San Diego Now Home to More Than 6,000 Plug-In Vehicles and 500 Public Chargers


According to San Diego Gas & Electric, San Diego, California is the nation’s “green transportation leader.”

What is it that makes San Diego the leader?  Well, the region is supposedly home to the highest per capita electric vehicle ownership of any area in the country.

At the most recent count, San Diego has over 6,000 electric vehicles on its roads and, as San Diego Gas & Electric says, residents of the area are driving the transition to electric vehicles and are doing their part for the sustainability of the world.

San Diego Gas and Electric Time-of-Use Rate Chart

San Diego Gas and Electric Time-of-Use Rate Chart

San Diego lays claim to having one of the nation’s most comprehensive public charging deployments.  All told, some 500 publicly-accessible charging stations are in the San Diego area.

CleanTECH San Diego is one of the primary reasons why San Diego is in the EV-leading position today.  CleanTECH’s goal is to “stimulate innovation and advance the adoption of clean technologies and sustainable industry practices for the economic, environmental and social benefit of the greater San Diego region.”

Jim Waring, executive chair and co-founder of CleanTECH San Diego, stated:

“San Diego is fast becoming the nation’s electric vehicle capital.  These clean, emissions-free vehicles promote innovation and new economic opportunities for the area, help preserve the local environment and demonstrate San Diego’s leadership as a sustainable city.”

Source: San Diego Gas and Electric

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What is it that makes San Diego the leader?

Maybe its because they don’t require you to change everything and get special permission to get EV charging rates, and have simple and clear time of use rates so you know when to charge.

I would not name any names of course (PG&E). I wouldn’t want to offend my power company (PG&E).

Well then stick it to PG&E by installing your own solar PV system.

Seems like a great idea, but a lot of people live in apartments or condos that make that impossible. Many times a condo owner can put in the electrical for a L2 charging unit, but cannot put panels on the roof (commonly owned roof).

Boy you guys in Ca really have to pay the price.
Here in AZ our flat rate is more like 12cents/kwh.

The flat rate in my area (Sacramento) is $.13/kWh. The problem is the tiered system. An EV pushes you into higher tiers where prices can jump to over $.39/kWh. Then you have to switch to an EV and Time of Use rate to bring the price back down to approx. $.10/kWh. That is unless your house is super efficient.

AZ uses a lot more coal than CA does and has a lot less renewables than CA, too.

In addition, average electricity usage is much higher due to A/C usage, which allows the utility to spend less on infrastructure per kWh delivered. For example, it costs basically the same to run utility poles down a street regardless of whether or not the houses on the street use 500 kWh / month or 1000 kWh / month.

At those electricity rates, it’s cheaper to have a CNG vehicle than an EV.

It’s cuz they shut down all of their NPP’s down. They buy a very large percentage of their electricity out of state. Like from AZ Palo Verde NPP or the Lake Powell coal burner..

Who the heck is “CleanTECH San Diego”?

I’ve never heard of that company, nor do I know of any charging infrastructure that they’re involved in, one any electric vehicles that they build and/or sell.

CleanTECH San Diego isn’t the likely reason for any of San Diego’s EV successes, and makes their inclusion in the article seem a bit strange.

Tony Williams
San Diego

Yeah Tony…. I think that is called a plug but making it a part of the argument was some reach. Hey,! How much to make a blog post saying TonyWilliams is the reason San Diego is so green? (everything he does… I know him more than “CleanTech” or whoever that is….)

Well, let me make my “plug” for our EV plug just north of San Diego county, the first DC charger on the ChargePoint network, and one of the busiest CHAdeMO chargers in the USA:

Residence Inn Dana Point San Juan Capistrano
33711 Camino Capistrano
San Juan Capistrano, California
(949) 443-3600