after the presentation is over?

Not censorship as much as sanity for the thread. Your comment (as it was originally presented) was meant to get a reaction, was barely on target to the subject, and tagged to the very top comment on the thread for maximum exposure.

Some days, some threads it is ok. This day, this thread, only level-headed discussion will find there way to the top of the pile.

As the above comment is delivered in an engaging and open manner to the community, it is perfectly ok to stick around.

Mores the pity.

+100 kWh


Someone is off their lithium again.

When you can snatch the Tesla key fob from my hand, you will ready to drive.

I got my order in as a current Tesla owner at 10:10am.

Ordered two.

What were the options and prices?

The options were:
1 or 2,
The price was $1,000 each (for the reservation)!

There are no selection of colors, or single/dual motors, etc at this point!

Congrats on that Tony! The employee entering my info said, “You want 2, right?” Checked of the 2 selection an proceded, I had to back him up just order 1 as I had no plam for scalping a second one!

I would assume it was “give us $1,000 we have no details to give you at the moment” kind of convo right? I dont see them giving up any information before tonight!

I ordered 2. One for me and one form my wife. Not sure that I’ll wind up buying both though. I entered them as two separate orders under both of our names just in case there was some issue canceling one and not the other. You never know.

Smart move. You might end up in a divorce and then quarrel over who gets the Model 3 reservation. 😉

Hmmm, I was wondering if Tesla’s online ordering system would be able to handle the load on Model ≡ day.

Looks like someone at Tesla is equally concerned…

NOT a fun day to be the IT person(s)

This is hyping it and nothing else. What’s more, it’s very unfair to those in my time zone or similar..! These went to bed with their alarm set for 5:20 AM or so, and will now wake up to discover Elon moved the goal posts while they slept. Since moving down the queue might mean losing out on incentives I’m guessing not everyone will be happy about such a **** move. The reason we can be sure this is hype is simple: processing the order form requires less of their web servers than serving up half a second of video. Spreading out the orders a bit more isn’t going to make any real difference, since essentially 100% of the load is too deliver the video stream… I made my reservation at the local store this morning, so I’m not affected. But I think they really didn’t think this move through. It will create headlines and help increase the odds of making the event appear a roaring success perhaps, but I’d be pissed off if I lost thousands of places in the queue because of it. A smarter move would have been to postpone, if they’re really confident people won’t be… Read more »

Yeah… How many people were ordering online? Maybe a few tens of thousands? That’s not a particularly heavy load. If you use a cloud service like AWS, temporarily scaling up the number of servers is easy and automatic. Moving the time up an hour is pure choreographed hype.

This is not about the Internet. Tesla doesn’t care about breaking their own weak server infrastructure. If anything, it generates publicity. However, they do want the stream to work.

I have to say I’m pleased.
I was nervous that this wouldn’t be as awesome as hyped.
But even here in Minneapolis we have long lines in the frigid rain, and the Tesla store is in the middle of nowhere.

Standing outside for a car is a much bigger proposition than a phone

I’m reserving mine at 930pm central time

Yeah, Eden Prairie is pretty much just out of the loop, SW corner of the 494-694 loop.

Reserved mine at 10:04am in Chicago. Were at least 300 people in line. Everyone was so nice and enthusiastic. The Tesla employees were fantastic.

What a buzz, what a response. I will be eagerly waiting to see the reveal.

But I think there are lot of false news spreading about the Model-3.

Will it start with a 65 KWh battery pack.
No, if Bolt has 60 KWh, then Model-3 will have 55 KWh or lesser to attain that 200 mile range since the dual motors of this car is lot more efficient.

I reserved a few minutes BEFORE 7:30pm while standing at the base of Mt. Fuji. How early did online ordering open up?

I got on the site at about 7:28pm Pacific time, and my reservation was complete by 7:30. When I tried to get on the site 3 minutes earlier it was still the place-holder image, so it must have opened sometime during those 3 minutes.

My order was quick and easy, and processed within seconds – I guess they haven’t managed to break the internet yet!

Should it be live right now taking orders? I’m not seeing it yet…

The page stopped responding when I stayed on it too long (I left my tablet open to the page for several hours before the reservations opened); I ended up having to close the page and open it again to get the page to respond again.

Reservations are definitely being taken now, so if you’re still not having any luck I’d suggest you try that.

Thanks so much! That worked. Reservation confirmed.

So far online in California not avaialble

7:27pm PT showed upfor me.

Working now

I started the process at 19:28 SF time and finished at 19:30. But I didn’t get a confirm email. Are others getting emails.

Same experience for me, started and finished my reservation about the same time as you and as of 19:43 I still haven’t received an email.

(But judging by how many folks seem to be doing reservations simultaneously, I’m not going to worry about it just yet.)

No email for me either.

No email for me either, but I did get a large purchase email from my credit card, so pretty sure it went through.

When I reserved in the store I was told I would receive a confirmation email in 24 hours.

I have the irrational urge to reserve a second car.


I was able to reserve at 9:33 PM Central Time (according to my credit card large purchase warning email). I was refreshing constantly from 9:30 forward and it probably took me ~30 seconds minute to scramble and fill out the form.

It seems the server was not bad. I did only get it to pop up on my laptop. The iPhone didn’t pull up the reserve form first (I was refreshing both). Not sure if that was coincidence or not.

Glad I didn’t plan to drive to Ft. Worth, I wouldn’t have gotten there before 9:30 PM.