Save Over £10,814 ($13,500 USD) On A Nissan LEAF In The UK

APR 1 2017 BY MARK KANE 15

Nissan LEAF

Have you heard that Nissan announced its 2nd generation LEAF will debut this September?  Well, the current, aging model’s price-tag certainly has, as Autocar’s list of the five best new car deals in UK (valid by April 6, 2017) is lead by the Nissan LEAF.

Nissan LEAF

The Japanese manufacturer now offers the Acenta trim, with 30 kWh battery, for a stunning £10,814 ($13,500) lower than MSRP.

The final price stands at just £19,476 (which is $24,300 in US dollars).

“Pay £10,814 less than list price on the Nissan Leaf Acenta 30kW Auto with our sister site, The price you pay has been brought down to a thrifty £19,476.”

This UK news is just the most recent wave price reductions and clearances we have seen around the world.  Recently in the US, we have seen Nissan team with many associates and utility companies to offer ~$10,000 off MSRP locally.

Basically, if you only need ~107 mile of range or less out of your all-electric car, Nissan is ready to deal…and the LEAF is likely your best, most economical, option right now.

source: Autocar

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Leases are cheap to almost get you a free car after gas savings

He also keeps a blog page of purchase deal. Best deal shows $11K off MSRP of VW eGolf SEL and $10.5K off on SoulEV. Those are without $7.5K tax credit, which means almost $19K off!

Oops, he shows even better deal for Leaf S at $12K off! Dealer price, $21K, is much better deal than UK offering in this article.

I leased a 2017 Leaf S 30 and saved $13,000. I love the car. The battery is awesome. It is so much better than my 2014 Leaf was. The monthly payments are so much better. I actually plan to keep this car at the end of the lease. I know there will be new technology out there but this car does everything I need.

How can you already know that the battery is better? Do you mean the range? Or range variability? Or something else?

(asking as a 2014 Leaf driver pondering what to do when lease is up in a few months… they might actually pay us to get a 2017 by then!)

Thanks, Assaf

The 30KWh battery has a better warranty. They wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t better.

Yes I knew that.
Definitely a factor when considering a “Buy and Hold” decision.

I have seen pcp deals on ev forums for less than £200 per month for Tekna.

I paid £19k for my 30kWh Acenta a year ago. That price is nothing new.
There are some excellent PCP deals out now though as the GFVs are now high. Under £200pcm with £200 deposit are now normal.

I can not find any such deals.closest I have is 255pcm and that too for 36 months. While my current deal has been 180 sibce last 2 years for 28k battery

And here we are in Ontario with only a CAD 3,000 discount.

DaProgrammer…Never mind the $14,000 or so Ontario government ev rebate. You read a little greedy there bud.

This is still a great car to purchase even with the pending release of the update.

I’m really struggling with all the “hoopla” of the NEW leaf. I thought I did so much research on hybrids and EVa before I bought my 2013 Leaf and was so excited to get the only one available in my area. I even thought I asked good questions. Truth is technology is still new and I have had to have my car towed to a charging station 6 times in 9 months either because there were no place to charge the car, problems with the system or I wasn’t experienced enough yet to know that ‘Miles’ are not really miles. Well maybe if it’s flat, no wind and no extra weight on the car… oh and I’m on the highway cause the freeway kills the battery. Financially it’s great but I’ve almost lost my gob too and the stress make this kind of an unreliable car!

your whole comment is ridiculous. there are charging stations EVERYWHERE if you look. and there are dozens of apps that show where they are, both public and private. “Stress” doesn’t make it an unreliable car, it means you still haven’t learned how to drive one.
get some help from your dealer, a local electric car club, or Leaf owners club. once you understand how to drive and plan you drives, you’ll love the car like most of us owners do.