Nordic Countries Hit 100,000 Mark For Cumulative Plug-In Electric Cars Purchased


Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

BMW i3 Drifting In The Snow

BMW i3

The Nordic countries, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland combined for over 100,000 in total (cumulative) plug-in electric car sales. Of the total sales, 47,910 were purchased in 2015 alone!

The sales growth in all four countries can be mainly attributed to aggressive incentives. Norway is leading the surge with an average of 2,000 PEVs purchased per month. PEV buyers in the country pay no registration tax, road tax, or value-added tax.

In Denmark, sales went up 280 percent from the third quarter to the fourth quarter of 2015, due to incentives expiring in 2016. Of the 4,700 total PEVs purchased for 2015, over half were Q4 sales. 2,000 of these were Teslas!

The Swedish government’s decision to add € 14 million ($20 million dollars) to its Supermiljöbilspremie incentive program pulled sales up out of a third quarter decline. This program offered an additional discount on PEVs.

As these incentives slowly pull back, will PEVs sales still move forward based on other factors?

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These incentives are just used to increase the sale profits.
Compare the list prices in Germany where there are no incentives with the list prices in Sweden where you get 40000 SEK (4800 USD) for a BEV, and you’ll see who gains from this waste of taxes.
Some companys just register the cars in Sweden to get the bonus and then directly export them, and that’s actually legal!

Outside of Tesla, PEV incentives reduce losses not increase profits.

And they do increase sales.

Just look at German EV market share.

Yep they increase sales. But please don’t believe the story that vw Daimler and BMW would not be able to produce and market a reasonable and profitable EV. They simply don’t want to. Tech and knowledge they already have for quite some years (think oil crisis +6years). They simply make more! Profit by selling the outdated crap they produce with their already paid for machinery… This way they make us look stupid. Why can Chinese build electric busses while Daimler is still developing? (they started development of evs decades ago…) why can Tesla build electric supercars while Audi (vw) is still bragging about ice… This is no conspiracy. The plans are in the drawers with dust on them. Just no reason to market… Maybe someone up there in the management at vw Daimler or BMW will finally wake up and realize that one day people will say : they built cars but were not able to innovate… They are losing so much of their innovative image right now because they don’t realize that once people see a Tesla in real life they will see that German car makers are not not not leading in anything anymore… (except for marketing budget… Read more »

How long can they afford to keep all these tax breaks?

I hope they don’t pull the incentives too quickly causing the bottom to fall out.

Just look at Norway where the main incentive is not a tax break but a massive tax on ICEs.

As long as they keep that massive tax there will be no bottom to fall out even if they take away every tax break and other incentives for EVs.

So don’t worry, the percentage of sales will only go up up and further up until it reaches 100%.

What about Iceland?

Finland is a Nordic country but not a Scandinavian country.

Iceland definitely deserves to be mentioned since they have had one of the worlds highest EV percentage of sales for years.

But the numbers are really small so they are negligable in this case.

Last year in Iceland the percentage was ~3% of sales but they only needed 400 EVs to reach there.

Whoops, that is our bad…not sure why/how the Scandinavian reference got in there – definitely just talking Nordic here.

/our bad…fixed

I think in particular Norway are showing the way here, taxing ice vehicles is the way to go. We need less fossil fuel cars with 1 person in them the best way to do that is to price them out the market not subsidise one alternative. I am sure the ev’s are the headline grabbing benefits to the ice taxs but there will probably be a lot of other advantages like less traffic, less road accidents, people living closer to where they work, more public transport, the list goes on – well done Norway keep it up.

Sweden might switch to a bonus-malus system in 2017.
Maybe something similar to France where you can get up to 6300 EUR in bonus or pay up to 8000 EUR in extra taxes (malus) by a scale based on g CO2/km.
(but unfortunately they forgot about NOx)

As many previous posts regarding the magical Nordic/Scandinavian magic of high BEV percentage, I wish you guys would take into consideration a population size.

It’s considerably easier to achieve to basically ban ICE thus promote BEV … Try that in North America …. Even magician Trump will not succeed anytime soon … LOL. Too many jobs at stake, too much political power at stake …. Incentives is the only way to go, unfortunately …