San Francisco Carpool Lane Crackdown (w/video)


Tesla Model S Without Stickers Gets Ticketed

Tesla Model S Without Stickers Gets Ticketed

The segment is called “People Behaving Badly” by Stanley Roberts with KRON 4 in the Bay Area.

This particular episode centers around the people abusing the car pool lane.

And if you’re one of those plug-in car drivers who refuses to put those unsightly green or white HOV stickers on your car, then you just might end up getting a $515 ticket, like the owner of the Tesla Model S does in the KRON 4 video.

According to KRON 4, the only vehicles allowed in the lane are:

“The only people who don’t need to follow that law are people with a two-seater car, a truck with six or more wheels, or cars with a green or white clean air vehicle sticker.”

Without the stickers, you’re in violation of the law.

Source: KRON 4

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Probably set it up during rush hour and raked in some big cash. In my experience more and more municipalities are using police to generate cash.
My advice is to obey all traffic laws and regulations and leave your ego at home when driving. This is one area in which I can say I have years of experience.


In the Bay Area, carpool lane restrictions are only valid during the rush-hour commutes.

So, yes, it was during rush hour.


While I have a issue with police force use to make sure you’re going to speed limit at rush hour. I have NO issue with highway patrol making sure the carpool lane is being used correctly.


Yup, now if they will also go after those with similar egos that refuse to put front license plates as required by California law.

They think having a fancy car means they can disobey the law like the Tesla owner shown here.


Wait . . . 2-seaters are exempt? No, that’s not right.

Big Solar

exempt as long as both seats are occupied.


I thought commercial vehicles (including trucks with 6 or more wheels) were not allowed in HOV/carpool lanes regardless of how many people are in the cab?


Don’t me to be pedantic, but there’s a mistake:

“And if you’re one of those plug-in car drivers who refuses to put those unsightly green or yellow HOV stickers …”

The yellow stickers (associated with hybrids a long time ago) are no longer valid. The valid stickers are green or white. This article quotes KRON later, and they mention the white stickers.

Thanh Lim

I wish they did that in Los Angeles. On a daily basis, the onramps that I use for carpools only have only 1 passenger (without the necessary stickers of course).

It’s rampant, and it’s got to stop. Same with the 405 southbound from the 101. A good number of people going down that with only 1 driver (and heavily tinted glass, which is also illegal on the front).

TBH though, that 405 should be 3 people or more during rush hour because it is almost the same speed as normal traffic. It’s miserable.


A camera looking at the HOV on an on-ramp taking photos of driver/non-passenger and plate could easily put to abuse.

Expect even a fake camera with flash for each metering of the on-ramp green-light would make many HOV cheaters think twice.


“A camera looking at the HOV on an on-ramp taking photos of driver/non-passenger and plate could easily put to abuse. ”

How does the camera tell for sure that there is an infant in the rear facing car seat in the 2nd row or 3rd row of the vehicle that has darkened windows?

You can’t for sure…


Personally, I don’t think an infant should count.


Age discrimination is prohibited by state and federal law. Just as you can’t limit HOV access by race (ie no minorities allowed), you can’t limit HOV access by age either.


“a truck with six or more wheels”
So does this apply to dually pickup trucks?


“wheels” for this purpose does not mean “tires/rims” It means axles. Even a fixed rear axle has independently spinning hubs or “axles”. Thus a standard big rig cab with 10 tires would qualify as 6 axles.


There are many carpool scofflaws out there beyond those who have the proper car, but not the sticker. Every day on my commute in Silicon Valley I see single drivers in non-electric, non PHEV cars going by. Cops should be able to spot them easily, but I guess if there aren’t enough to patrol everywhere, people will do it and hope they’re not caught.