San Francisco International Airport To Install 4 DC Fast Chargers


San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is set to install 4 DC fast chargers, thanks to funding provided by the California Energy Commission.

SFO will receive $480,000 in grant money, which it will use to purchase and install the 4 DC fast chargers, presumably for use by taxis operating zero emissions vehicles.

SFO currently has Level 1/2 chargers and, as we all know, DC fast chargers aren’t needed for long-term parkers, so we have to assume that the airport has planned some other intended use for the fast chargers.

As San Francisco Business Times reports:

“SFO set up a clean-vehicle policy in 2000 with the aim of encouraging operators to use clean-air cars, taxis and other vehicles.”

“It now boasts some 5,000 clean-air vehicles operating at it facilities.”

We presume then that the DC fast chargers are for vehicles mainly operating at the facility.

Source: San Francisco Business Times

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That’s awesome. I presume they’ll be both Chademo and SAE-CCS. The airport is right on a major freeway (101) and half-way between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, so it is in a good location for a fast-charger.

These could work in short term parking for drivers dropping off or picking up friends and relatives

They should put some in the cell-phone lot.

Yeah, this would be perfect.

For 480.000$ you could get 100 x 43kw AC TYP2 Chargers. Thats the reason why in Europe TYP2 is Standard for Normal AND FAST Charging besides the extraordinary expensive CCS DC as second FAST charging Version. No DC charger can be operated with margin and is a loss of money.

Well, their overall charging capabilities are ridiculous, although I’m not sure what the way around it it. I live about 25 miles from SFO and fly frequently. There are a few plugs in long-term parking that I’ve seen in use. There are a few chargers in the International parking garage. However, there are literally dozens of plug-in cars – Teslas, Leafs, and a few other Energi’s like mine – in the International garage alone, that have no where to plug in at any given time.

What airport parking generally needs is a whole lot of 120V/12A charging. Actually, 240V/6A would be even better as you could use smaller wire.

Build some very inexpensive EVSEs – with 6A max the wire could be 16 AWG wire (maybe even 18 AWG) and wire up a ton of spots.

You could get the hardware down to $200/ea with this and charge 5 cars with the same electric supply as you use for a typical 30A L2 EVSE.

Go to ParkSFO for long term parking. They have 6 J1772 stations that are managed by the valets. You car will always be charged when you return.

Excellent, thanks. Anza parking just lost a customer.

The problem with the Level 2 stations in the short term parking right up next to the terminals is that people with EVs park there and don’t even bother to plug in. If you NEED a charge when you go to pick up somebody, there is a good chance that none are available. Some people have to try all the terminals to finally find one open.

It seems like this is the exact spot where fast charging doesn’t make sense. People parking here are mostly those going on a trip. I’d much rather see several hundred 110 outlets for charging, for that money.

“SFO currently has Level 1 chargers and, as we all know, DC fast chargers aren’t needed for long-term parkers, so we have to assume that the airport has planned some other intended use for the fast chargers.”

Correction – SFO Currently has Level 2 chargers…

Short term parking has several ChargePoint stations for each garage. These are the typical J1772 30A plus 120V wall plug behind a door.

That said, I’m very curious where they’re going to put the DCFCs. SFO has a huge area in the center of the donut shaped parking garage for their taxi queue. The taxis are let out one by one to supply the taxi stands at the curbside. If it’s truly intended for taxis, then they need a system to get in the queue and charge at the same time.

“5,000 clean-air vehicles operating at it facilities”

These are 99.9% CNG taxis and shuttle buses. There are two CNG stations adjacent to the airport. San Jose International also encourages clean air vehicles and has a CNG station on-site too.

The chargers will be located in the cell phone lot. This is an ideal site because of its proximity to 101.

I do like the logic of putting a fast charger at the Airport. I wish my local airport would do the same. The reason is say you own a Mitsubishi i-miev and the local air port is 40 miles away. Then when you drive to the airport to pick up someone waiting at the terminal you only have 20 miles range left by the time you get there. But with the fast charger you can get up to 80% and then leave in 30 minutes which would be good for picking up someone in your low range EV.

This idea is good in that a good chunk of t the people who go to airports are dropping or picking up people up.

I think you guys missed the big EV story.

SF Bay Area governments just made the biggest EV purchase ever. 90EVs between 10 cities

The EVs—projected to be 64 Ford Focus Electric sedans, 23 Nissan LEAF sedans and 3 Zenith vans—were purchased with $2.8 million in funding support from MTC, which offset the incremental cost of the EVs and charging infrastructure. Local agency vehicle replacement funds made up the balance of the investment.

A total of 31 new all-electric Ford Focus sedans will soon be humming down Sonoma County roads and in some cases recharging their lithium-ion batteries with solar panels, thanks in part to a federal grant.