Salt Lake City, Utah Gets Its First DC Quick Charge Station

MAY 10 2014 BY STAFF 9

Salt Lake County, Utah now has its first DC quick charger.

Located at 2001 South State St at the County Government Center, the unit features CHAdeMO and is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 day a week.

Use of the charger is not free.  Recharging will cost $2 plus 20 cent per kWh.

Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams stated,

“When it comes to improving air quality along the Wasatch Front, we are all in this together.  The private sector has built the electric vehicles and the charging infrastructure, government has provided the tax-credits, space, installation and charging station cost, and now the public can drive zero tailpipe emission cars, conveniently, over a greater distance.”

Source: Fox13 Now

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Quite a fair price, particularly if you stay long enough to get a full charge.

I wonder if it’s subsidized?

I think the price is bang on for a DC fast charger. Pricing on most fast charging stations aren’t set to net a profit, but to achieve two goals:

a) avoid large congestion problems due to ‘opportunity’ charging – ie) “hey, we are only driving 40 miles and are close to home, but why not pop in for a quick charge?”

b) cover off PUC charges, in theory a well-placed DC fast charger littered with free ‘opportunity charging’ could put out 700-800 kWh in a day, which could cost upwards of $250/day…pretty rough to expect the property owner or PUC to put out $7,500 a month in that scenario

Agree, great points.

+1 on charging, for the charging. It leaves hope for more stations.

Note: This is not the first, or only DCFC in Salt Lake City. The first were installed at Nissan dealers in late-Dec 2013/early-Jan 2014.

Total DCFC location now in SLC is 5 with 2 just outside city limits (1 north & 1 south). See Plugshare map (and comments) for details.

You are correct, but when this story ran locally they did point out it is the first public 24×7 DCFC charger. The dealer units are only open durning business hours and aren’t really public chargers. Since then they have added another pair closer to the downtown area.

It should be free, fuck edison

CHAdeMo is good.
It is practically pointless having level II.
I am fortunate to live in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex with 25 EVgo fast chargers:)

That is a very fair price.

People should copy that price model.