Sandy Munro Admits Tesla Is A Cult More Than An Automaker: Video


Tesla is shutting down stores to build a cheaper Model 3. What’s the story here?

Of course, Bloomberg Technology and most of mainstream media has voiced the fact that it’s once again unhappy with Tesla. “Build the base Tesla Model 3 quickly or we’ll destroy your credibility. Wait, don’t build it if you have to adjust finances. You must show a profit even if it means building less cars. Wait, if you build less cars we’re coming to get you!”

Yes, as most of you know, the mainstream press related to Tesla is just about 100-percent negative. In fact, the company is under so much scrutiny that there’s absolutely nothing it can do (most of which is one every day by legacy OEMs, but goes unnoticed and unreported) to prove success to the media.

Industry expert Sandy Munro tore down a Model 3 early on and seemed disgusted. Since then, he’s changed his tune so much that he even appears to be a Tesla supporter. However, in a recent interview with Bloomberg regarding Tesla’s plans for store closures and potential job cuts, he calls Tesla a cult.

Whether or not Munro is enamored with the Model 3 from a design standpoint, he’s may not be so sure about the company as a whole. In fact, he says Tesla is not even an automaker, but instead, a cult. As Bloomberg sees it, this is an outright negative.

However, the truth is, Munro sees that the electric automaker can sell its cars without having stores, since Tesla and Elon Musk simply attract people in a way that no other automaker has achieved. No other company CEO is so well-known. No automaker has secrets and tricks up its sleeves like that of Tesla. Munro is so impressed to say that most people won’t even settle for a $35,000 Model 3 because Tesla offers so many appealing option and add-ons.

Still, while a cult is great for marketing, it can always backfire. For this reason, it can work to make investors and car shoppers uneasy, which is clearly the case in the present.

We’d love to read your thoughts on this phenomenon in the comment section  below.

Video Description via Bloomberg Technology on YouTube:

Sandy Munro Says Tesla Isn’t a Car Company, It’s a Cult

Mar.01 — Sandy Munro, chief executive officer of Munro & Associates, and Bloomberg Businessweek’s Max Chafkin discuss investor reaction to Tesla Inc.’s plan to shut many of its stores to help deliver a new Model 3 for $35,000. They speak with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on “Bloomberg Technology.”

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Some people said that about Apple a decade ago. Now Apple would be able to buy many traditional car makers or Tesla! Cash that is…

My biggest complaint about Apple has largely been that their products are so much more expensive than others. (I also don’t like the “walled-garden” but I understand that is a great feature for many.)

What Tesla has done that Apple has not been able to do is deliver a great product AND have it be one of the most cost effective.

I never bought an Apple product! I am electrical/electronics/software/manufacturing engineer. I can analyze and tell from the cost structure. I was very good at Psychology at 20 and took marketing class as well! I know how marketers manipulated and hyped info and played on consumer’s psychology.

I owned an Apple ][+. But modern Apple has been a bit overpriced and haughty for me. I’ve had some iPods though.

I’m not sure what you mean by cost effective, but should you be referring to long term value for the customer, Apple indeed reminds me of Tesla (or rather the other way round). High(er) up front costs but very long term value in some cases. Typing this on a 10 year old macbook pro that I upgraded with a SSD in 2015. I have never seen any PC laptop be viable this long.

I have a ThinkPad T61 that I bought used in 2009 and it’s still working just fine today (currently running Win10 and Ubuntu Linux). It is not at all unusual for PCs with 64-bit CPUs to still be quite viable today, as long as you aren’t using them for gaming (which you obviously aren’t on a 2009 MacBook Pro).

“I have a ThinkPad T61 that I bought used in 2009 ”

It is viable if you were willing to use it but if you are typical you’ve replaced it a couple of times and just can’t bring yourself to get rid of a “perfectly good” computer.” That is the difference. My wife is also running on a 10 year old Mac with an SSD.

What do you mean by “replaced it a couple of times”? I haven’t replaced it at all, it’s still my primary laptop.

I guess that is very true when comparing a Tesla to ICE cars.

I just meant that Tesla created the sleek $35K Model 3 with 220 miles that other EVs really cannot compete with (there are some close things like Bolt & LEAF but they lack good DC fast-charging and the upcoming Hyundai/KIAs but not available in volume.)

Are you running the latest version of MacOS?

Hitler was a cult and people bought into that! Lots of people cannot think and analyze independently! But cult eventually cannot stand up to the repeated test of truth!

Godwin’s Law strikes again.

Well if you’re talking in the religious sense, Musk IS planning on landing on Mars who was a god, but if you mean Cult in the lay sense ‘a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing’ then we will have to wait to judge that. Unless and until he fails, the admiration is not misplaced.

He did not say that, that is what Bloomberg want to claim, see the original video at:

I was pretty sure that Sandy did not mention that Tesla is a cult in the video.

Yes, in the Bloomberg one he said it once, but meant it more like a strong following, than the normal interpretation.
The video supplied by earl is one Alex of E for Electric did recently.
At 3:30 Sandy says: Tesla in not a car company, it’s a cult. Then he goes on to explain, his interpretation, which translates to people who love Musk, and Tesla, but deservedly so.

Paraphrase for us, not everyone can watch videos from their work computers…

@God/Bacardi The long video that Earl linked above is not the Bloomberg video, although it’s very interesting, detailed, and worth watching (especially the end). The Bloomberg article is not linked anywhere in the article above, but can found in the link below. It’s 5 minutes long and was a waste of 5 minutes to watch. Host: Are people going to buy a $35k-$60 Tesla, because it’s a Tesla, sight unseen (online)? Munro: Yes, I believe they will. I’ve learned Tesla is not a car company, it’s a cult. Elon Musk attracts people in a way no one else [does]. Which car exec would anybody on the street know besides him. He’s got hidden plans: ie turning on back seat heaters, fixing brakes with OTA update. He’s going to pull some rabbits out of his sleeve & I don’t think anyone is going to buy a $35k M3, because they’re going to want to AutoPilot and a few other things that are extra charges. Musk can get M3 down to $35K but he has left so many things hidden inside. If you want it all you have to do is phone or email Elon & he’ll turn it back on… Read more »

Even if Sandy actually said that, I wouldn’t mind. He’s certainly earned my respect for how completely he turned around on his opinion of Tesla’s cars, and especially the Model 3. He even described himself as a full-blown Tesla fanboy in the “Autoline After Hours” interview!

I don’t mind some gentle ribbing about how much “Tesla Kool-Aid” some of us Tesla fans have drunk. What I do mind is when serial Tesla bashers call us “cultists” in a derisive and mean-spirited way!

Well, let’s see… just who is it who keep obsessively posting about Tesla even in comments to articles which have absolutely nothing to do with Tesla? And who is it that keeps making up conspiracy theories about Tesla? Seems to me it’s the serial Tesla bashers, so obsessed with Tesla that they can’t stop posting rubbish and outright B.S. about the company and its cars all the time, who are the real cultists!

I believe the Tesla bashers are just a smaller cult suffering self loathing.

I wouldn’t say it’s a cult, they just make better cars than the “other guys” and that makes a lot of other people mad.

You’re in a “cult” if you can perceive the advanced VALUE of an EV drive experience.
The luxury of the instant torque, excellent acceleration and a quiet ride with great music.

“If you like the Product, but the Stock” — Vanguard Magellan fund Manager with a 20 year track record of 20% asset growth: Peter Lynch.

As for Apple, there are still statistical outliers running Windows XP.
But, you don’t listen to them about advanced products.

That’s the nature of EVs, not just Tesla.

Magellan fund is a Fidelity product and not a Vanguard product.

I wouldn’t say that most Tesla buyers are cult members as I Know many of them in the real life.

But the comment sections of its fan club sites such as Electreck or clean technica do seem to act like a Cult. Then again, both of those sites openly disclose that they own TSLA stocks which may just influence their coverage due to financial entanglement.

Kenneth Bokor (EV Revolution Show - YouTube)
Yes, the cult-like appearance and fanaticism by a huge number of Tesla owners is what inspires this type of labelling. I know Tesla owners (and most all of us really) are a passionate bunch, but at least most non-Tesla EV owners are more open to looking at this marketplace in a bigger lens than many Tesla owners. If you don’t say that Telsa is the best and praise them, you are labelled anti-Tesla and trolled-upon. I’ve experienced this behaviour many times and still do to this day, which really is shameful. I don’t see that from ANY other car brand owners. So I can certainly understand where this branding and thought can come from, even if I know it not to be the case. However, really all Tesla owners need be more open minded with all EVs on the scene and not be so quick to spread “hate” (like Nissan sucks, etc.). No everyone will want to buy a Tesla and there are and will be even more coming, many more choices out in the marketplace for consumers. And it’s really about getting people into EVs, more to BEVs but PHEVs are a great step too – and away from… Read more »

Verses the outrageous lies of the non-Tesla financial community.
I’ll take the fan base, they don’t lie every day to help a short make a profit.

Tesla Model 3 at $35,000: Promise FULFILLED.
Tesla Bond Payment: $900,000,000 – Paid, Promise FULFILLED.

The Tesla Fan base doesn’t lie.

What does “Non-Tesla financial community” mean. There are non-Tesla auto manufacturers.

Nobody in the financial community is either always long or always short Tesla. Someone who is long Tesla at 250 may be short Tesla at 350. Everybody’s assessment of what the correct value of a company is different.

This, in my opinion, is what makes the Tesla community a cult. There is this assumption that there is a big conspiracy out there of people who short Tesla stock, not to make money off a discrepancy in the stock numbers, but because they all scheme to make it fail. THAT kind of fear of outsiders is the very definition of a cult.

There IS a big conspiracy of people who short Tesla stock. And they don’t hide.
Jim Chanos for one.
And as to conspiracy you need to research the outrageous lies they told about Fairfax Insurance of Canada.
Long ago were the days of Mr. Chanos actually picking and finding short targets that actually committing financial fraud. They come by too rarely to make big money on.
Better to bribe the financial press into a litany of lies to try to bring good companies down with a Lie Factory.

If that were true, all I would need to do is to set up a trade that arbitrates between his artificially low estimate of Tesla’s stock and what its “true” value is. That’s the thing the conspiracy cultists don’t understand. The whole point of a market is that if you believe that there is a discrepancy between the consensus and reality, you make money. There is no money to be made in fooling the world about reality because you cannot control everybody at the same time. All it takes is for one person to believe otherwise and they make a killing.

“There is no money to be made in fooling the world about reality because you cannot control everybody at the same time.”

Yes, and I never have been able to figure out why so many of the serial Tesla bashers think it’s worth their time to do this on a daily basis. But you can see dozens or sometimes hundreds of anti-Tesla comments on Reeking Alpha every day. Even here on our own InsideEVs Forum, “TeslaInvestors” pounding away in the Tesla bashing thread he created, and sometimes elsewhere, sometimes posting two and three times a day, always using half-truths and outright FÜD to try to convince people that TSLA should be shorted.

I suppose at least some of the serial Tesla bashers have other motives; “Montana Skeptic” turned out to be the manager of an investment fund that handled one or more Big Oil accounts, so his motive was pretty clear. I think it’s entirely possible that some of them are paid by Russian troll farms, too.

“Nobody in the financial community is either always long or always short Tesla.”

Factually incorrect. There are a bunch of so-called “financial advisors” who are always, always “short” Tesla, and always, nearly every single day for years and years on Reeking Alpha, telling others that TSLA should be shorted. Mark B. Spiegel is one of them.

As a follower of the short people, you guys are every bit as much a cult.

If you don’t say Tesla is the best, you can’t read a spec sheet.
Although the Rivian Truck may be better than the Tesla Truck, but it’s priced much higher.

Here again is a fine example of the Tesla blinders some people have. There is no Tesla truck yet. It’s coming, I have no doubt, but it hasn’t even been revealed yet, and is probably a few years away. And pricing is not even remotely known.

We know it’s going to be some futuristic, possibly oddball design. That screams high price to me.

If that were the case, then you’d get responses from “fanboys” saying “but Tesla really is the best….” However, that’s not happening. Fans of Tesla have reasons. They like the products. They detest the misinformation. But they are anything but people who accept things blindly. Tesla’s own forums are full of “fans” who are critical each time they need service or anything goes wrong. They are not shy about complaining. But they don’t complain about the trite or peddle misinformation, or act as if they are the worst car in the world just because Consumer Reports said that under 3% of them have a given problem in a given area, but that still precludes a recommendation.

All those “cult” members are defending a product that has the highest customer satisfaction rating of any car, so it’s hard to say that it’s outside of mainstream thought. Tesla simply makes cars that people like. Tesla’s fans to tend to contradict haters, but it’s the haters who have proven to be wrong time and time again, who like to take things out of context and act as if they are the context, who are sure that Tesla’s demand dried up in 2013, that all other car companies were moments away from crushing them, and all sorts of other things that didn’t happen. The common excuse of the haters is that those who disagree with them are “fanbois” as if liking a product somehow disqualifies somebody from being objective, or as if name calling strengthens the argument of those who impugn Tesla.

People don’t like Tesla because they are fans. They became fans because they like the products based on experience.

There are plenty of spins from the cult.

For example, when the roof testing machine broke during the Tesla Model S testing, the cult go around made the claim telling the world that Tesla are so safe and strong that it broke the test machine. In this case, it is simply false. The machine broke while testing the roof, but it wasn’t because the roof is so strong. In fact, plenty of other cars have FAR HIGHER roof strength than Tesla in actual measured pressure. That is just one example.

You’re making the very mistake you’re accusing Tesla fans of making: Stating an opinion as if it’s a fact. And in your case, it’s a badly misinformed opinion.

Here is an actual headline from

“The Tesla Model S Is So Safe It Broke the Crash-Testing Gear”

Now, unless you are claiming that is part of what you’re wrongly calling a Tesla “cult,” then… What you have said is simply wrong; factually incorrect.

Cult? No. Avid fan base that advocates for it? Yes.

There are some cultish folks…like a lot of unsophisticated folks that buy into Elon’s statements that are obviously over-optimistic exaggerations…like his promises of self-driving for years that is still a long way away.

But Tesla has earned it’s fan base. A great $35K EV with a 200 mile range was literally IMPOSSIBLE ten years ago. Heck, it is impossible today if you listen to Tesla’s competitors & critics. I said it too. But they delivered. So they’ve earned the accolades.

@Speculawyer said: “Cult? No. Avid fan base that advocates for it? Yes…”

I agree.

enthusiast (Webster says):
“a : one who is ardently attached to a cause, object, or pursuit…
b : one who tends to become ardently absorbed in an interest”

I know several Tesla owners that are very passionate about Tesla and Tesla cars. I’d say Tesla “enthusiasts” would be more accurate than Tesla “cult” members. Although “cult” understandably is a word that makes better media play.

I also know several Ford F-Series truck owners that believe Ford is the center of the truck universe and that nobody makes a better truck… they can’t imagine anyone wanting to own a truck that is not a Ford. I’d classify those Ford truck fans as Ford Truck “enthusiasts”… not a Ford truck “cult”.


As for those that say Elon Musk himself serves as a “cult” figure… I’d say more accurately Elon between his Tesla & SpaceX accomplishments by daring to with both feet step outside of the box has well earned many Elon Musk “enthusiasts”… myself included.

“I also know several Ford F-Series truck owners that believe Ford is the center of the truck universe and that nobody makes a better truck… they can’t imagine anyone wanting to own a truck that is not a Ford.”

Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking when I read the comment upstream that claims no other auto maker attracts ardent enthusiasts like Tesla does. I guess I know a lot of Ford (and also Chevy and GMC) pickup owners that they don’t! You wanna get into a fist fight? Just start dissing their favorite pickup brand within their hearing!

Ugh. I don’t understand such Blind-faith brand loyalty. It is weak-mindedness, IMHO. Things change. Try to keep up.

I still never understand the downvoters that don’t have the balls to express why they disagree. Such pathetic cowards hiding in safe spaces. :-/

Kenneth Bokor (EV Revolution Show - YouTube)

Then post with your real name! Seems you and the majority of others are “hiding”. People have the right to disagree and agree.

Proud to be a Tesla cultist. 😉

Tesla Cult Charter Member #245

Yep. I’m still skeptical and call them out on things that I think they do wrong. But in general, they have completely won me over by making so damn many incredibly smart moves that BY FAR outweigh their few errors.

Ooh, ooh, what do have to do to become a Tesla Cult Member? My Telsa payment is already more than my house payment, and I’ve been watching Tesla for around 15 years.

You’ve been following Tesla since the year they were incorporated, in 2003? That seems… improbable.

Heck, I’ve only been following the “story” of Tesla since a few months before the original Roadster went on sale in mid-2008.

I actually started following Tesla when I read an article about Musk joining Tesla, which would’ve been 2004.


Seriously, -8 downvotes for my comment?

Some people have apparently had their sense of humor surgically removed. 😉

I have 16 downvotes for my statement of Tesla support. The haters & shorts are everywhere.

And no, I’m not just being a reactionary hater…they refuse to even post why they disagree! Just anonymous hate that presents no reasoning. I have no respect for that. At least present your argument, haters.

Tesla always has been an odd ball on the eyes of traditional automotive experts/analysts.

Automitove analysts understandably don’t know how to evaluate Tesla because Tesla does not neatly fit into a long standing automotive industry template of how car makers are expected to behave.

Over the next 5-10 years what Tesla is today pioneering as a car maker will become the new norm for likely the majority of all the EV maker front runners… until then the industry “experts” will continue to point out all that is odd about Tesla.

I don’t understand.
If you like the Mustang GT, you like the Tesla Model 3 Performance for the same reasons, except noise. There’s no actual distinction between a Mustang GT fan and a Tesla fan,
except Tesla’s don’t burn gas.

That’s like saying no one should be an Iphone cause Andriod does everything better.

Try expressing that opinion on an active gearhead forum, and see how fast you get dogpiled with pejorative remarks.

That’s sort of like saying that there is nothing different between a Cessna and a Honda Jet, except a propeller.

Cessna is the worlds largest maker of small and mid size business (er rich people’s) jets. Unlike Honda they do not make cars.

Lol what in the hell?

Tesla is an innovator and 100% clean energy business. Its aspirational qualities inspire loyalty in customers and supporters. This is what real leadership looks like. If you want a cult, I suggest Fox News viewers.

Off-topic: OMG. That Jane Mayer article in the New Yorker today! Fox “news” has gone from being huge partisan hacks to being a full-on propaganda outlet that is contemptuous of democracy. They are not a real news outlet at all.

@RobF & @Speculawyer,
Politicizing EVs serves to aid those actively working to slow down the EV revolution.

Tesla’s financial growth has been nearly GEOMETRIC.
It’s a kind of insanity for anyone who really studies finance to NOT be a Tesla Fan, and a student of Tesla Growth. Again, there has to be another motivation for the CNBC/Bloomberg constant Hit Pieces on Tesla. They’re PAID to Bash Tesla. By Shorts.

Because, anyone who likes AMERICAN JOBS, and AMERICAN INNOVATION and AMERICAN ECONOMIC LEADERSHIP, should be Praising Tesla.

TIP: Jaguar is offering an incentive on the I-Pace EV: ——————————- $3,000 – Jaguar US introduces Allowance Credit for eligible vehicles. Not compatible with Bonus Credit Allowance Credit compatible w/ Unsubvened, Independent, and Cash transactions only. Allowance Credit can be combined with Private Offer/Organizations and Clubs and ATS cash.


Without their current owner Tata (and the previous owner, Ford) they would have been bankrupt long ago. It remains to be seen if they will be able to hang on.

Why does anyone care about the opinion of a grumpy old man from another era, who owes his loyalty to the ICE giants?

That reads like you’re talking about Bob Lutz, not Sandy Munro.

Sandy has his head screwed on right. Just listen to the Autoline After Hours interview, if you doubt that. Normally I don’t either listen to or recommend long talking-heads videos, but this one is worth listening to.

I keep considering a Tesla, but they are not yet offering the combination of cost and features I’m looking for, and I don’t have an immediate need for a new car. Getting closer though.

But the rabid fan base on some sites and blogs makes me not want to be associated with that kind of cultish fanaticism.

Maybe it’s just the elitist, self righteous, privileged, entitlement mindset they seem to have that puts me off.

I know some Tesla owners personally, and they are fine in person, but man, people get on the Internet comments section and lose all sense of decorum and nuance and sense of humor.

But can you name any other auto company that is delivering anything even remotely close to the quality EVs that Tesla is? No. That’s why they have a rabid fan base.

Whether they’re good cars or not, rabies is not a good thing to have…

It’s a metaphor, Davek. Look it up.

Yes, a metaphor for rabies. I just mean that sure, have an appreciation for a great product from a visionary company, but don’t let it become so blind and one-sided that you can’t accept any justified criticism. We already religious fundamentalism for that. FWIW, I agree with (and upvoted) a good number of your comments here, but being rabid is still not a good or healthy thing.

I know you won’t agree, but several others are making quality EVs. Just not at the volume Tesla is.

Your comment right there is a fine example of someone with Tesla blinders on.

But you failed to list any. And any you list certainly don’t have a worldwide DC fast-charge network that has reliable chargers strategically placed. But really….go ahead and try to convince me. There are some new good entrants like Hyundai/Kia…but they are not real yet since they won’t ship in volume. Who are you thinking of?

Then I guess Sandy Munro has “blinders” on, too, because he can be seen in an extended video interview literally raving, at great length, about how much better the Model 3 is than its competitors. All of its competitors. Not in every way, but in many ways.

Maybe you aren’t as informed on the subject as you think you are.

So pushing back from the computer, the folks you actually know who own Teslas seem level headed and not cultish. But you’re going to base your decision on online folks you don’t know. Makes a lot of sense. I’d skip the really great product based on a fringe minority.

As I said, I’m still considering, and waiting for Tesla to offer the product I am looking for at a price I’m willing to pay.

I want AWD, but Tesla’s least expensive AWD EV is $48,500 (with the color I would want). And I simply don’t value cars high enough to spend close to $50k on a depreciating object.

Maybe once the used prices come down, or if they start making the SR Model 3 available with AWD.

Cargurus has Model S 70D’s for $38k.

Why couldn’t Tesla be a car company AND a cult? What’s wrong with that anyway? I say kudos to Tesla for creating a cult-like following.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Cult members lack objectivity, and that’s a bad thing.
In general, people’s willingness to forgive Tesla its errors and weaknesses comes from the aim, which is building lots of EVs and, importantly, lots of cheap batteries, backed up by getting the fundamentals of BEVs right: long range, charging fast, and a systematic build out of a charging network. Unfortunately, they suck at many other things, and the hope is that they’ll get better at those with profitability from the base Model 3 up.

You’re making the same mistake that people who call Tesla enthusiasts “cultists” make: You have somehow come to the wrong-headed belief that so many people love their Tesla cars because they are enthusiastic Tesla fans, rather than the truth: That people have become enthusiastic Tesla fans because they love their Tesla cars so much!

In other words, you completely fail to understand the most important thing about Tesla, and why its fans are so enthusiastic and dedicated.

People don’t create websites to display long love letters about their car (for example, see link below) because they are “willing to forgive Tesla its errors and weaknesses”. People publicly display such love letters because, on a gut level, Tesla cars are so much better than all other cars, that they inspire that kind of enthusiasm.

Why is a person who loves a sporting ride a “cult”?
No one complains about BMW M series drivers as a cult, and they clearly think their cars are above the crowd. Why is it that Tesla is a “cult” base.

An amazing product will have people who admire the product and the company that built the product. GM has fans of the Volt and Bolt.
GM had fans of the EV1.

BMW M series drivers may think highly of their vehicles, but I doubt many of them look down on others for buying a competing vehicle. If you listen to some of the Tesla fanboys on this site and Electrek, you would think 1) You’re an idiot to buy anything other than a Tesla, and 2) All of the existing ICE manufacturers will be out of business in the next 10 years. Certainly many of the Tesla fans don’t feel like this, but it seems many of the vocal ones do…

Tesla is a company. No doubt about that. Tesla produces and sells cars. No doubt as well, I presume.

Now old petrol man Munro, your deduction. We are listening…

The petrodollar shills are grasping at straws because they can’t admit that Tesla makes the best cars in the world.

Ha. That’s true, but in the same way that Steve Jobs made Apple products have such a fan following. I’m still an Apple guy because I got sucked into the ecosystem and magic of Jobs.

Another company that has a cult-like following is called Harley Davidson. Harley sells more than just motorcycles, they sell an image, a way of life. All of which has resulted in them having over 50% market share. No other motorcycle company has that level of success. Perhaps Tesla can one day match that level of success in the automotive industry.

Is Munro pointing out the Tesla Cult because his Sweat pants, and his Nike Decades athletic shoes, have not arrived yet?

Or, is it because he doesn’t like how EVeryone is drinking the Kool–aid, as it is being passed around the circle.

Very unfair. Sandy has had a road-to-Damascus type conversion experience about the Tesla Model 3, and now describes himself as a Tesla fanboy.

I have a lot of respect for someone who (a) is clearly an expert in his field (altho that doesn’t mean everything he says is right), and (b) is willing to state openly and without reservation that he was almost entirely wrong in the initial opinions he expressed about Tesla’s cars, before he drove one and did a detailed teardown analysis.

Everybody is trying to get some mileage out of the publicity boon that is Tesla, Munro, Consumer Reports and just about every media outlet out there. They’ll just say anything as long as it gets the clicks.

Including — or rather, especially — Consumer Reports. Is there any other auto maker for which CR does multiple reports every year on just one model?

I don’t think so; only Tesla. CR is trying to ride the coat-tales of Tesla’s popularity to boost magazine sales and website clicks.

Lots of rats scurrying under bounty laden table that is Tesla looking for crumbs.

If fans of eschewing stealerships, dramatically reimagining vehicle interiors, and cleanly breaking from established automotive powertrains and fuel sources constitutes a cult, then sign me up! One of the biggest appeals of Tesla is that it’s NOT a normal automaker. Ford, GM, Toyota, Hyundai, and their dealership pals can point the finger at themselves to explain why Tesla is successful — or maybe we all should be pointing fingers at the politicians who protect the dealers! That $5,000 “market adjustment” fee on top of the price a Kona EV is looking mighty stupid in the world of a $35k Model 3.

Yes, that “market adjustment” will no hold up long unless people are not doing any research and must have on of the very rare Hyundai/Kia electrics

Well! he is just telling what I have known for a long time!

I agree with lots that is said here. I’m getting a blue Model 3 with white interior.

The same thing could probably have been said about BMW in the 1980’s or MG’s in the 1960s. Something that (once you’ve driven) feels different, special, and fun. If that’s what makes them a cult, sure.

Maserati a cult, Ferrari a cult, Bugatti a cult, Toyota masses, Honda masses etc. What’s new here?

What is different is that Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. enthusiasts don’t have a bunch of Tesla bashers posting nasty, mean-spirited comments all over social media about them, calling them “cultists”.

What cult is not eager to communicate with potential cult members? Why won’t this cult respond to my emails, texts, and phone calls?

Tesla is obviously an automaker (because they make automobiles by the hundreds of thousands), but it isn’t like any of the existing, legacy automakers that Sandy is familiar with (and worked in for decades). The oddity here is not Tesla and every other EV start-up (read these pages), but the resistance to change of the legacy automakers. Human history is littered with industries that failed to adjust to the inevitable march of technological innovation. Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

All these older manufacturing car companies are making compliance cars. Tesla is trying to change the way we think about our planet with a more sustainable path to the Future and they’re doing it in class. For the money, Teslas are the fastest, the most attractive, the most efficient, their batteries are the best on the market, their cars are among the safest on the market (if not the safest), their charging infrastructure is a model for the industry and their technology is years ahead of any other automaker. If that’s your definition of a cult, sign me up!