Saving Up And Trading Up From Ford F-150 To CPO Tesla Model S P85 – Videos

3 months ago by Mike Anthony 35

What a journey it’s been.

I’ll never forget December 6th, 2012. That was the day when my love affair for the Tesla Model S began.

Ever since then I found myself defending electric vehicles to no end, but before that day I too was one of the naysayers.

Tesla Model S P85 – Image Credit: Mike Anthony

I was young back then, but found myself setting a goal of eventually buying a Tesla Model S. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to achieve my goal, but the plan was set into action.

I went from a minimum wage job, to joining the InsideEVs writing team, to getting my Class A CDL.

Fast forward to February 2016 and I was in desperate need of a new vehicle. My first Ford F-150 was deteriorating quickly with 212,000 miles on the odometer. A Model S, even CPO, was still beyond my means so I traded the Ford truck in for another F-150. I owned this truck from February 10, 2016 through August 5, 2017.

During that time, I had told the Tesla CPO specialist that I wanted to purchase a Model S. From February to May, I started thinking… can I live with the Model S as my only means of transportation? Would I be okay with getting rid of my Ford truck? Then, on June 8th, Tesla set me up with a VIP test drive in a fully loaded Model S 90D with 7 miles on it. During the brief time I had this vehicle, it blew me away. There was no turning back now.

A few days later I met with my Tesla advisor again and told him “let’s do this!” We appraised my F-150, and ran my credit. I was approved for a specific loan amount. However, a new Model S was out of my budget, so again I reached out to the CPO specialist. I was very specific in what I wanted though, so my hopes weren’t too high. Somehow, the specialist located my car – brown P85, with tan interior, loaded with almost every option. Flip forward a bit and I had a deposit figure, as well as a trade-in set for my F-150. It was going to happen!

Problem was the car was out in Los Angeles and I was in the Midwest. It took another 7 weeks to have the car delivered, inspected, details and so on.

It was on August 5, 2017 that my dream of owning a Tesla Model S came true.

I arrive at the Tesla sales and service center in Westmont, IL nearly three hours before my scheduled delivery time of 12:30. I was way too excited I guess. A Tesla employee approaches me and I tell him I’m here to take delivery of my CPO Model S. He tells me he’s got some free time so let’s get it done. This is the point where I took the video of initially walking around the Model S in the “delivery room”. Shortly after, we take it for a spin and it checks out just fine. Time to hand over the keys to my Ford F-150.

The rest, as they say, is history.

I’m proud to say I don’t miss my gas-burner one bit. Range anxiety has never been an issue. There’s no turning back.

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35 responses to "Saving Up And Trading Up From Ford F-150 To CPO Tesla Model S P85 – Videos"

  1. Nick says:

    Awesome! Welcome to the future!

    This is much better environmental delta than people who trade in a Prius for an EV!

  2. ms rural says:

    Congrats! I hope you will inspire many more pick-up truck owners to convert to electric!

    On a side note, you do realize that Tesla recommends charging to 100% only when you are likely to be needing the full range? (Perhaps you felt you needed it.) Charging to 70-80% for one’s daily needs helps to prolong battery life.

    1. Aaron says:

      Yes, I thought it was interesting he went from an F-150 to a Model S with no problems. Why have the F-150 in the first place? He’s not towing or hauling things… just familiarity?

    2. Texas FFE says:

      Most pickup truck owners drive a pickup because they need the utility. Very few pickup truck owners are going to switch to an EV until there’s an equivalent EV. The most we can hope for right now is that people that can afford two cars and need a pickup will have an EV as their primary transportation.

      1. Majority get driven as status + “safer” + “utility once or twice per year” around here (BC). Few actually used for utility. Witness proliferation of luxury bits inside and largely commuting to work etc.

  3. Texas FFE says:

    I’m sorry to say that I think Mike’s main reason to want a Model S was for a status symbol, not because he believes in electric cars or because he wants to save the planet. I’ve had two electric bicycles and four electric cars. Mike could have bought a less expensive electric car a long time ago but continued to drive his gas guzzling F150 (back and forth to work?) and now he will be just another of those that turns their nose up at anything non-Tesla.

    1. William says:

      Let’s cut Mike a break on going all in with his CPO Tesla.

      Kudos to you Mike, as my personal F-150 journey came to a rest when 22 months ago, I got my first 2 year old Nissan Leaf. It was purchased after my first Electric Bike. Now, on my second Leaf, 2016 30 kWh Lease, and keeping my fingers crossed for a Model Y, about the time my Leaf Lease expires, at the end of 2019 or thereabouts. Your Tesla is going to make you rethink EV transportation entirely.

    2. Rob Stark says:

      I am sorry to say Texas FFE sounds like one of those green snobs that buy an EV not for the environmental benefits but to show everybody else how superior he is to all his neighbors.

    3. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      “I’m sorry to say that I think Mike’s main reason to want a Model S was for a status symbol, not because he believes in electric cars or because he wants to save the planet.”

      If EVs are going to ever break out past 1-2% of the new car market, break out past the “early adopter” stage of a disruptive tech revolution, then they are absolutely going to have to appeal to those who are not motivated by “saving the planet”. (Actually, the planet doesn’t need saving; it will continue to merrily spin around the sun. It’s Earth’s ecosystem, not the planet itself, that needs saving!)

      So, Texas FFE, you are looking at the situation arse-backwards. We should applaud Tesla for appealing to customers outside the narrow demographic of “green” activists.

      And congratulations to Mike for joining the community of plug-in EV drivers! May all your electric motoring miles be happy ones.

      1. Paul de Wit says:

        I never understood the obsession with saving the planet. We have to preserve the environment in order to save ourselves!

        The planet will be fine! Even if we we manage to wipe ourselves from it’s surface, be it by means of all out nuclear madness or by making the planet inhabitable by screwing up the ecosystem. Either way it will be just another lost civilization.
        After all what’s a few million years to rebuild en ecosystem if you’re 4.534 billion years old?

      2. David Murray says:

        Absolutely! Yes! Thank you! This is what I’ve been saying for a long time. EVs have to stop trying to appeal to the environmentalists and start trying to appeal to the general population. 99% of car buyers do not care about the environment, at least when it comes to their car buying decision. So it is very important to make great EVs that can appeal to everyone!

    4. Kosh says:

      I’m still driving a ’99 Dodge Ram Quad Cab long bed 4×4. It gets about 9 MPG. Does that make me only want a tesla (we are waiting on a Model 3 in January for my wife) only because of a status symbol?

      No. I have to weigh lots of things in my decisions. For one, I still have one kid in college. He is costing me quite a bit per month. In fact, when he asked how much college was costing, i told him “About two Tesla payments per month”.

      The other thing is my old Dodge is LONG paid for, and even though it sucks gas, I work from home and only drive it around town (yes, I should be bicycling, I know). I pretty much only fill up once per month.

      It’s tough to beat that cost when you have higher priority things to pay for. OTH, we have 43 solar panels, no gas appliances in our passive solar straw bale house, and have are “zero net energy” (even when had the Leaf on lease and were charging it every month).

      So the moral of the story is… be careful what you assume about people, they may be juggling more than you realize.

      And yes, once Jr. graduates, I think I’ll get a CPO tesla for myself… with a trailer hitch, so I can still get plywood at Home Depot…. 😉

      1. AlanSqB says:

        I’m keeping my F-150. It’s nearly new and I need it occasionally for 2 specific purposes. Getting a second EV is just going to let me leave it parked most of the time.

        Now, when Ford makes an EF-150, then I might be able to swap it out.

    5. Texas FFE says:

      There’s no electric vehicle equivalent to a F150 right now. The fact that Mike was able to transition from an F150 to a Model S means that he never really needed an F150 to begin with. So it looks like Mike is just jumping from one status symbol to another.

      Even though I have had an electric vehicle for a long time I still have a gas guzzling SUV. I need the SUV to tow my boat and it comes in real handy when I take loads to the dump or from the hardware store. But I drive the SUV so little that most of the time I have to jump off the battery when I want to drive it because it has sat so long.

      I’m happy that Mike finally got rid his daily smoke machine but I think he needs to re-evaluate his spending habits. It sounds like Mike is still single because don’t think a wife would put up with such an extravagant purchase. That Model S is probably going to disappear when Mike starts supporting a family and a house unless he gets a much better paying job.

  4. mark says:

    good job mike

  5. georgeS says:

    I didn’t know that the silver louvres were a sign of the tech package.

    Congrats Mike that’s what I did also…get a used one. I’m happy so far.

    I have the low profile 21″ turbines and they look nice but they ride hard and are easy to get curb rash.

  6. L'amata says:

    Mike, U Da Man !

  7. E-lectric says:

    Enjoy it!

  8. cab says:

    This story is a variation of the one I and two of my “car guy” buddies have. While two of us dipped our toes into the plug-in space with a Volt and Focus electric, I think we ALL went for the Model S (1 a CPO, 1 purchase and 1 lease) because of the performance, driving experience, range and looks. The “green cred” is a nice bonus for sure but non of us were going to drop that kind of coin on slow or ugly.

  9. Suck it says:

    ***mod edit (staff)***
    -comment removed: slurs and slanders to minority groups and the wider community are not tolerated, ID has been banned
    ***mod edit***

    1. Get Real says:

      ay, can you please delete/ban ‘the roll coal troll”?

      1. William says:

        One of the Coal Rollers got me and my Leaf when we were stopped at the local railroad tracks/crossing. It is part and parcel to driving a clean and green EV machine! I have no issue with their smoking exhaust/ burning rubber freedumbs. If they want to bring it, let them show us their ICE shade, as it is their way of resisting the inevitable change, coming soon.

        Now, if we could just get the Fuel Cell crew, to get their Hydrogen Lameness on somehow, it would be at least a little more entertaining out there in the wild! More stupid stunts are inevitable, as someone is always looking to lower the bar.

  10. Jeff Dietzel says:

    But it’s brown, I just can’t see myself finally getting a Model S and it being brown. It would be like getting a silver in the Olympics or runner up on chopped.

  11. vdiv says:

    Congratulations! She is a beauty 🙂

    There is no turning back indeed!

  12. Rich says:

    Good looking car. Congrats. Very cool trading in an F150 for a Tesla. Let’s hope this turns into a trend.

  13. Blade Runner says:

    Why do you say you own it when in the article that you wrote clearly says you’re financing the car? You don’t have the title with your name on it yet, finish paying off the car before you say that you own it.

  14. F150 says:

    Sorry, wont trade my F150 in on a Tesla. 800+ miles on a tank of gas. 36gal x26mpg hwy epa rating…you do the math, but when doing 75 only 24 mpg. And just try and haul a washing machine or refrig in your model s…lol. Thats why you have a F150 super crew!

    1. Texas FFE says:

      My FFE has an EPA of 96 MPGe. If my FFE could carry 36 gallons of equivalent gasoline it would have the range of 3,455 miles but it only carries about one gallon of equivalent gasoline. I can understand your need for a pickup but range is not that important as long as there are plenty of gas stations (or fast charging stations) around.

    2. Texas FFE says:

      My father had a 500 gallon gas storage tank on his ranch so he wouldn’t have to go into town to fuel his cars. All I have to do to fill up my EVs is plug them into my wall charger. The only time I go to a gas station is when I go in for a drink or snack and the only time I use a public fast charger is when I’m doing a lot of running around town or when I’m traveling cross country.

    3. Burt Reynolds says:

      Hmmm most people that go for an f150 actually have good use for it, on the down side of these electric cars all the mining going on that’s actually quite an impact on the environment as well, lol we’ll all be dead in a 100 years so this will all be a nice corporate scam

    4. SparkEV says:

      If Tesla S can tow a trailer, he can also haul refrigerators and washing machines.

      I used to have a pickup as daily driver, but the few times I used the utility just wasn’t worth the fuel cost. I got a trailer and it met all my pick up needs when I drove towing capable car. Unfortunately, SparkEV can’t tow, so I still have to bring out the gasser for Home depot runs.

      This is why Tesla 3 having towing ability is so important. Even 1500 lb will eliminate most or even vast majority of reasons for having a dedicated pick up.

  15. ModernMarvelFan says:

    It is great that he switched to an used Tesla Model S.

    But I am hating those kind of stories for the simple fact that he didn’t need the F-150. If he did, then Model S wouldn’t work.

    People buy cars that they don’t need. He finally wakes up to it!

  16. Dru Red says:

    Wow. So many judgmental old farts on here.

  17. Sam says:

    Happy another person wanted a plugin! Tesla, and others are bringing out a truck at some point.Very negative opinions over Mike’s purchase, unnecessary.This doesn’t help the adoption of plugins.A BEV isn’t the end all,be all of plugins. Infrastructure can determine what plugin one buys. Urban centers can lack public chargers.Some apartments/condos don’t/can’t have charging.Some single family homes lack a driveway,or garage to add a charger. There are situations where even a Tesla will be spending more time to charge than one would want. Or when a Tesla has to go below speed limit,shut off HVAC to make it to a supercharger.Watch Tesla owner Youtubers on road trips. Disappointing to see how many car dealers restrict charger use,or charge what equates to $20/hour. Until car manufacturers commit like Tesla has,with their own charging network.Tesla deserves consumer support,or fans who don’t even own one.

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