Sarah Palin Kicks Already Down Fisker, Swipes At “Losers” Tesla That Builds “Bricks” And Knocks on Chevy Volt – Musk Tweets

APR 10 2013 BY JAY COLE 48

Sarah Palin Turns Her Back To Electric Cars

Sarah Palin Turns Her Back On All Electric Cars To Prove Some Kind Of Political Point

I know we should probably tread lightly on criticizing Sarah Palin, considering she currently has 3,527,381 Facebook likes, and over 33,000 specific ‘likes’ of the below statement at time of press.

but forget that.

Like or hate her, sometimes she just says things, or in this case, writes things, without thinking first.  Stupid things.

Now, we can understand taking the opportunity to give Fisker a kick now that it is safely down for the count, as the automaker is taking some high profile “Obama” DoE ATVM seed money* with them.  And if that was the end of it, we would not even blink an eye at the story.

However, to also swipe at Tesla, who is a big success story that is currently repaying their DoE loan early, and to knock on the Chevrolet Volt, which routinely sells more than 2,000 copies a month (something only 3 other gas cars over $40,000 can do regularly) is just offside in our minds.

Check out here Facebook page from April 5th:

This Is What As Known As "Off The Rails"

This Is What As Known As “Off The Rails”

We think it is worth nothing that the ATVM loan program to promote US technology and manufacturing was introduced by the Bush administration…and we don’t think that was a bad thing either.  Without its various successes or failures, along with the federal credit program (up to $7,500), we would still be in “nowheresville” when it came to the amount of electric vehicles on the road today.

Advancements, like the revolution we are currently experiencing with plug-in vehicles, don’t usually come easily, or on the cheap.  To us, it appears both parties, and the plug-in segment itself, are all “losers” from careless, thoughtless and non-factually backed press like this.

It is also interesting to note the Tesla “bricking” incident pertained to the Roadster specifically, and not the “Obama-subsidized” Model S, which the company says you can’t brick, even if it is fully discharged;  but if you do figure out how to do it, they will still cover under warranty.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was quick to take to his current social media weapon of choice, Twitter, to say the Palin comments wounded him personally:

Elon Musk Takes To Twitter To Respond

Elon Musk Takes To Twitter To Respond

Or maybe we are just to close to the subject matter to be objective ourselves?  But we doubt it.

Sarah Palin’s Facebook statement (and subsequent thousands of comments) can be found here.  Why don’t you let her know what you think?

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48 Comments on "Sarah Palin Kicks Already Down Fisker, Swipes At “Losers” Tesla That Builds “Bricks” And Knocks on Chevy Volt – Musk Tweets"

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LOL. Somone who lost the presidential race (partly because her being on the ticket) calling someone else a loser !

I much prefer Tina Fey, BTW.



Future Leaf Driver

Ya, Tina Fey is much better!

Does anyone even take her seriously??? I thought she jumped the shark long ago and became a “entertainer” or “personality”. Politics, nah…

BTW, she’s wrong about the Volt, it’s achieved ranges up to 50 miles plus and coming! 😉


Even if the Volt never got more than 40 miles per charge, she’s dead wrong about it being a loser. I think that’s the bigger point here.

Oh, and in the winter, a Volt will regularly get only 25-30 miles per charge…


If you use the heated seats in winter and go easy on forced air heat, you can still routinely get over 40 EV miles in winter. Just like any car but especially hybrids and EVs, mileage will be lower as the mercury dips.


Ps my broader point would be that the Volt is an execellent winter car, whether running as an EV or on gas as a hybrid.


It’s becoming harder and harder to be a Republican, although I
consider myself a conservative-leaning Independent – mainly on
moral, ethical and Constitutional issues ( ie: Taxed Enough Already ).

Palin is done, stick a fork in her. She can whelp about like Mr. Caine does
on his website and attempt to attract those oil dollars, but Palin lost all
her clout when she resigned from her governership.

It makes me want Tesla to succeed even more – and for plug-in cars
to sell like hotcakes. No matter how much money they toss at PR and
misinformation – they just aren’t making any more oil , period. It’s gonna
catch up to these blowhards in a big way.

When Mexico announced they had reached “peak oil” production in
2009, I knew the writing was on the wall. Too bad these political money
-mongers haven’t gotten the clue yet. Perhaps when they have to hire
folks to wait in line to fill up their SUVs, they’ll finally get a hint.

Jay Cole

I think if you are a Republican you can take heart in the fact it was that party that got this all started, and if you are Democrat you can take heart in continuing to see it through.

It is one of those rare things both sides can, or at least could have, gotten behind…and actually used the term “bipartisan” with a straight face. It seems like certain factions on both sides use it as a football, and kick it in the direction they need it to go at a particular moment, when it is convenient for them.

Kind of a shame.

Mark Hovis

Well said.


“BOTH sides” ? ? ?

Jay is right. It’s a matter of who feels they are behind and need more capital to run more campaign ads, etc. Energy is a topic politicos can banty about for quick “brownie points” in polls, and amongst a hungry media – desperate for a story. We look to president Obama trying dearly to gain political leverage in Washington for his healthcare plan in 2010. What does he do? He completely did a 180 degree turn on his 2008 campaign rhetoric on near-shore American offshore drilling by reversing the moritorium on East Coast offshore exploration, opened up near shore drilling in the Gulf and in the Alaskan Arctic regions! This was spun by the White House as a way to “broaden our energy strategies”. What it was – was a carrot to Republicans as political collateral. Of course, two weeks later, the Gulf oil spill fiasco ensued – and Obama had oil all over his hands, and liberals fuming in public. During the 2012 presidential debates, Mr. Obama tossed out a few hints re: the Keystone Pipeline… keeping the prospect of more Dakotas oil exploration and other options on the table as – again – an “all-in” energy strategy, but… Read more »

Indeed. There are some political parties that don’t accept corporate money precisely because of this influence. It’s beyond ill. (I’m a Green Party member, in part for this reason.)

Anyway, Palin is a joke. I’m pretty sure Musk’s tweet about being hurt was sarcastic – I don’t think he cares what she says if he gets some publicity out of the deal.

Josh Bryant

+1 My sentiments exactly.


They don’t work for us. They work for the political machine. We choose to listen to them, or not. We cannot change the political machine because of the current funding laws that allow these “stars” to be made and nurtured. They’re much like Pop music – contrived to meet a certain goal by executives of the music industry. I think there needs to be a new faction of the Republican party that is more like the true Libertarian base than the current R-mess which is slave to the corporate dictum.


You’re singin’ to the choir!



I don’t see Elon taking this lying down -expect him to do much more than just tweet… It will be fun to watch -especially If Tesla stock flutters tomorrow…

I would hope GM would also clear up some of her misconceptions.


I think they should ignore this trailer-trash woman, like the rest of the world already has. I wonder who typed that for her? Way too many 3-syllable words for her to come up with.


When Bush was elected, average federal debt per US citizen was about $15K. After his eight years, it was about $30K. Now it is $50K and growing faster than ever. Again, that’s per citizen … so about double that per tax payer. Clearly not sustainable, so perhaps it is a huge mistake for BIG GOV to use (and lose) our tax money as politically-motiviated venture capital.

I think that’s the crux of her point, even though she said it stupidly, and adorned it with some Tesla/Volt misinformation.


Fortunately, the national debt is not growing faster than ever but is starting to decelerate. Merely cutting spending (austerity) won’t solve the problem (e.g., southern Europe). The economy needs to grow to increase tax revenues. Unfortunately, the free market is very short-term-oriented and favors the status quo. When the free market won’t or can’t, only government can stimulate new technologies (e.g., EV’s and batteries) and new companies (e.g., Tesla, Fisker, GM) that might or might not succeed in the future. But leaving it to the free market at this time hasn’t worked, so government stepped in and did what it could which is a good thing. Sarah Palin is wrong yet again, but she knows that she can stir up the true believers by delivering some red meat which she does well.


You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, though I disagree with most of them. However, your statement about the national debt is factually wrong. Our national debt has grown by $4 billion / day since President Obama took Office. This is due to a slight decrease in tax revenues combined with massive increases in government spending.

You should check out that site and learn the real numbers.. It also lets you go back in time and see the stats for Bush and Clinton.


This graph would tend to back up alohart’s assertion that the US national debt is decelerating.

The site you mention offers nothing about the calculus of our debt as far as I could see.

And this page highlights the effects of the last 11 presidencies on our national debt.


“The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents – #43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome, so that we now have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back — $30,000 for every man, woman and child. That’s irresponsible. It’s unpatriotic.” – Barack Obama, July, 2008

Senator Obama made sense in 2008.

Now the debt is $17 trillion … $53K per citizen … and President Obama has no plan or desire to stop it. Yet liberals don’t seem to care. They baffle me.

I wonder if Sarah Palin knows the difference between a corpsman and a corpse-man.

No, she couldn’t THAT stupid. 😉

Rashiid Amul

Well, she is a MILF. Other than that, I don’t give her much thought. LOL


I don’t think there’s much tread left on those tires. I mean how many does she have now?

The Real Palin

I think she is Tea Party more than Republican.


I believe the Tea Party is more about sticking with Constitutional rights
and T.E.A. – ( Taxed Enough Already ) than energy policy.

Some have hitched their trailer to the T.E.A. Party to gain credence to
their cause – but those are more hangers-on than core membership of
that ideal.

Malcolm Scott


Your comment is shameful. You need time in the corner to think about how more respectful of her as a person your comment should have been. Go for her about her politics, but not her gender.


Yeah, and I don’t see her as “hot” anymore. I mean a nice set of gams
only goes SO FAR – and suddenly, you realize it’s that girl you were
attracted to, but was A TOTAL BIMBO! No staying power in that!

Many women drive the EV-PHEV industry because they’re less likely
to follow established buying patterns – and women buy more cars each
year than men do. This is much like saying women are smarter than
men are – and there are strong arguments to support this proposition.

Martin Tesar

Imagine her as president, Skilled US Workers & Engineers would need to go to China for work. Other country – you can guess – would completely own finance & politics and weapon manufactures – milking down every American.

What happened to the US Republican party are the so out of touch?
They used to be economically very minded of the future, what no self sufficiency? sell out to the lowest bidder ? I’m just shocked – it’s almost like capitalism with a weird sadistic twist to hurt ones own country and fellow citizens in.

Not all people who can’t be politicians – wish to all end up serving coffees to each other.
Some people actually like to be productive, manufacture cutting edge widgets to advance the nation! Surprised so many simple minded people follow her?


Also, her continued rhetoric even when it is filled with flawed facts leads to more parking lot confrontations between EV drivers and the herd who follow the Fox/Rush L./Palin mantras. It really turns American on American and that’s not productive at all. I guess it will play out as oil runs down and tighter oil is more costly and harder to locate. Fracking is not the answer for long-term sustainability. It is good for short-term political windows to be filled with temporary jobs. Overstating the jobs that XL Pipeline would create is part of that.


Not every EV fan is a liberal. I’m a conservative and EV fan because I like superior technology.

I wish the left would stop attacking the oil/gas industry and the right would stop attacking the EV industry. Just let them compete and thrive on their own merits.


Correction, make that a “fiscal conservative”. Sort of a conservative free-market libertarian.

Mark Hovis

A fiscal conservative so am I, but I am with Bonaire on Fracking. I know it sounds like fear mongering, but sooner or later we are going to screw up a major water aquifer (due to human error possibly) and then find out that water is as precious a resource as any fuel. Also converting to natural gas and selling coal to someone else is not exactly an environmental solution. We are already a gas exporter now so it is clear why states like Texas, Alaska and North Dakota want to drill more. There is no magic bullet even with the winning combination of PVs/EVs which I support and participate in. All things have do be handled responsibly. Final note Palin vs Musk? You gotta be kidding.


“He’s not a liberal? But he drives an electric car!” – actually said about me by a friend’s girlfriend.

I think Bonaire’s point is actually not that EV fans are liberals, but that “the herd” (his words) believes them to be. Then those people confront any EV driver they meet. Thus, Americans are turned against Americans.


I’m not a Religious freak but:
James 5:9
Do not grumble against one another, brethren, lest you be condemned. Behold, the Judge is standing at the door!

1 Peter 4:5
They will give an account to Him who is ready to judge the living and the dead.

I believe Sarah is one of the many living who is being judged for her past and present actions.



But, in theory, she is an actress reading from a script. Not sure if she thinks/acts this way when the cameras and handlers are not in view.


I’m a conservative, but I think some (but not all) fellow conservatives miss the big picture with EV’s. I don’t like to see conservatives like Sarah Palin and others bash something like EV’s, or the companies that make them, but disagreement and different points of views are a part of life. I think a better path is to agree to disagree on some things, and make your own circle of influence a better world.

This too shall pass.


Let’s see … so far we have “MILF”, “Loser”, “Bimbo”, and “Joke”, That’s it?

Those are pretty tame insults by liberal standards. I figured by now, one of you would have unleashed your inner “Bill Maher” and played the C-card. 😉


She’s just an A-word. Actress. Who will read whatever she is given and is able to profit from it.

George Bower

Shoot I was late to the party. Way to go Jay. Nothing like an article about Sarah P. to get all the guys fired up (well in more ways than one for Rashiid). 🙂

Jay Cole

IDK George, we try to avoid the politically charged stories, gets everything stirred up…sometimes off the rails. But when Musk tweeted out a response, I think we had to cover it. So far I think we a trending ok in the comments, no fistacuffs yet, (=

George Bower

who knew Elon plays the Violin? So do I. I guess we have a lot in common.


I see some irony in the fact that Palin’s words are being rebroadcast by so many web sites that have readers who lean left politically. This means her words are being amplified by the same people who want her to go away. Perhaps a very clever strategy on her part.


Or when the dust settles, will it be even more free positive publicity for Tesla and Chevy? The more EV seep into the public consciousness, the more understood and attractive they become…

Mark Hovis

So I make it all the way to the end of the blog to be met by a cheesy add “President Palin?” Too funny.


All of these comments reinforce what I’ve been saying all along that EVs are all about politics.

Mark Smolinski

She is a punchline. Anyone who looks to her for truth needs to remember that she is the one who told us that Paul Revere’s ride was to let the British know that they weren’t going to be taking away our arms by ringing those bells. It SCARES me to know that people who ‘like’ her EV comments are still allowed to vote.


The only ‘brick’ is in her head… Electric cars are 90% efficient and her gas car is only 30% efficient at best. The future is here with electric cars and should have been here 10 years sooner, if it wasn’t for Chevron stopping EV Battery development and use. So put that in your global warming tale pipe and smoke that!