Say Goodbye To Gray Seats In Tesla Model S & X


Gray Is Gone

Gray Is Gone

Last evening, ElonsVelvetJacket posted “bye bye grey seats” on Reddit and sure enough, sometime in the overnight hours, gray seats had vanished as an option on both the Tesla Model S and Model X.

This isn’t the first time that ElonsVelvetJacket got the scoop ahead of the rest of us and it certainly won’t be the last. He/she seems to have a perfect track record so far in predicting looming changes at Tesla.

Back to the seats. If you wanted gray…you’re too late. The only remaining options on the Model S are multi-pattern black (standard), black or tan leater.  But…wait…that’s not all. Prior to the removal of gray and flying under our radar (as we don’t typically cover seating options), Tesla added (a couple months ago) Ultra White Premium (same upcharge as the tan and black premium) to the 90D and P100D versions of the Model S!

Ultra White Premium Seats In Model S

Ultra White Premium Seats In Model S

Meanwhile, the Model X still has its white, black, tan (all upcharged) and multi-pattern black interior seating options.

No Gray For Model X

No Gray For Model X

Tesla constantly makes running changes, so the deletion of gray (likely not a popular color choice) is no surprise to us, but it would’ve been swell if Tesla had announced gray was going away ahead of time so that anyone interested in this color could’ve placed an order before it vanished from the site.

Source: ElonsVelvetJacket

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The white seats are stunning, and owners say they are the most comfortable of any seat choice… They should also hold up better long term than the regular leather choices.

I’d rather they say goodbye to the autopilot hardware for people who don’t want it and will never use it instead of charging people for equipment they will never use.

That equipment is used for safety too. Just because you can’t use all of the features doesn’t mean that the equipment will go unused.

Anyway, the hardware cost of the AP2 is very little compared to the rest of the car.

Except the hardware IS used in every car, wether or not you pay for all the features. All safety features(FCW, AEB, etc) will always stay free, Elon has said this. Convenience features(Autopilot) are optional extras.

You know, I hear this on every posting on Inside EVs. You’ve made your point, OK? You don’t like it, don’t buy a Tesla. Stop bein’ a troll.

Ahhhh. Did somebody have a bad hair day? At least Mikael and Spool offered some good feedback. I guess in your world people are not permitted to offer an opinion.

I am a huge Tesla fan and I will be buying my M3 probably in January of 2018. Until that day I will offer my opinion when and where I choose.

But thank you for offering your opinion. That’s what makes Inside EVs such an interesting website.

Idiotic comment, plus the hardware will be used for safety purposes whether you buy the software or not

Grey, meh. Textile seats, in the sportier “next gen” form factor, look like the bigger better deal.

A bit OT, but more developing pain is Tesla’s effective upcharge for 90 and 100kwh. New configurations are expensive enough, with the $21,500 extra one needs to spend to get 15kwh (~200+ cars in ‘new’ inventory are showing the 75 upgrade being almost completely discounted off, with +,-1,500 miles). Not valuing other package differences, Tesla is now getting $1,433/kwh for those last 15kwh. The cheapest 100kwh will cost you about $2,800, for each of the last 25.

The cheapest 85kwh cars, in investory, used to be ~$80k where you can hardly find 90kwh for less than $100k, today. I want mo’ battery, but have to blink when I know their cost is ~$200/kwh, and the mark up is just bananas.

interesting numbers. Seems Tesla is on a push to maximize profit before Model 3 comes out. That’s good.

I think you bot a new 75D right? Seems most want a new Tesla especially for the auto pilot.

However I would make a case that your best buy if you are looking for kwh’s is a plain, used S85. That’s what I did and I’m a happy camper so far. The plain versions are fast enough and have sufficient range. Our used 85 gets all the miles now. My wife has to make many trips to Phx with one way distances of 60-90 miles so we have put on 6000 miles in only 3 months. The car is a work horse.

Yes, George. I wouldn’t say we regret getting the 75D. I’ve had several 85’s, now, and see your reasoning. However, she wanted AWD and sub-zero, which are hard to find in 85’s. 85Ds are about as much used, as 75D’s are new (after tax-credit). 85’s, on the other hand, are a steal. I generally never buy new cars, but career and a unique desire to help Tesla out had us pick up the last one. P85D was used.

My original point about needing the “100kwh” in another thread was the cool down cycles. Setting for 90% charge, puts the 75D near 230 miles, which is still plenty. Actually, its a little higher than the P85D’s 90% charge because of the lower motor efficiency, despite having 10 more kwh (WK057 demonstrated the 85’s have ~81kwh).

75D in VancouverCanada starts at $103,000 Can (no incentives available)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the 90 and 100 kWh Model S’s are all high trim levels, and come with lots of extras as part of the package; you’re not just paying for a larger battery pack.

If the highest trim levels of the Model S are more profitable for Tesla, I see that as a good thing for the company. Isn’t that usually the case, regardless of what the brand of the car is?

Actually the only thing you get is different motors and battery. All the other options and features are the same, unless you get a P.

I have a 90D, my girlfriend a 60D.

Thanks for the correction, Mike. I didn’t realize you can get a non-P(erformance) Model S90D.


Ultra-white seats are available for quite a long time in the MS 90D+ and above.

Updated the text. Thanks for providing the link for info.

We want the (white) premium seats also in 60 and 75 kWh version (maybe as an option together with Premium package)

I liked grey. I also liked the now defunct Titanium paint. 🙁

We’ll see what they offer when M3 is ready to configure…

Dark colors for the interior and exterior should never be an option. They retain heat from the Sun, helping to destroy our planet.

I knew it! Elon is a global warming denier!

The synthetic ultra white seats have a plastic smell that is reminesant of cheap lawn chairs. Gets stronger as the interior temp heats up.

I prefer gray seating. Next they will get rid of red paint. : (

Nah, Tesla will just make red a “Super Premium” paint with $5k upcharge.

I have only one thing to say.

Goodbye To Gray Seats In Tesla Model S & X.

(somebody had to do it….)

I’d wish that all their cars were cold-weather capable standard as opposed to a $1K for cold weather option.
Even the cheapest PHEV or ICE vehicles don’t need a $1k package to drive in the cold, but the Tesla apparently does.

Actually the Cold weather package isn’t really even needed for Cold weather. It is a luxury for cold weather, not a necessity. Especially if you can preheat the cabin.

With other car makers, they usually bundle the heated front seats in the cold weather package, but those are standard in the Tesla without having to buy the package.

There are a ton of debates about whether the subzero package is worth it, like this one:

I have a 90D with the cold weather package. It added heated stearing wheel, rear seats and heated wipers (heating element in glass). All model S’s come with heated front seats and mirrors.

All you need to drive in the cold is to be able to defrost the windows and keep them from fogging up.
Something that all cars has as standard.

Well, you need good winter tires too.

The third most important thing would be anti-rust measures and coating. So that the snow, ice and road salt don’t tear your car apart.

The rest is just for comfort and luxury.

Why post stupid comments?

I’ve had many leather interiors and it always seems that black works best. The lighter colors like beige show too much dirt or color transfer. Gray always looks depressing to me.

Grey, meh. Where the hell is the Alcantara seat option?

It is in the rear wing package. Along with the chrome body wrap.

I have the grey seats in my Model S and like them a lot except after a year they have a blue stain from my jeans. Black looks too plain and dark in my opinion.

I saw an entire forum discussion (was it on the Tesla Motors Club forum?) on the subject of how to prevent blue jeans dye from transferring to the leather of a driver’s seat. The consensus: Keep a towel in the seat of the same color as the leather.

To me, this was just one more reason to prefer fabric seats to leather. Obviously a matter of preference, but to me leather is uncomfortable year-round; too cold and stiff in the winter, in the summer it doesn’t breathe, so your back gets soaked with sweat. Ick!

I second that. I don’t understand why anyone would want leather. I would pay extra to avoid it if I had to.

It is great when it comes to children puke, easy cleaned and doesn’t retain the smell as much as fabric ^^

Grey seats were never offered on Model X. It was always only black, tan, or white. I have no complaints over the wear or smell of my ultra white seats in over 6 months of use.