Satirical Stop Tesla Campaign Pops Up … and it’s epic!

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Hilarious Stop Tesla campaign aims to get a petition into the hands of Elon Musk, and raise $2 billion.

As we were searching for ‘Project Loveday’ entries, we stumbled upon a pretty hilarious ‘Stop Tesla’ campaign. The International Oil Baron Association has made a collection of spec ads for YouTube. Some of the videos that are a part of the satirical project even used the Project Loveday title, perhaps to assure attention. The spec videos are complete with sad faces and sad music (Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata), as each rich oil baron learns about the Tesla Model 3, and that someone they know has ordered one.

Stop Tesla has gone so far as to make its own website. Farid, IOBA Chairman & founder writes:

Greetings, oil product consumer. The time has come to make a decisive choice. Listen to your pumping heart, and let not our riches of your labor be lost to this Model 3!

The concept is that rich oil barons are working to stop Tesla and Elon Musk, before they are out of a job. There is a petition on It explains that this all started with a single signature, and now there are 38. The website reads:

Stop Tesla

“When you think your dreams are broken, look at Billy.”

We the (rich) people of the oil indistry hereby want to warn every single individual on this planet about the planned release of Tesla Model 3* and the dangers that it unleashes towards international fossil fuel corporations.

*) the infamous fast, long-range, environment-friendly and offensively affordable fully electric auto-piloted car from Elon Musk

Let’s all reunite and stop the future from happening while we still can!

The fake group also started an INDIEGOGO page with a goal of raising $2 billion. Thus far, they have two supporters, for a whopping total of $11. The barons hope to buy an island, and protect the world from an “oilless future.”

We the people of the oil indistry hereby want to warn every single individual on this planet about the planned release of Tesla Model 3 and the dangers that it unleashes towards international fossil fuel corporations.

Please donate if you can. Every little bit counts.

The plan: 

  1. Buy an island.
  2. Develop the island into safe, secure and protected conference environment. 
  3. Work jointly to protect the world from an oilless future

Check out a few more below:

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


Reminds me of that Netflix series “Into the Badlands”.

Let OIL and especially OPEC die!

OK, Oil probably won’t die, yeah yeah, I know, it’s used in other things.

Oil can not die, since it’s already dead.

NO need to worrry, oil will be around for decades yet.

But for their dream island it already makes the the most financial sense to supply power with solar panels and batteries!!!

Of course they will, it makes economical sense, and they will drive BEVs there, they don’t want to breathe toxic fumes on their own dream island. The important thing is that the not so important people, all the other morons keep on burning fuel at their places and shoving money to the barons.

LOL’Z!! brilliant

I wonder if 4E, zzzz, sven, etc. are going to put money into this indiegogo campaign?

Ah! I see it now!

All along, screen names such as Four Electrics, zzzzzzzzz, DonC, tftf, and Mark B. Spiegel have just been advance men doing performance art for this StopTesla campaign!

Silly me for getting taken in by this satirical campaign. 😉

Go Tesla!

If I did a Tesla commercial, it would be about a not-too-bright Tesla shill and troll who lives in Kansas and vehemently attacks anyone on the internet who even mildly criticizes Tesla, but who hypocritically owns and drives a gas-guzzling ICE minivan.

I guess we need a Hitler reacts video, when he finds out that all the enemy tanks have EV drivetrains, and they don’t have fuel for theirs.

Funny, but just checked, and there are already a few on youtube, with one called “Hitler’s Short Position in Tesla is Ruined” and the other called “Tesla Motors Supercharger Stations Surround Berlin”.

you know this is funny thing. But it’s actually serious topic. We ain’t need no World War 3 because of oil becomes scarce resourse.

^^This +1

The first one is the Moonlight Sonata:

Thanks ffbj!

Now I can play it myself…not.

OPEC & Big Oil duo are not fools.
They know that Oil is eliminated from Power generation, heating and even petrochemicals as it can be obtained from Methanol.

So all the focus is now only for these 3 fuels

and they will try to refine all their Oil to these 3 fuels, keep it cheap and prevent electric vehicles from getting into transport market.

Gasoline is dying… Diesel is being hunted and is in the target…

Kerosene is just hiding so far, making sure to not make any noise so that the hunters will know it is there.

Funny for us, the EV enthusiasts who know very well what what Tesla is about.

But as a car advert, it’s useless.