Sam Bird Shows Us The DS Virgin Formula E Race Car & The DS E-Tense Concept – Video


An up-close walkaround of the season 4 DS Virgin Formula E car, followed by a drive of the  DS E-tense electric concept car.

In this video from Motorsport TV’s weekly program The Flying Lap, Bird explains how the unique powertrain of the car means almost all of its weight is towards the rear.

Formula E ace Sam Bird reveals the secrets of the DS Virgin Formula E car, prior to editor Glenn Freeman getting behind the wheel himself.

Freeman also gets to drive the one-of-a-kind DS E-tense electric concept car, with Bird critiquing his turn-in points from the passenger seat.

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In other news, relevant but not “plugs-in” specific, Ferrari is threatening exit from F1, as the sport re-considers its MGU-H requirement, and simplifying engines around more simple hybrid regeneration.

If there’s a place where capacitors, or ever higher regen shows up, this is probably it. OTOH, if Ferrari and Marchione walk, FE could go full arms race with the names it is attracting.


Ferrari is always complaining and threatening.
Problem is that they have indeed a right to veto technical regulations.
So they do net even have to quit, they will get what they want anyway.
I coud live without them and mercedes.


DS is affiliated to Citroën, not Peugeot. Although Citroën itself is owned by Peugeot.

Jim J Fox

WHY is this suddenly about FERRARI???