Samsung SDI To Supply JAC Motors With 18650 Lithium-Ion Batteries For Long-Range Electric SUV

DEC 5 2015 BY MARK KANE 23

Samsung SDI's high-performance 18650 battery, which will be inserted in JAC Motors's new electric SUV iEV6S

Samsung SDI’s high-performance 18650 battery, which will be inserted in JAC Motors’s new electric SUV iEV6S

JAC Motors selected Samsung SDI as the lithium-ion battery supplier for its new iEV6S pure-electric cars, unveiled at the 2015 Guangzhou International Auto Parts & Accessories Exhibition.

iEV6S will be equipped with more than 3,000 18650 cells (around 3,000 mAh each) for over 250 km (155 miles) of range (under an unidentified driving cycle).

Memorandum of Understanding for 2016 states 50 million cells will be ordered.

“JAC’s iEV6S will be the first electric SUV in China to cover over 250 km. It will be loaded with approximately 3,000 of Samsung SDI’s high-performance 18650 battery cells. Initiating from early next year, millions of batteries will be supplied from the Cheonan Plant in Korea and the Tianjin Plant in China.

Additionally, JAC Motors signed an MOU with Samsung SDI for the supply of 50 million battery cells next year alone. The two companies promised to collaborate as tactical partners to exchange technology and establish a solid supplier relationship.

Samsung SDI’s 18650 battery is a cylindrical cell about the size of an index finger. Despite its small size, it is powerful with an energy capacity of around 3,000 mAh. Until recently, it had been mostly used on small IT devices or power tools such as laptops, cordless drills, electric screwdrivers, e-bikes, and etc. Among global electric vehicles, Tesla has been the only brand to use 18650 batteries.”

According to Samsung SDI, over half of the EVs sold in China (produced by ZOTYE, Geely, JAC, or others) use cylindrical 18650 batteries, which is pretty interesting news.

Samsung SDI’s CEO Nam-Seong Cho said:

“China’s electric vehicle market is rapidly growing and since it is crucial to maintain our position as a leading manufacturer, we are supplying cylindrical 18650 batteries along with the existing squared ones. We will aggressively respond to the demands of Chinese customers and target from various angles.”

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A calculation of the energy that number of cells should hold makes it a 30 kWh battery. Possible as high as 35 kWh.

So it should be pretty much like the 2016 Leaf. Or in other words about 250 km NEDC or 107 miles EPA.

Will be interesting to see how volatile the packaging is for theirs…as the Tesla ones have now been tested. No major flare ups since the addition of the titanium undershield. Are they copying Tesla or reinventing the wheel… or package as the case may be.

Yes I wonder. I’m not sure if the Tesla research and adaptations to their batteries are patented or released like they have done with SpaceX. But I believe their battery pack design and many components are patented.

If the vehicle is an SUV, it’s weight would be several hundred pounds heavier. So they are either using light weight material, like carbon fiber, or the capacity of the battery is greater than 35 kwh.

Or … they just might be stating wrong and grossly exaggerated numbers which they have simply made up.

A definite maybe and a probable probably.

…or they’re just following the usual practice of EV makers exaggerating electric range. Given the extreme state of caveat emptor (buyer beware!) in business in China, it wouldn’t surprise me if Chinese EV makers tend to exaggerate the range even more than the “official” EV range ratings in Europe and Japan do.

That is right and in general if you want a true life estimate you simply don’t convert the miles in kilometers and consider the miles as being the kilometers. For instance at a typical European freeway speed of 80 mph 100 miles is actually straightforward 100 Km on the road.

What is the math for this?


Since the article says “more than 3000 cells”, 35 kWh or 40kWh may be possible; but anyway “long range SUV” is exaggerated even with 40kWh – it should at least have double capacity.

You are right it is not long range SUV. But cheap, 4×4 SUV, with leaf like battery is all i want. Unfortunately i am not sure if it will by 4×4, but i am 100% sure that it will be not available here in Europe…

For this purpose even the use of 101% sure would be allowed 😉

Well . . . it looks like someone may be using some of the technology from Tesla’s patents. If you are going to use 18650’s then you might as well use some of the Tesla pack technology.

Same thought. When Tesla released their patents most people brushed it off here in the US, but the Chinese media reaction was pretty positive, so I think the take rate will be pretty high there for companies there.

I just hope they also kept the thermal management and safety aspects of it.

Although patents mean little to nothing in Chinese business anyway.

So, seven years after Tesla started selling the Roadster, some EV maker has finally announced plans to follow Tesla in making EV battery packs using 18650 cells. The irony is that Tesla is in the process of changing to slightly larger format cells.

The cell size doesn’t matter much because if you make it thicker you will be able to put less cells in the pack, so you come out with a same amount of total energy. On the other hand, removing the glycol cooling pipe between the cells and replacing it with a direct gas cooling free flowing between them would make a change. More compact packing and stronger cooling capacity as an extra.

“some EV maker has finally announced”

Except, numerous e-bikes have been using 18650s for years, and one motorcycle is rumored to be prototyped with them. Oh, and one scooter. This is all aside from Toyota and M-B batteries from Tesla. And a recent standard for bike batteries that can be dismounted for other uses. And while we’re at it, stationary batteries.

Forgot the skateboards and other devices. The e-skateboard standard is 18650 pretty much across the field.

Not into gimiky ‘electric’ blue trim, but that EV is pretty atractive…

Sorry. Usually I don’t do that, but “and etc.” made me feel somehow strange… 😉

EV enthusiast in China

The first to bring an electric SUV to China will be the winner. SUV sales have risen tremendously, and with the statement from the chinese government regarding growth of charging stations, short range (100-250km) would not be a problem. The Model X could potentially do very well in China with the 1-child policy lifted. More babies = more SUV and MPVs. Now we just need them to go electric