Santa Monica Allows Electric Vehicles With “Current and Valid” Permits to Park for Free


It’s a perk that electric vehicle owners in Santa Monica enjoy…free parking.

Got an EV? Park Here for Free

Got an EV? Park Here for Free

In Santa Monica, owners of zero-emission vehicles can park for free, provided that the vehicle is at a metered stall and has a “current and valid” permit (HOV or other tag identifying it as zero emissions).

There’s been some debate over this “current and valid” permit requirement, so much so that city council members are no working on re-writing the ordinance to remove this requirement.

Council member, as well as city representatives are fully in favor or allowing zero-emission vehicles to park for free.  The problem right now is with this “current and valid” wording that’s found in the city’s law.  The meaning of “current and valid” apparently gets changed at the state level quite often and it excludes neighborhood electric vehicles (not HOV eligible) from taking advantage of the free parking.  To avoid the confusion, Santa Monica will re-write its law without those words.

So, worry not Santa Monicans.  Free parking for electric vehicle is a perk that’s staying.

Source: Santa Monica Mirror

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I could see this working in California. But in my state of NC, people would be upset. They are already pissed about free public EVSEs.

So they paid thousands of dollars to remove chargers that gave out a mere $44 of ‘free’ electricity. Brilliant.

That is just spite . . . and spite seems to be driving NC politics these days.

I have that same problem at my work – everyone involved with the EVSE install project is upset that they don’t get free gas from the company’s gas pumps while I get something like 10kWh or less per week ($1.20) free from the charging station.

Love the pic!

Do they also get the stash of cash in the middle?