BMW Plug-In Electric Car Sales Slightly Decline In February 2019

BMW 530e iPerformance

MAR 11 2019 BY MARK KANE 15

Several new/updated plug-in models coming within months

Sales of BMW Group plug-in electric cars decreased in February for the first time since we’ve tracked the stats. It’s not a big drop – by 1.9% to 7,759 but after a barely positive January, BMW needs new versions of its plug-ins to continue growth (those new plug-ins will enter the market over the course of this year).

Overall, the plug-in sales accounted for over 4.5% share out of the overall volume of the BMW Group, which also decreased by 4.1% because “current model changeover of the BMW 3 Series sedan”.

BMW i + BMW iPerformance + MINI PHEV sales worldwide – February 2019

Positive news is that the BMW i3 nots almost 20% sales increase so far this year.

“This week’s Geneva Motor Show was a showcase for the BMW Group’s new plug-in hybrid vehicles, with world premieres for the electrified variants of the BMW 3 Series, the BMW 7 Series, the BMW X3 and the BMW X5. The BMW 5 Series and 2 Series Active Tourer will also get the new fourth-generation plug-in hybrid technology in the course of the year. The BMW Group is the world’s leading provider of plug-in hybrid vehicles and together with the fully-electric BMW i3, the company now offers electrified vehicles in every vehicle segment. After more than five years on the market, the BMW i3 remains very popular with customers, with sales in the first two months of the year up 19.8% on the same period last year. By the end of next year, the BMW Group will have introduced ten new or updated electrified models. By 2025, the company plans to have at least 25 electrified models on the market, 12 of which will be fully electric.”

Pieter Nota, Member of the BMW AG Board of Management responsible for Sales and Brand BMW commented:

“With the current model changeover of the BMW 3 Series sedan, we had expected the year to start slowly. However the new 3 Series, which has had great media reviews, is arriving in the showrooms right now and it’s already got a very strong order-book. The 3 Series, together with the exciting new models we showed in Geneva this week, including four new plug-in hybrids, will give us increasing sales momentum as the year continues. I remain confident we will achieve a slight sales increase in 2019.”

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Seems like a cyclic drop. It pains me that they still sell the 530i when the 530e is the same price and an objectively better car.

And where is the 330e?
I don’t see it listed for USA sales.

Not available till mid year

I will not be surprised to see some non Tesla auto makers lose BEV sales to Tesla globally by March. This is not what I would like to see. I wish only Ice sales will go down as a result of increasing Tesla sales.

They loss more sales of the 3-series than their EVs. BMW is going down. A 4% drop by itself isn’t too bad, but it follows another drop last year, and the cheaper 3 + Y will cause further drops next year. Remember it’s not when they hit zero sales when they go bankrupt – BMW has overheard. It’s when they hit ~2M sales/year that they start bleeding money.

They had record sales last year. If this is going down, i want to go down so hard.

The new 3series just went into production. What do you expect? That everybody buys the old one if a few weeks later, you can get the new one for the same price?

I see what you want to say, but your arguments just are not valid today. People on here tend to tell people what they believe or wish and not what the facts are.

But the Tesla Model 3 was just getting started last year and wasn’t available in Europe at all. (BTW, they discount prices to sell old models when new ones are available. You know that.)

All brands compete with all brands in the extreme. Tesla will sell 500k cars obviously someone will lose sales.
BMW was still growing and the 3 series being replaced is for sure a much bigger influence than Tesla 3.

Now lets look at the facts that are missing here. There is a new 3 series, new x5, new 5 series and refresh 7 series when it comes to iPerformance models. the x5, 5 series and 7 series are all gaining 2 more cylinders and the 3 series is all new. Of course the numbers for all 4 fo these is going to drop the year before a major change that is taking place for all 4 of their core Iperformacne products.

Worldwide auto sales are declining, this is on track with those.
This is not a cyclical decline, it’s a once ever changeover of the worldwide fleet of cars, and eventually SUV, Trucks, to evs. It’s a disruption, and this is what the early innings look like.
Fewer diesels, and gas cars will be sold, in an already falling market, while evs pick up percentage wise in a tepid market.
This scenario can be tempered somewhat by political machinations, like lowering the targets for pollution producing cars, being advanced by the EPA, though other efforts such as already existing tariffs, and possibly more coming, can only serve to strike notes of fear into an industry that is already reeling from a cacophony of sour ones.
A Sour Symphony, if you will, for legacy auto.

Hopefully they will get in tune with the times and produce a melodious tune most can appreciate. The soft hum of non-emission evs sliding through our streets, instead of the noisy, vehicles we have now, emitting noxious fumes.

Any facts that support your theory?

By all means Jopp, keep standing up for German ICE sales,

Meanwhile in Germany itself:

After six months of declining auto sales and numerous pundits that say we are in the midst of it, the disruption, though I am even more pessimistic than most, I would say it should be fairly obvious to even the biggest dunderheads amongst us, but not everyone always gets it, and even though you quote tons of facts, it would not matter.

China ev sales up 175% in a market down 9.3%.

I don’t think you can only blame this on a changeover to newer PHEV variants. The Tesla Model 3 is going to take a bite out of their market share whether they admit it or not.