Samsung SDI to Add Lithium-Ion Battery Production Facilities in South Africa and India


Samsung SDI Manufactures Several Lithium-Ion Cells, Including This 18650 One

Samsung SDI Manufactures Several Types of Lithium-Ion Cells, Including This 18650 One

Seeking additional production capacity and perhaps the ability to manufacture lithium-ion cells more cheaply, Samsung SDI is tying up with energy management firm Acme to get li-ion production into India and South Africa.

Samsung SDI says that cells manufacturer in India and South Africa will initally be for domestic consumption, though we suspect that if future demand grows elsewhere around the globe, then Samsung will consider exportation.

Per Samsung:

Samsung SDI Could Eventually Supply Cells for the Model X

Samsung SDI Could Eventually Supply Cells for the Model X

“Acme will have the exclusive right to use Samsung SDI’s technology and will aim sale of up to 110 MW of lithium ion batteries by FY16 in these two regions.”

Acme Chairman and Managing Director Manoj Kumar Upadhyay stated:

“We are taking major steps to solve the challenges of the energy industry by having a right storage solution from KW to MW class. This will help users to replace their diesel generators, invertors and at the same time help utilities to schedule their renewable energy generation as per the demand.”

Samsung SDI Vice President, Marketing and Sales KH Kim, remarked:

“By this strategic alliance we will make a milestone to expand our business of the energy storage system in these markets and will continue to explore them.”

None of this would be of interest to us were it not for that recent announcement that Tesla Motors is perhaps seeking a future partnership with Samsung SDI.  Maybe these moves into in India and South Africa will provide Samsung SDI with enough production capacity to actually consider supplying Tesla in the future.

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Acme? This is not a joke, right?

Will there be Coyotes?

Beep, beep!

Do you know where is Samsung Li-ion manufacturing plant located in India. are these guys willing to grow EV’s in India?

3rd world diesel electric costs are near parity to diesel fuel, at around 30 cent minimum/kwh. Makes solar look cheap over relatively short break-evens. Buy batteries for the organic microgrid, go next door. Rinse, lather, repeat. Not sure why SLA batteries wouldn’t be cheaper, though?

Possible supply to the Model X is your only interest? What about the Samsung cells in the BMW i3?


The 2 plants are expected to add an additional 110MW of batteries for the 2016 year. Is it just me or is this a very low number? Assuming the average battery pack would be 24KW (size of the current Nissan Leaf), 110MW would create 4,583 battery packs. This doesn’t seem like a significant increase in production. Is my math off?

anyone know Where is this plant located in India?