Samsung SDI Unveils New Energy Storage Products at Intersolar Europe 2015

JUN 24 2015 BY MARK KANE 42

Samsung SDI battery cells

Samsung SDI battery cells

Samsung SDI is joining the rush of battery manufacturers into energy storage systems.

At Intersolar Europe 2015 in Munich, Germany, Samsung SDI unveiled a new all-in-one residential ESS with 5.5 kWh and 8.0 kWh. Other sizes are available, like 3.6 kWh, 7.2 kWh and 10.8 kWh.

A cool feature for many customers will be PV inverter combined in the ESS for simple installation.

“New residential EES is all-in-one enclosure of three functions including PV inverter, battery PCS and lithium Ion battery. As a DC system, the Samsung All-in-One system is highly efficient in storing solar energy into electrical energy because PV generation in form of DC is stored in battery without DC/AC inverting.

Samsung All-in-One system is most competitive in terms of performance, design and price because all the components in the system were designed and optimized together. In addition, everything in one enclosure makes it compact, which accounts for a small space and easy and quick installation. Also, with its stylish design and bright color, it is suited to be placed any place in homes.

The most essential part of all is that Samsung SDI’s All-in-One is made by a reliable company specializing in lithium Ion battery technology. The battery in the All-in-One is the same battery used in German premium EV cars and landmark grid-scale energy storage in Schwerin, Germany. In terms of safety, Samsung SDI is the only LIB company without a single recall. Also, Samsung SDI assures long- term product warranty for 5 years, with a performance guarantee of 10 years.”

Samsung SDI residential energy storage systems (ESS) at Intersolar Europe 2015 in Munich, Germany

Samsung SDI residential energy storage systems (ESS) at Intersolar Europe 2015 in Munich, Germany

Samsung SDI residential energy storage systems (ESS) at Intersolar Europe 2015 in Munich, Germany

Samsung SDI residential energy storage systems (ESS) at Intersolar Europe 2015 in Munich, Germany

Samsung SDI residential energy storage systems (ESS) at Intersolar Europe 2015 in Munich, Germany

Samsung SDI residential energy storage systems (ESS) at Intersolar Europe 2015 in Munich, Germany

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Does she come to my house to install it?

No she turns up to sell it.

Wow, good to see a strong debate about the ethics of using sex to sell exceptionally dull looking products. I am glad to see a number of people championing the cause of woman in suggesting that this really isn’t the way to do things. I have to admit I am inclined to agree that this is a pretty lame advertising strategy especially since a lot of potential customers are going to be young, highly educated and upwardly mobile women. The thing that I find interesting and that is seldom mentioned in these debates is what effect is this sort of advertising has on men, in particular wrt to cars. This is classic conditioning the car (or batteries in this case) are the white rabbit and she is the bell. I wonder how many guys now so strongly associate sex with sports cars that they actually find them selves getting turned on when looking at these type of vehicles? I here reference to cars looking or sounding sexy so often I am really starting to wonder if there are those who have actually been conditioned. If this is the case I think this as detrimental to men as women as it… Read more »

Yep. You are.


Shouldn’t male fashion models earn the same pay as female fashion models for the same work/photo-shoot? Male fashion models earn just a small fraction of the pay of female fashion models. When will this pay discrimination finally end? We need equal pay for for male and female fashion models. 😉

Sven, I agree this explotaion of men is deplorable. Using a tastfulgood looking woman to to sell something should not be allowed. I argue that the apperance bigots should allow one fat ugly one for every good looking model. We also need ot reverse the rotaion of the earth while we are at it.

I seriously can’t believe they’re using booth models for something like this. It’s insulting to women.

*opens any magazine for sale* Yup, This is the problem.

If it didn’t help sell one more item they wouldn’t them as a marketing tool.

This PC run amok nonsense is insulting to anyone with an IQ above 70.

Yes, run amok nonsense is insulting to my intelligence. That said, making a point about objectifying women to sell batteries doesn’t seem like seem like PC run amok nonsense, unless you are blinded by misogyny. Women continue to struggle for equality and respect in many aspects of many societies.

The real fight against “political correctness” at the current moment is the war on the confederate flag. You should rush to stop those politically-correct destroyers of real Murica

Any guy who is attracted to an attractive woman is afflicted by misogyny? Any guy who pays more attention to an advertisement if it has an attractive woman in it, is misogynistic?

Wow, I didn’t realize a perfectly normal instinctive response was now considered “misogyny”.

Political Correctness marches on… far past the edge of reality, now entering the realm of total absurdity.

No matter what you do someone in the PC squad is going to be offended.

Aren’t you are being politically correct with regard to your ideology? Aren’t you part of a PC squad?. Isn’t “PC” used as a Pavlovian trigger for you?

By your argument, my being gay means I didn’t bother reading the article, since there wasn’t a sexy man posing with a battery.

You extrapolated incorrectly.

The misogyny manifests in the privileged class’s outright dismissal of legitimate complaints from the affected class. It’s like saying, “why are those (second class) citizens getting so uppity? There is no problem and things are fine the way they are.” People that think that way usually end up on the wrong side of history.

Don’t get me wrong, I am attracted to females too. But I understand females’ objections to widespread objectification.

High. I’m ted and I like women. I mst go make amends with my wife….Wait she likes the fact that I like women…go figure

She doesn’t care why should you??

As a manager of female employees working on battery technology, believe me it does nothing to help. People can call it PC run amok, or whatever, but it does matter to me because it matters to my employees. I should know. They said so.

Those viewpoints seem based on some questionable assumptions: First, that such an attractive woman cannot possibly be smart enough to describe battery technology. Second, that she’s too ignorant to make career decisions that are in her own best interests.

But guess what … some women don’t need your “help”. For example, Cindy Crawford (yes, the model) has a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University. But she doesn’t use it much. Today’s reality is that some women are smart and beautiful and capable of making their own career decisions.

Not quite. Cindy did study chemical engineering at Northwestern University on an academic scholarship. However, she attended for only one semester and dropped out to pursue fashion modeling full time. What can say, I know my supermodels. 😉

Oh wait, what was that about Germany making hydrogen with “surplus” electricity? Thermally inefficent electrolysis, instead of “highly efficient” battery packs?

DOH! Sorry my bad. I was scanning this link …

… and I misread that the Chem-E Masters was obtained by Dolph Lundgren, not Cindy.

Please serch Hedy Lamar. She is a real intelegent beautiful woman.

Agreed, these woman spend a lot of time, money and effort to get these modeling jobs. No need to knock on them for pursuing thier dreams.

The real problem here is that they’re using a white model. I clicked on an article about Samsung to see an Asian hottie. Come on, stop antagonizing me!

Having a model in the picture helps with scale. I prefer female models, but I have no problems with male models, either, as long as they look good.

The tide is turning in Asia. The Shanghai & Beijing Auto Shows have banned models from its shows. But the usually scantily clad models and booth babes got around the ban by working as “high-end sales consultants” or “tour guides” and wearing longer skirts. “Many stood next to cars and posed for photos.” Oh well.

The banning didn’t stop at booth babes; babies and children were also banned.

KenZ for all you know she may have designed the whole system and could be Samsung’s top scientist.

If that was the case, it is probable that she would be identified in the photo’s caption

I only see one women. What do you mean by “both”?

Yeah, so, back to the product. Like many of you, I have PV, EV, net metering, and TOU. (net metering: I sell my electricity over the grid at the utility cost when my PV generates more than I can use during the daytime) (TOU – Time Of Use: I pay more in the evening when electricity is expensive, but less at night electricity is cheap (and when I charge my EV)). I understand the benefit of storing my PV energy with one of these units: it addresses the issue of expensive evening electricity. But I have an EV! I already HAVE a battery pack that typically has enough energy to run my home in the evening! I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on more batteries — I want to use the batteries I have. In short, what’s really needed is a better inverter/charging station device. When I come home in the evening I will plug in (as I regularly do), and the inverter/charging station will pull the evening’s electricity out of my EV so I don’t have to pull expensive electricity off the grid. Then, when rates drop at night, the inverter/charging station would charge the EV at… Read more »

Wish I did! Also Solar PV + EV – I am looking to build a rudimentary Solar PV charging integration thing into my eGauge energy monitoring system and systematically send commands to a EMW JuiceBox once they have API’s available – then I can have my car charged during the daytime without pulling any power from the grid, and also have it so I am providing a more consistent level of Solar Power to the grid.

My utility is proposing to charge demand usage fees on any net metering customers, so anything I can come up with to levelize my use will help reduce my potential demand charges.

There’s really a ton of potential between renewables + EVs + energy storage – we just need some well designed systems to let them all communicate and make the whole grid operate smoother.

It looks like a giant USB hard drive!

I was thinking an emergency space heater…

In terms of design, Tesla’s Powerwall and modular packaging is still the most sleek and physically less obtrusive.

I wonder how many drunk people are going to spend hours shouting and shaking the TV remote at this thing.

“turn on damn you!”

price over 6keur, too pricy

Wow, this battery makes the Tesla PowerWall look even better.


Tesla Bonzen need to show everyone their stuff.

Normal people just put it somewhere into their basement, where a square box is the most efficient use of space.

This thing has some serious space-usage issues. Since it’s on legs, it is away from the wall. The statement that it can be installed anywhere comes with the caveat that you need some serious wiring to do it. At additional expense.

It needs to be installed near the main power entrance so the install is reasonable. This may mean outside the structure.