Samsung SDI Reveals EV Battery Future, Plus Roadmap To Solid State

JAN 14 2019 BY MARK KANE 15

Samsung SDI brings its latest battery tech to Detroit

Samsung SDI is present at the NAIAS in Detroit. It will present its latest offer of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

The company presents cells from 37 to 78 Ah capacity. Samsung says that the general trend is to increase the capacity. Therefore, it will be able to reduce the number of cells to decrease pack costs.

“Samsung SDI will present its fast-charging, high-capacity batteries for EVs and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) under the theme “Charged for Auto 2.0″ to attract interest from global automakers seeking tailored products for their EVs.”

Samsung SDI will also unveil its business roadmap for solid-state batteries.

In the case of the U.S., the South Korean company plans to build a battery pack manufacturing plant in Michigan. The investment is estimated at $62.7 million.

Source: Samsung SDI via Green Car Congress

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Cool a roadmap to the “Old Same Place”, or is it the “Same Old Place”.
Well whichever, you can’t get there from here. (with a Maine accent).

I definitely want to see that roadmap to solid state batteries.

Of course a roadmap! That’s why nobody has reached viable solid state yet, they didn’t have roadmaps!

Or they never released a roadmap as they didn’t have enough information to produce one. Probably a good sign they have something going on. I wouldn’t expect anything too soon for cars, small electronics should be first.

I don’t think you can put a timeline on technological breakthroughs but once commercially viable tech exists one could make a roadmap for bringing it to the market. So maybe Samsung is suggesting it has got the tech ready and now it’s just a matter of starting up production? I’m not holding my breath.

You laugh. The struggle is real.

That link goes to a beauty pagent???

I have seen many companies declare they have set a roadmap, path, program, whatever to make solid state batteries. Nothing has come of any of them. The people who set these up think they can just hire a couple of chemists and engineers and voila! build a revolutionary new battery. They are totally out of touch with reality. What you need to do is research and find the university or start-up that has the best tech available and partner with them. Maybe even several and hope one of them comes through.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Northrup Grumman did exactly that a few years ago and the result was a whole lot of nothing.

Oh that beautiful Miss South Carolina. I don’t know how Mario Lopez was able to keep a straight face through that performance.

In the grand scheme of things, SS can be made without any cobalt…Yet we don’t know what Tesla has for either the semi or the Roadster 2.0 but it at least appears to be something different than the cells its currently using. It should be noted that Porsche upped the voltage to 800v and now you get extremely fast charging speeds…

A battery plant is nothing. I’m technically a battery plant business myself dismantling EV packs and making new ones. Just not hard.
Build a cell plant and you’ll have something. And since you need 3 GF size plants in 5 yrs at least, you better get building them.

You know who I want to develop batteries for my EV? The company that made the battery for the Galaxy Note! I’m sure they can handle a 60kw@400v when they made a 5600mah@3.3v catch fire.

The battery wasn’t the issue initially, it was too big for the case pushing in on the cells causing a short in some uncommon cases. The replacement battery from another company was rushed and had flaws. You have to understand that they make about 800,000 devices every single day (yes, nearly 1 million phones every single day), they have learned from their mistake and have surprisingly few issues.

What happened to the 94ah SDI high cycle life cells (made in Korea) that have been going into the BMW i3 for the last 2 years and the new 120ah (but now made in China) SDI cells going into the 2019 i3?

Saying anything in ah without voltage is garbage, plz use kwh samsung